Seriously: Why Joe Biden may win in November

Less than a month and a half to the next election for Massa – the POTUS. Will Massa Trump (The Donald) win again with his Russian overlord’s help? Will Uncle Joe the Slow (Biden) defeat the evil Bad Orange Man? Will Dr. Jo save the Republic? (Fat, fat chance that!) Will the election results be inconclusive? Undecided for days or weeks? Will it get thrown into the Congress? Will it get thrown into the streets? (Already there, some will argue.)

As in 2016, the “Blue” candidate is supposed to win. (in the last two weeks, that is claimed even more!) There are many claiming that – while they stoke fears that The Donald will declare himself Caesar Augustus, or Peron, or Cromwell. Or something. And/or will go down fighting.

So why is Uncle Joe the Despacito going to win?

Here are some reasons – a Baker’s Dozen (TM) in fact:
1. The economy, now totally trashed except for the Wall Street insiders – in large part courtesy of…
2. The Pandemic and the Panic which has caused society to crash and created levels of fear never before seen in this nation, as well as opportunities to crack down on the wrong kind of people, while speeding up…
3. The moral collapse of the old order, directly tied to…
4. Demographics (including urbanization) of the Fifty States, so that as more and more people are crushed into the anthills and beehives of modern conurbations where they are both more and more dependent on government and more and more demanding that government to do everything, a process aided for decades by…
5. The warping and subversion of the education system, more than ever teaching children to be good little citizens (subjects) of the state while delegitimizing the society and history and culture of the Fifty States, while both producing little robots AND raving lunatics who want to destroy the evil racist society built since 1619, mostly by…
6. The deep state (permanent bureaucracy) at all levels of government, satisfying their greed for wealth and total power, in unholy alliance with …
7. The (mainstream) media and other Big Business: Monstrous transnational businesses, like Big Tech and Big Pharma and Big Green, rich and getting richer by the exploitation of the masses and the minorities and the entire world, who are planning and plotting…
8. Cheating – or if you prefer, corruption of the election process (to do exactly what they claim that Trumpistas are trying to do) – from border jumpers voting to good old fashioned dead people voting (Chicago style), to mass mailing and forgery and computer hacking, as the capstone of efforts to destroy the old order, as the goal of the…
9. Plotting of certain perpetrators going back more than a half-century, to the hippies and protesters of the Sixties, to change – no, replace – the evil system and hit back at “The Man”, a response to …
10. Our ancestor’s failure – especially the World War Two generation as parents and responsible adults (capping the evils of every generation before that back to 1619) which was made possible by …
11. The hypocrisy and cowardice of the Republican Party (and inabilitly to stand up against the Progressives and the New Dealers) [forgetting that this is just the GOP reverting back to its origins in the 1850s as the American aspect and child of the failed socialist revolutions in Europe in the 1840s], which has meant both Republicans AND Democrats have orchestrated…
12. The betrayal of American interests to foreign nations and groups in virtually every aspect of life, economics, and government, after selling America’s soul AND life and prosperity and too many lives, for the purpose of (1) containing Communism and/or (2) dominating most of the world as the penultimate imperialist power of history, through Bretton Woods and the Pax Americana, all tied together by…
13. The peaking of trends: dozens of long- and short-term historical cycles, all combining, coming together into a Heinlein-esque Year of the Jackpot.

If this is traumatic, well, it should be. Many of these are the same reasons that The Donald was elected in 2016, and for that matter, why the elections of 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 turned out as they did. America’s end-story is being written in front of our eyes. America, like Britain and France, Russia and Austria and the Ottomans and Rome, is a doomed and dying empire and civilization. Worthless and now ready to be thrown on the trash heap of history.

In other words, they amount to a massive failure of American civilization. That failure, that collapse, has been caused by a lot of different things, and now, in 2020, this Annus Horribilis, the piper must be paid.

Stick the fork in – we’re done.

Or so goes the story – that bad as Trump is, as certain as it is that he will be defeated, sooner or later, by Joe Biden and Biden’s backers (or puppetmasters), there is worse to come. And, of course, the subtext is that we deserve it.

America, we are told, is evil and not only WILL be destroyed, it MUST be and IS NOW being obliterated.

I guess…

Or is there hope? Please, stay tuned.

Originally published on 18 September 2020. Some editing and this added:

It has become more and more obvious in the last two weeks that whether it is Creepy Uncle Joe or Bad Orange Man that wins, the current civil war now fighting for control of the FedGov and the Fifty States (and our empire) will get worse: more disruptive, more violent, and with more and more participation by more and more people. Be prepared, definitely be prepared.

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  1. Gary says:

    Spot on


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