Biggest victims of the novel Coronavirus: #2 is the economy

Not jut the American economy, but the world economy, has been severely damaged by the Pandemic Panic. Not the virus or the disease itself, but the reaction to it. Severely damaged and even destroyed.

Cars lined up at a Dallas food bank in a 2020 “bread line”

In the Fifty States right now, the riders of doom are proclaiming that famine is upon us. As eggs, milk, chicken, hogs, and apparently even cattle are being destroyed because the food processing and supply chain is broken, we are warned it might be months before something can be done to fully restore it. Even if the Lockdown ends this weekend. More and more Americans (26 million + as of this week; more than 20 million new in April so far) are out of work. The number grows by the hundreds of thousands each day.

But the rest of the world is in no better shape.

Shipping (as measured by the Baltic Exchange Dry Index) has crashed: at over 2200 in September, it is now 665. Once more, people are not shipping goods – including food – across the oceans. Nor manufactured goods. Nor raw materials. Of course, the Saudi invasion fleet of very large crude carriers (VLCC) is steaming for North America to crush the oil industry in the US, Canada, and Mexico. (Or finish it off.) And the cost of leasing tankers (demurage) is at an all-time high. But most of the tankers are sitting full of oil waiting for demand to be restored – when the Lockdown ends and people can travel in Europe, the Commonwealth, and the Fifty States.

Meanwhile, in Latin America and Africa, with foods and raw materials unable to be shipped to the rest of the world and unable to receive manufactured goods and supplies, the life of most (except the politicians and plutocrats) is made even more miserable.

In China, the CCP fears more unrest as unemployment is NOT declining although they claim they have defeated COVID-19: literally hundreds of millions are out of work and there are more and more protests.

In Europe, the WaPo claims that the EU has “kept down pandemic unemployment” while the US has failed to do so, “because of its [the US’s] design and U.S. government’s weaknesses.” But other sources tell a different story: Reuters reports that “Unemployment in Europe could nearly double in the coming months, with up to 59 million jobs at risk from permanent cutbacks as well as reductions in pay and hours because of pandemic, …” Yes, definitely keeping unemployment down.

But the long-term effects are more than just unemployment. Millions of businesses – mostly the small businesses and not the megacorps and multinationals, are in danger of completely closing up. Drying up and blowing away. Along with those small businesses will be small-town and local banks, real estate values, and sources of everyday essentials – yes, and luxuries also.

Even worse, the vast spending and welfare and “rescue” plans with their trillions of dollars, passed not just by the US Congress but by virtually every government in the world, are making matters worse: pushing inflation as more and more fake money pursues fewer and fewer goods (and services), and as debt mounts. And increasingly, governments are talking about bankruptcy: default on sovereign loans and “austerity” plans to cut the size and scope of government. (That should be and is good news for liberty, but the short-term impact is MORE unemployment and disruption of society.)

(And the potential for governmental collapse pulling society and economy down with it, resulting in open revolution and putting into power more idiots who are even MORE stupid that the politicians and bureaucrats now ruining things.)

All of this is NOT due to the deaths of tens of thousands of workers. Indeed, most of the deaths are of elderly, retired people. Rather, this is due to the Lockdown itself. To the fear and panic of politicians, supposedly reacting to the demand of the people. Whipped up by the media and the “scientific” models and the lies from the CCP. And encouraged by the powerful “elite” tranzis who see that their opportunity has come to remake the world into their own dreamland.

What can be done? Violent rebellion plays right into their hands. Acquiescence, even with the grumbling of protests and petitions, plays right into their hands. They WANT to see governments overthrown, and push constantly in that direction. I don’t know the answer yet. It may be a deliberate, step-by-step dismantlement, state by state, town by town, just as seems to be the case with the rebellion against the Lockdown. Business by business, church by church, family by family, and then town by town and county by county. And the sooner the better, before we find ourselves in civil war.

rig count
Baker Hughes Drilling Rig Count for the Lower 48 States: the oil industry has collapsed.

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1 Response to Biggest victims of the novel Coronavirus: #2 is the economy

  1. Darkwing says:

    All planned, make the sheeple suffer and need money, make the sheeple depend on the government for every thing and you have them by the short hairs


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