The new elite – our masters

Nearly every day we read of yet another way in which our political masters make us worse off, while glorifying and benefitting themselves, their mentors and clients. And how deep the corruption has become. How much more arrogant, grasping, and cruel those who acts as though they were elected to do anything they want.

Flag of the City of Chicao – what are the red stars for?

Today, let us consider that fatal cesspool by Lake Michigan, Chicago. We find the current elected “massa” is actually a mistress: Lori Lightfoot, dictator of the Windy City, is indeed a “worthy successor” to the likes of the Daleys and Raum Emmanuel. And even a spiritual heir of Honest Abe, the crooked railroad and real estate lawyer who more than anyone else in the 19th Century crushed the hope of these United States.

Lightfoot’s foot is anything but “light” – at least not on the businesses and most of the people of a once-great city. (She seems to reserve her lighthanded behavior for people of the right political persuasion, right color of skin, and willingness to abuse others. And even then, she is selective: cops are bad and AntiFa are good, even if they are doing the same things.

It was her policies (clearly backed by the City Council) that allowed the Miracle Mile to be destroyed by rioters and looters a few weeks ago, as the city’s usual butcher’s bill continues to climb rapidly. She promised to help the destroyed businesses with $10 million dollars. That appears to have been a hollow boost, or an outright lie, according to this MSN/Chicago Tribune story. Supposedly a bare quarter-million went to the business ransaked in the Twenty-dollar Rebellion in Chicago. Supposedly, another 6 million went to help businesses impacted by the (government-mandated) Pandemic Panic Lockdown. I suspect the remaining 3.77 million went to dear Lori’s political comrades and relatives and similar good causes. Maybe even to support the same Black Lives Matter and AntiFa thugs and storm troopers that caused so much damage.

But never fear. Dear Lori’s Chicago Police are all engaged in protecting her home from the mobs, where they are arresting protesters. According to Breitbart, while Chicago cops are quitting and retiring, leaving the city short of officers, at least 100 are a permanent guard force for the mayoral mansion. Some animals are indeed more equal than other.

And indeed, despite the protestations of Black Lives Matter members and advocates and supporters, the most common skin color of the urban governmental elite is black, or some similar color. In city after city, these are the people that dominate councils and mayor’s offices – and key appointed positions. Often regardless of the racial make-up of the cities and other jurisdictions.

Yet the constant meme pushed by media and regressive politicians is that “people of color” are marginalized and continue to be harmed by “400 years” of racism, exploitation, and abuse. There is no doubt that some people are – but their exploitation is not entirely from white people. More and more, it comes at the hands of people of their own color skin and background.

These people of color elites are NOT the heirs of the great people of the “African-American” race: the Frederick Douglas and George W Carver and Booker T Washington, Benjamin Davis, and Harriet Tubman people: heroes to all Americans for overcoming and accomplishing great things. No, the current crop of (most) Black politicians and governmental denizens are far more like such men as Haiti’s Toussaint_Louverture, Martin L. King Jr., and such worthies as Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, and others. Replacing white exploiters, they reached new lows in exploiting all kinds of people, especially those of similar skin pigmentation. Today’s inner-city, megalopolian dictators carry on a long heritage of evil.

People love liberty, desire freedom, regardless of their skin color or the origin of their ancestors – or what their physical ancestors suffered.

True liberty is NOT a matter of trading in one set of human masters for another set – even if they are of the same background as you. We have seen how well that works, throughout history. And the last half-century of regressivist domination of the “great cities” of the Fifty States has rubbed our noses into it. The stinking mess is what happens when we accept other humans as our – or anyone’s – masters.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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