Time to Change the Clocks

By MamaLiberty

The idea of “saving daylight” by changing the clocks is very much like cutting off one end of a towel and sewing it onto the other end in the hope of getting a longer towel! It actually becomes a bit shorter, given the seam line. As for “saving daylight,” we all get the same 24 hours a day of “time,” and how much of that is  day or night is completely out of human control, however it is legislated. Thankfully, there are still a few limits on congress and executive finger farts.

I’m retired now, so the clock change doesn’t affect me much these days, but I remember vividly when I was working as a nurse. It was hard enough to have to cram in a few hours of sleep between the commute and the 12 hour hospital shifts, and harder still when I went to home health and hospice work, which involved seriously irregular hours as well as “on call,” the real nurse killer. Then, twice a year, a roll of barbed wire was thrown into the mix while we juggled the already impossible schedule with the time change.

Such a deal!

And everyone said it was so necessary so the little kids didn’t have to walk home in the dark… and daddies could come home in the evening with enough daylight to stoke the barbi and grill some steaks… or something like that. I always wondered why the schools couldn’t simply change the time they operated to achieve that first goal… or if there was a single home in the country without a porch light so they could cook outside any time daddy wanted.

Oh, I know. That would make too much sense.  Do daddies BBQ much anymore anyway?

Seems like more folks each year are calling for an end to the idiotic idea that a day can be made longer by cutting off one end… It even made Fox News this morning.  Amusing, and oh so right.

It’s time for daylight saving time to fall back…forever
At 2 a.m. Sunday, daylight saving (not savings) time comes to an end for most Americans. Good riddance. <snip> The real origin of DST was World War I, when the Germans tried to squeeze an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, inadvertently forgetting that they would lose an hour of daylight in the mornings. Maybe that’s why they lost.

Yes indeed.

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2 Responses to Time to Change the Clocks

  1. Norman says:

    “Clocks”? What is this “clock” thing to which you refer? Since I retired were it not for temperature changes I would not even know of “seasons.”


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I’m keenly interested in the season, especially for gardening. And we have plenty of temperature change clues here in Wyoming. Snowed this week even. That’s mighty early.

      Thing is that, since I retired, I seldom bother to look at a clock for days at a time. I rise long before the sun, even in summer generally, and I go to bed long before it is dark. I also am often amused because so many things have clocks on them, and I pay zero attention to most of them. I’ve gone as long as a week before I remember to change the clock downstairs. Once went for several days before I remembered to change my watch. I actually appreciate the fact that the cell phone and the computer change the time automatically so I don’t need to remember. But I’d much rather not need to change them at all… for the silly DST anyway.


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