Eating their own – social and political “elites”

By Nathan Barton

Statists and Tranzis “turn inward”

From Hollywood comes still more news of how prominent “celebrities” are being condemned, even demonized and ostracized, by their own kind. We can see the worldwide condemnation and swift action against the thuggish Harvey Weinstein, and the suddenly out-of-the-closet political actor Kevin Spacey, all due to supposed sexually predatory behavior.

From DC comes word of investigations and indictments on what appear, at best, to be very flimsy justifications or rationizations for things that are of doubtful criminality. People are labeled as being “advisors” to then candidate- or now-President Trump, and suddenly they are guilty of crimes like getting “illegally” paid to talk to and for people (Russians, among others) without properly “registering” as foreign agents. (Someone pointed out that we really hadn’t realized how “good” an example of a politician Spacey was in his TV series until he was outed as a homosexual predator!)

It isn’t limited just to the Fifty States, or to the FedGov. And for that matter, it isn’t just limited to “liberal-flavored” statists. For example, the British Defence Minister (a conservative) resigned because he touched a woman reporter’s knee 15 years ago. And five Catalonian politicians are on the lam for advocating and voting for secession. (I find it bizarre that although the EU, UK, and US have all condemned Catalonian secession, Belgium (home of the EU bureaucracy) is giving the refugees asylum.) They may be secessionists, but first and foremost they are statists and politicians.

What is going on?

Political and social matters seem to be coming to a boil, and it seems to me as though these “elites” are expressing their fears by turning against their own. Especially since they don’t seem to be as successful or get as much satisfaction in their usual prey: the public, their political enemies, and children.

Which means that it is a good thing: the more they go after a Weinstein or a Fallon or a Saville, the less they can go after you and me and the kids down the street.

But at the same time, their hunting is strangely restricted. Why not go after the likes of Woody Allen or Roman Polansky? Why not go after Hugh Hefner and not just Saville? Why does Clinton’s relationship with Epstein get a pass? There seems to be a hidden agenda: reasons that some get tarred and feathered and others remain in high regard. Perhaps we are just seeing the cloud of smoke on the horizon from internal power struggles.

The point is, we all have enough to deal with in our communities and even families. Things like this are little more than a distraction for 95% or more of the public – of us. The only thing we need to know – and constantly to keep in mind – that these statist thugs, these elitists, these power- and fearmongers, are very likely to always behave like this. Whether it is publicly known or not. And that their peers, their allies, and their minions are going to, by and large, accept this and facilitate this.

And especially we need to always recall that their natural prey (in their eyes) are people like you and me: the “public” – common, poor (or not-wealthy), everyday people. But especially people who are not aware, not prepared to defend themselves and each other, not understanding their liberty and responsibility.

Be prepared to defend your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your community – yes, and yourself! – from these kinds of people. And keep in mind that if their peers and fellow statists and tyrants are willing to turn on them, they will think nothing at all about stepping on or exploiting the rest of us in any and every way.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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