News from the frontlines of the Lockdown Rebellion

This is the last day of April, 2020. Now pushing two months, the world (and especially the Fifty States) is crushed by the novel Coronavirus Panic. Not the Pandemic itself, but the panic and opportunistic actions of the politicians and the medical profession.

Here are a few recent developments, good and bad:

In Chicago, the rebellion includes tearing down fences blocking access to parks, as reported in The Federalist. The locked-down parks had been blocked off with mesh and wood fence, and police were warning, fining, and threatening arrests to people walking, running, or just sitting in the parks. Until a really nice day, and people started a protest that they didn’t even realize was a protest. The cops gave up, at least for now. But Lightfoot has previously demonstrated her statist credentials and hatred of freedoms of Americans: I expect that to change.

As it did on the Pacific Coast. In California, Newsom again exercised his dictatorial powers by again closing the beaches – ALL the beaches in the State. Just reopened on Monday, the Lockdown has been strengthened, as reported on the Limbaugh show, because people complained about parking and traffic. So, he is punishing them for doing what he said they could do: go to the beach to relax, run, swim, and sail. More and more people seem to be willing to fight.

In New Mexico and Arizona, the panicked and fearful Navajo Nation again imposed a 57-hour total curfew – as reported by the Farmington Times. Intent on destroying an economy already damaged by the virtual end of tourism, key market towns like Shiprock and Window Rock and Kayenta, as well as towns outside the Nation, were ghostly and abandoned.

In New Mexico itself, the Governor decided that trashing JUST the First Amendment wasn’t enough, and so is now targeting the Second as well. Gun shops were ordered closed as “unessential.” She had actually done this weeks ago, but apparently is now doubling down because a number of the stores have joined the city of Grants and others in ignoring her tyrannical decree, and the State Police are acting. Earlier this week, 24 New Mexico lawmakers sent her a letter demanding the liberation of the State: apparently her response is to extend the Lockdown from 1 May to 15 May, and order more of a crackdown.

In Southwestern Colorado, the tiny county of San Juan (seat Silverton) has relaxed “some restrictions” but the County still is not just locked down but bans ALL visitors to the County. This is no different than what the Oglala Lakota Nation, the Oyate Sicangu (Rosebud Sioux Nation) and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, all in South Dakota but NOT under state control, have done. But there are rumors that more and more people are violating the bans on entry and travel.

In New York State, the elected dictator has expanded HIS attack on fundamental freedoms, according to CBS. ‘Cuomo outlines New York’s massive contact tracing plan: “It will require, under any scale, a tracing army”…’ In other words, an army of snitches, and use of truly fascist communications companies (Verizon, Apple, etc.) and their electronics, to monitor every waking (and sleeping!) moment of New Yorkers and visitors to the State. Big Brother must be so envious! Hackers, there is going to be a lot of money in helping people work around these things. The army of ratfinks may make New Yorkers even more anti-social. And the body count from COVID-19, suicides, cancer and other patients denied treatment, and the terrorists in uniform may be joined by people who “retire” the stoolies.


There are many more – please keep sharing them with me!

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3 Responses to News from the frontlines of the Lockdown Rebellion

  1. pigpen51 says:

    Here in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer has basically become a newer version of FDR. She has developed a taste for power, and she is not going to let go of it anytime soon. I am working on getting my wife to considering leaving this state. I don’t know which one I would go to. But I am retired on disability, and have sufficient income that I could live most anywhere a normal person would want to. Meaning that California is of course, too expensive, but not on anyone’s list of places to live.


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  3. Samuel Boes says:

    In Illinois, a federal judge issued an injunction against the Govenor’s edict (extending the lockdown to the end of May), saying the order “shredded the Constitution.” However, technically, the injunction ONLY applies to one person – the one who filed the lawsuit.


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