TPOL: Not “non-partisan” but “anti-partisan”

Dave Gonigam, over at Lassaiz Faire/Agora, in a paid subscription e-publication, The 5-Minute Forecast, recently said it well. Their publications are NOT “non-partisan.” They are ANTI-partisan. The publishers and editors, mostly free-market anarchists and fairly savvy financial gurus, are against partisanship. Just because they condemn Trump on something does NOT mean that they support Biden. When they are trashing Biden, it is NOT because they think The Donald is a wonderful guy and leader. And when they trash some stupid things that Dr. Jo has done, it does NOT mean that they are statists and/or on the side of chaos.

Ditto for The Price of Liberty.

Except that Mama Liberty, and now yours truly, are not just anti-partisan, we are fundamentalist anti-partisans, and anti-statist to boot. Mama Liberty lived and breathed liberty, even while showing love and respect (when due and even when NOT) to those around her. I think her spirit still energizes this publication.

I am still a registered Libertarian voter (as I have been since I turned 18, the same year that 18-year-olds were allowed to vote in Colorado (and elsewhere). But I, like Mama Liberty, abandoned electoral politics years ago: I have better things to do with my time. (Like playing stupid three-in-a-row games on my smart phone. <grin>)

Seriously, I do have much better things to do with my time and money rather than gather signatures for LP candidates, run for office on the LP ticket, or attend conventions and rallies. After all, Libertarians can be just as partisan as any Democrat, Republican, Constitutionalist, or Green. And partisanship (as discussed below) is a fundamental part of the problem that government and the state create for society. For individuals, families, private associations, businesses, and for peace and prosperity.

Here at The Price of Liberty, we try to go back to basics. The State -human, involuntary, coercive government – is evil. Some kinds might SMELL better than other kinds; some might not be as bloody as other kinds. They might look very pretty, very attractive, very appealing. But fundamentally, human government is evil. We cannot understand any course but to oppose it, and therefore to oppose the partisanship created by it and fundamental to its function.

(Like I wrote, we TRY to go back to basics, and keep our focus. Mama did it better than I and my current collaborators do, I admit. But sometimes we succeed in going back to those basics, those fundamentals.)

Liberty is a gift of God and the universe to us frail, short-lived humans, and is to be cherished and enjoyed. It is of course coupled with responsibility: the idea that every cause has an effect: that our actions have consequences. This is something that Agora preaches as much as The Price of Liberty teaches. Even while warning our readers and fellow lovers of liberty about those who would steal liberty and life from us, we try to focus on living in greater liberty, and therefore, partaking of the peace and prosperity (relative though those may be) which come with liberty.

To that end, it is essential, and we frequently discuss, the need to be self-governors of ourselves: to master those urges that all humans have to dominate others, to strike out against others, and to sponge off others.

That is, after all, a strong incentive for people to get politically active: they want to control people (of course, always for the other person’s good as well as their own). They believe that they are better, more intelligent, more understanding, or more compassionate than the average run of people and so should be in charge. And of course, for their wisdom, their self-sacrifice, and their exposure to the harsh words of politics, they deserve to be richly rewarded now in pay and perks, and in the future with great retirement plans and opportunities to rake in even bigger bucks by lobbying, sitting on corporate boards, and running consulting firms!

Partisanship is a key, even essential part of that system: without disagreement, conflict (with or without violence or the threat of violence), and “scorecards” the system would not create the incentives they crave: power and money.

So, we are anti-partisan, fundamentally anti-partisan, here at The Price of Liberty. As are many of our readers and supporters. Join us!

This was originally posted on 20 September 2020, and is republished with minor corrections. Please keep your comments polite and respectful, even to those who are our social and political enemies.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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