California regime joins its comrades on other side of the Pacific

As California’s dictator is given kudos in the mainstream media for its “wise efforts” to reopen after the COVID-19 Panic Lockdown, it appears to all be “Pie in the Sky By and By.”

Supposedly beaches are to be open on Monday (the 27th) to limited use: you can swim, wade, run, surf, etc. but you won’t be able to just sit or lay on the beach. No sunning. Even so, apparently a lot of people went to the beach yesterday (Saturday, 25th April 2020). It seems (reported by WND and The Blaze) that at least three got arrested for staging an “illegal protest” which violated the dictator’s decrees.

Perhaps the police were afraid that these men and those with them were seeking to flee across the water to a country with more freedom than California now enjoys? Escapees are always harshly punished by totalitarian regimes, as we see even today in North Korea and China. Which California more and more resembles.

Of course, where will they go? Hawai’i is locked down worse than Californa (and its a long ways there). Oregon and Washington State and British Columbia and Alaska are also locked down to some degree. Mexico sure doesn’t want any Norte Americano Yanquis coming down to infect them.

Maybe they’d have done better to go north and east to the rebellious counties of Nevada (as I understand, everything outside of Clark County and the Reno-Sparks-Tahoe area). Or maybe some parts of Arizona (but don’t try the Navajo Nation, which is still on its latest 57-hour mandatory curfew this weekend). If you can get to some parts of Utah, you might find both freedom and welcome, but be careful.

You’d find yourself welcome in Wyoming, perhaps, as long as you hide that you are from California. The people there aren’t very tolerant of Californians even in good times, but they DO welcome refugees from the police state of the People’s Republic.

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