The truth comes out?

By Nathan Barton

So…  anyone reading this still think that the GOP is preferable to the Democratic Party?  Or that there is a dime’s difference between the two old parties?

A friend shared this tidbit from the Tennessee Star. “The only reason government exists at all is to buy things for the people that they can’t buy for themselves,” Gov. Haslam told the Smith County Rotary Club on Friday as he continued to promote his proposal to increase the gas tax by 7 cents per gallon. (This is a few months old, so not “news” but bear with me.)

Haslam is a Republican – and supposedly a conservative.  Let’s take him at his word: ALL his words.  Even what he said way back in February (and to my knowledge, has not repudiated or repented of saying since then).

Of course, in a sense, what he said is the gospel truth.  Never mind all that garbage about having government to provide a safe and sane society, or protect us from enemies (foreign or domestic), or all that guff about thanking veterans and still-serving soldiers for defending our freedom and protecting our liberty. Based on the time and effort spent, the “real business” of government is taking money from some people and using it to buy things for other people, either directly or indirectly (by giving them the money).

But maybe he exaggerated.

First, government gives a LOT of things away that people CAN  afford to buy (but don’t want to pay for themselves).  No matter how poor they are.

Second, government buys things for a lot of people who COULD afford to buy them on their own.  But again, they don’t want to do that. No matter how wealthy they are.

Put another way: We know that the only recipients of welfare are NOT the bottom of society and economy.  The politicians and the bureaucrats themselves top the list, but it includes the various vendors and contractors, from the heavy construction companies (that benefit from that 7-cent fuel tax) to the purveyors of 8-ounce cartons of milk and all-meat hot dogs to school lunch programs to … well, to about anything!

And consider, the “things” are not just material things like Section 8 housing (rent money), or aid to dependent families and hangers-on, or food stamps, or paved roads (together with cops eager to get still MORE money from you), or a billion here or there to bail you out after you buy or build your house or business in a floodplain.  We can no doubt include entertainment (politics and sports and “incentives” for Hollywood to come to town to film here, etc.), and revenge (that nerd with the yapping dog down the street, or that kid that trashed your pumpkin patch, or the guy who cut you off on his way home from buying pot behind the shopping center), and “education” (or at least what we pretend to be education these days).  Not many of us could afford to actually pay a hit man or some muscle to rough the guy up – or pay the $40,000 per school year per kid some places pay for “public education” these days.  Much less build that giant temple to football or the palace of baseball, or the mansion of basketball most urban areas have these days, courtesy of good-ole-boy deals.

But back to this governor’s  statement.

I can hear someone protesting. But Nathan!  Is this the “only reason” government exists?  You (Nathan) are a christian; didn’t God appoint our governments to do certain things for people?  Don’t governments exist to protect us from evildoers?  Defend us? Protect our rights to life, liberty and property?

My answer?  God allows governments to exist; He doesn’t appoint or endorse them.  Especially not this one.  But ALL human governments that break His laws are rebelling against Him, even if now and then He used them for His purposes.

And again, look at where the effort and the money go. Buying things for people that they can’t buy for themselves.  Probably, some will argue that is a “good thing” because we can’t buy protection for ourselves, or justice for ourselves, or many other things.  (Of course, some things are not supposed to be bought and sold – like justice.)

But here is the real kicker.

All this buying is done with stolen money.

Sometimes (quite often) with money stolen from the very people who in turn are given things “that they can’t buy for themselves.”

Of course, maybe you don’t think that taxes are just a “legal” way of stealing money. So, just call it by another accurate word: slavery – YOU work, and a big chunk of what you earn (probably 50% or MORE directly and indirectly) is taken by the government – or rather, governments. Just as if you were the property of the government, for a part of your time here on earth.  (I know, it’s not the legal definition of slave or slavery, but let us be realistic and look at the facts: a slave works for a master who receives the benefits of that work – and has the power of life and death over the slave.)

So pretend NOT to be a slave, if it makes you feel better.  Pretend it is NOT theft backed by the threat of force, if you want.  It doesn’t change the facts.  Governments take money from people and use that money to buy things that people “can’t” buy for themselves.  And to add insult to injury, often to buy things that people don’t WANT to buy for themselves.  Like going to prison for having cannabis.  Or getting gunned down by a paranoid cop for having a water pistol or a cell phone that “could” have been a pistol. Or having their land auctioned off because they didn’t cough up enough rent money for land that they supposedly owned.

So, just once, a “public servant” seems to have told a fundamental truth about why government exists.

Mama’s Note: The desire to control other people – by whatever means – is the root of all evil.

And, the actual tax and regulation amounts, on top of all of the lost economy from such theft, are in excess of 100% if you count the devalued currency and debt volume across the board.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to The truth comes out?

  1. beau says:

    the fox will say anything to get into the hen house because the only objective of the fox is to take all the chickens and all the eggs, regardless of how the fox phrases it. too many people believe the fox.


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