The current target list for enemies of liberty

As the Beer Virus Panic continues, enemies of liberty are grabbing at the opportunities that crisis brings. They are targeting very specific parts of our God-given liberty, as hard as ever.

Enemies of liberty?  Start with the Tranzis – the transnational “progressives” (actually regressivists) and internationalists, the socialists and communists-by-another-name.  Add in the nanny-staters and “technocrats” and all of the various haters and fearers of other people and liberty and certain inanimate objects (guns, drugs, alcohol, sugar, tobacco, privately-owned cars, and more).  Many of them are social-justice warriors (SJW) and others are “neo-Nazis” and the elite who believe that they are deserving to rule and to have all their privileges because of who they are or what they do (or once did).

For convenience I will call them EOL (Enemies of Liberty) in this commentary.

What do EOLs have on their target list?

  1. Homeschooling.  Remembering that homeschooling is really different than “schooling at home” which is what the public schools, the educrats, and the politicians are pushing as part of the Lockdown.  The children “go to school” in their bedrooms or living rooms or kitchens, with parents or older people present, but with the same old teachers (and their bosses) in control.  The Panic has shown the educrats and the unions how dangerous home-schooling is.  And how dangerous the REAL homeschoolers are as they teach parents and families what can be done.  More than ever, they realize that homeschooling has gone too far, and they have lost a lot of ground.  It isn’t about the children, or about children learning.  It’s about MONEY and POWER.
  2. Federalism – or what’s left of it.  Creating a de-facto unitary state has ALWAYS been on the EOL agenda – and not just in the Fifty States. They’ve already virtually destroyed it over more than a century here in America.  But the Panic has shown them there is still too much of it.  Much as they hate and fear Trump, the EOLs WANTED him to become the dictator they claimed he was. But he didn’t, and the governors of most States (43 at last count) established dictatorship “to save people.”  They imposed harsh Lockdowns.  But even worse, the 7 States in the Axis of Evil ALSO rejected a federal dictatorship by declining much of the “guidance” provided by the FedGov – and defying their internal and external EOL.  That cannot be tolerated: Marx forbid that some States might retain more freedoms than others.
  3. Capitalism and a Free Market.  Like federalism, this idea is on life support, and the Lockdown (to say  nothing of Congress’ hyping of the Panic which Trump went along with) has further weakened it, to the point of death.  Which is what the EOL want.  (I’m not talking about the crony-capitalism and state-supported monopolies and near-monopolies. Those the EOL want to keep and give MORE of the economy to.) Destroying small business, preventing start-ups of new business (home-based and the like), increasing the market share and control of the multinationals, taking over more sectors of the economy by bale-outs and new regulations (directives and decrees), all lead to a full end to free markets – and not just in medical care and medicines and medical equipment.
  4. Freedom of travel. Not just between the Fifty States and internationally, but even in the States.  During the Panic, various local and tribal governments have gotten away with preventing or restricting access, and treating outsiders as threats. (That is one step from treating them as enemies to be fought. As is already the case with those who push such things.)  And it is NOT just the freedom to go to one place from another, but to be able to do so without “papers” and incredible restrictions on your travel.  ANY quarantine, not just 14-day, to go from one location to another, is wrong – “voluntary” or “self-“quarantine or not.  Requirements to prove you have been vaccinated or have antibodies is just as much a taking away of freedom to travel as outright prohibitions.
  5. Sanctity of life.  (I know, many will condemn this being included.) This includes the sanctity of our bodies: mandates for vaccinations are just one of many examples. EOL are already successful in requiring vaccines even for private and homeschooled children: that push will be increase because of the Panic.  Taking away the right for doctors and patients to decide privately on what treatment is needed and can be done – provided it does not directly harm another person – is key: the EOL believe that government bureaucrats and politicians should make those decisions.

Obviously there are more than just these five targets.  Unless we recognize that these ARE targeted by the enemies of liberty, we risk waking up one day to find they have engaged and destroyed their target.  Because we do not act to defend (and restore) them.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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