COVID-19: governments turn on each other in New Mexico

Last week I mentioned the city of Grants, New Mexico, whose mayor publicly defied State dictator (“Governor”) Gresham and stated that Grants was open for business starting Monday. He called Ms. Gresham a Nazi like Hitler and the New Mexico State Police the Gestapo.

Turns out he wasn’t bluffing.

However, the tyrant in Santa Fe may have been bluffing.

On Monday, the City of Grants opened its offices and the municipal golf course. Many (but not all) the businesses opened as well. They are blatantly defying the decrees coming from the State Capitol. AND Gresham’s explicit warning and threat from last week that she would send in the State Police to shut the town down again. Under her executive order, the Gestapo will first issue a warning and then start issuing citations for fines starting at $100 and rising to $5000, apparently with threat of arrest and jail time for scofflaws.

The Lockdown Rebels, in Grants at least, were not backing down. The mayor went around town visiting stores (which are still being careful about “social distancing” and good hygiene). After that, he went to the golf course to play a round.

Where, indeed, State Police thugs – polite at least – met him and issued a warning citation. Apparently this was followed by the mayor returning to his game, but showing off the warning as a badge of honor. He did state that the City’s police WILL act to prevent the State Police from closing any business or arresting anyone. (The uniformed, jackbooted thugs who issued the citation are apparently usually stationed in town.

News stories claim the governor has not yet executed her threat, which apparently included reinforcing the State Police detail in the city to allow its occupation. There is no report as to whether she was ordering the National Guard in, as apparently was done in Gallup, further West. (I would hope and like to think that they refused her illegal, unconstitutional orders to do so.) She claims that the county commissioners (Grants is in Cibola County) support her and are distressed at the actions of the mayor.

It also is reported that a number of the businesses have been “illegally” stayed open all along, during the Lockdown. One stated that he’d already received a warning from the State Police but nothing more. Another said his business had been ignored by the “law enforcement” elements already patrolling the city.

Can it be that we are indeed seeing the opening steps of a rebellion – armed if not actually resorting to violence? Not just a rebellion but a civil war for the control of the government in New Mexico? And will this happen elsewhere, as well?

We can only hope. Enough is enough.


About TPOL Nathan

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