Rumors of war? South Dakota?

A new rumor is spreading, as South Dakota prepares for a massively-condemned visit by Donald Trump to South Dakota’s Black Hills to see an even more-denigrated fireworks display for the Fourth of July.

Two South Dakota reservations have been locked down with border guards and checkpoints for several months now, supposedly to protect inhabitants (or at least enrolled tribal members) from the dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic.  These are the Pine Ridge Reservation (Oglala Lakota Nation) and the Cheyenne River Reservation (the Cheyenne River Sioux or Lakota are members of four different bands of Lakota). In addition, the Rosebud Reservation (Sicangu Lakota Nation) has been closed off for various periods of massive curfews, travel bans, and such. They have denied the State of South Dakota has any jurisdiction over their lands, and even public and private lands inside reservation boundaries.

At the same time, members (and leaders) of these tribes and other Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota nations have participated in protests well outside their reservations. And not just against “racism” (for they believe that bias and prejudice against virtually all American Indians is far worse than against black Americans). But against the genocide of constructing the Keystone XL pipelines across or near AmerInd lands and rivers and aquifers in Montana, the Dakotas, and Nebraska.  It appears that the bans on travel and border lockdowns do not apply to those tribal members who go to Rapid City, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Denver to protest. (There is no report of any AmerInd seen actually rioting, looting, and committing arson around these protests.)

However, back to the rumor.  Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River are the two reservations closest to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, the giant-stone-carving of presidents and National Memorial.  Located in the thickly-forested mountains called the Black Hills (Paha Sapa in Lakota), near the pine-beetle ravaged Norbeck Wildlife Preserve (now additionally named the Black Elk National Wilderness after a Lakota mystic). Rushmore is in an area designated as having “short-term” drought conditions (despite well above-average moisture for the first half of this year). 

The fireworks, proposed for the first time in more than a decade, have been condemned – even viciously condemned – on many grounds by environists, opposition politicians, progressives, and various tribal leaders and groups. All the Black Hills will be burned to a crisp.

The fireworks were originally put on hold due to the vast expanse of deadwood created by pine beetle infestation and a period of true drought and some truly massive fires.  But conditions have changed, and various groups (deplorables, mostly) and the federal agencies who control the area (National Park Service and US Forest Service) decided some months ago (pre-Pandemic Panic, I think) to reestablish the beloved tradition. President Trump heard about it, and immediately decided to come.  (Another rumor is that Trump ORDERED the fireworks at Mount Rushmore as a backdrop for one of his political rallies, but it is claimed that rumor is false.) Rushmore only has seating (and parking) for about 7500 people, who obviously are going to be those degenerate “patriots” and lovers of dead white racists and therefore racists and people who cling to their Bibles and guns and white privilege.

So there are a lot of hated people and things that are going to be at Mount Rushmore for Independence Day.  And not a single Alien monster mother ship in sight to take care of all the evil.

But rumor says that the two reservations (Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River) are staging areas for a bold move at destroying racism and all that is evil in America in one single operation.  An assault, to led by the brave progressive allies of Black Lives Matter, with their American Indian Movement friends, the elite street fighters of the Global Union of AntiFascists (AntiFa), and the masses of homeless, (and possibly the doughty warriors of the Islamic Society of North America and other Muslim Brotherhood groups). An assault to bring justice to America by bringing justice to the evil usurper Trump. Either by his “regrettable death” during the violent assault at the hands of those whom he abused (like Gaddhafi), or his being dragged as he cowers in cowardly fear from under his throne at the Rushmore amphitheater to be put in front of a people’s tribunal and then hung (like Saddam) or flee aboard Air Force One from the rightful vengeance of these progressive warriors to exile in Russia with his master (like Gorbachev).

And what a suitable place for such a feat of liberation!  Mount Rushmore itself is headed by virtually all “progressive” groups.  It is carved into (and desecrates) the Holy mountains of the Paha Sapa – offending the Lakota from whom the Black Hills were stolen by evil white men. It honors not just one but TWO slaveowners – the evil Washington and even more evil, black-slave-rapist Jefferson. And while Lincoln is (clearly wrongly) worshipped by many socialists and other “progressives” and BLM for freeing the black slaves, the Lakota know his true evil, as the murderer of hundreds of their Dakota brothers in Minnesota, on which the present evil racist governments and police state is erected.  Again, many progressives (and Glenn Beck) are obviously wrong abut him.  As they are about Theodore Roosevelt, who for all his Progressivist credentials, was an imperialist warmongering racist who invaded Cuba and started its 60-year control by DC, supported and encouraged the occupation and terroristic war which allowed the Philippines to be ruled by DC for 40+ years and controlled for another 40.  AND Rushmore was carved by Gutzon Borglum, a white supremacist (and possibly fascist) who loved the Confederacy and carved Stone Mountain Georgia to honor Lee, Jackson and other evil white men.

With so many benefits to stamping “paid” on the flayed flesh of Donald Trump at this particular place, it is no surprise that such rumors find credence and support among Never-Trumpers, regardless of their political affiliation.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Rumors of war? South Dakota?

  1. Marcus says:

    Great post thankss


  2. Tim McCann says:

    It doesn’t matter where President Trump is or where he has a rally the MSM has laid the ground work for protest a massive protest. The Media is the Virus.


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