Welcome to the new fascism, version 3.0

The picture below comes from FaceBook, courtesy of FEE.org.

Feel free, as I shall, to substitute more accurate, blunt, and condemning words. This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines because YouTube and our managers are a bunch of budding fascist “private sector” tyrants that want to control your minds and hide truth and dissent from you, because we don’t trust you to be responsible and discerning adults.

I freely admit that YouTube, Skype, Google, Free Conference Call, Webex, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest have revolutionized the free exchange of information, especially visual data, in less than half a lifetime. I also freely recognize that these are “private enterprise” and supposedly “private sector.” I know that there is nothing in the US Constitution that imposes limits on the ability of private entities – persons or combines or associations or corporations – to limit such things as free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of the press and the like. Indeed, some of these organizations are themselves part of the press.

And like many governments here in the Fifty States they are working to take those away from the people. From you and me.


Just a few days ago, a Newsweek propaganda piece claiming that FaceBook had caved into state governments:

“Facebook [sic] has defended its decision to rely on government guidance in relation to the policing of content that promotes the anti-quarantine protest movement. … Despite its attempts to protect [sic] users from misinformation [sic], the social network came under fire after it emerged some protests had been organized by a single family of fringe [sic] activists, who were coordinating campaigns via Facebook Groups, as reported by The Washington Post. But in statements sent to Newsweek, the company reiterated the work it is doing to remove harmful [sic] content, and indicated that moderators are listening closely to the rules made by individual state politicians when it comes to deciding if content should be purged for breaking local rules.” (04/22/20) (Thanks to Freedom Net Daily for this!)

Did FaceBook and its elitist, Tranzi leader Zuckerberg, and parent company Google bow down to State tyrants and their censorship in blocking “misinformation” and attempts to organize protests against the Lockdown? I don’t think so – it was and is a mutual decision made jointly by a “private” company and multiple State governments. Indeed, the State governments in many states are being pressured by FaceBook (according to many whispers).

We also should look at that “wonderful human being” and “savior of the universe.” No, not Flash Gordon.

There are more and more indications that Bill Gates, infamous founder of Microsoft, multi-billionaire, head of the Gates Foundation, confidant of leaders and acclaimed genius, may have a lot to do with the current condition of the world and especially the Fifty States. Why? Apparently to further his goals of a one-world empire in which AIs and other methods create HIS idea of a utopia. He has also been fascinated for decades with vaccines.

Gates himself is promoting one of the most “police-state” style LONG-TERM measures for supposedly protecting the entire planet from COVID-19: a UNIVERSAL vaccine ID card, perhaps with an associated antibody ID card. This card(s) would be required for anyone to travel anywhere, especially internationally. It would apparently be issued and controlled by WHO, a part of the UN.

This is apparently also a pet project of that deep-state “scientist” Fauci and others in the CDC bureaucracy. And apparently Fauci and Gates have been buddies for decades, along with a good many other internationalist and transnational socialists and “progressives.” And of course, in his line of business (former line – he’s officially retired from Microsoft), he’s also in like Flynn with China, the former world manufacturing powerhouse.


The CDC Foundation – influential and important even though the CDC is a government agency – is very dependent on the Gates Foundation for funding.

The IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) at the University of Washington, the current US administration’s go-to source for modeling to guide actions, is also very dependent on the Gates Foundation for funding.

Gates, as I wrote, is fascinated with vaccines, and that extends to an interest in public health, pandemics, and other fun things. And not in a good way.

Apple and Google, both competitors and close allies of Microsoft, are launching “contact tracing” apps for mobile phones that will not just track every movement but report any contacts the phone user may have with others – especially but not just those with COVID-19. Automated, carry-in-your-hand Big Brother – at the State’s service.

One defining element of fascism is an alliance, a conspiracy, between government(s) and business – notably big corporations. This is done in a number of ways, including what we now call non-governmental organizations: the massively-funded foundations and special organizations that dominate more and more portions of our society AND our economy. Both in the Fifty States and around the planet.

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  1. Rocketman says:

    In the country of India where Gates have been given the vaccine a “test drive” there is a staggeringly high percentage of younger children that have come down with neurological problems. Percentage wise far too many for this to be random chance.


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