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Welcome to the new fascism, version 3.0

The picture below comes from FaceBook, courtesy of FEE.org. Feel free, as I shall, to substitute more accurate, blunt, and condemning words. This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines because YouTube and our managers are a bunch … Continue reading

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The truth comes out?

By Nathan Barton So…  anyone reading this still think that the GOP is preferable to the Democratic Party?  Or that there is a dime’s difference between the two old parties? A friend shared this tidbit from the Tennessee Star. “The only … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 15 June 2015, #15-24A: Government Incompetence At All Time Highs

By Nathan Barton How incompetent IS government?  Gee, that is hard to quantify:  100%?  99%? 90%?  Every day in the news we see examples of it.  Here are a few. The incompetence of government is revealed in high tech and … Continue reading

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