The growing need for full Lockdown Rebellion – even in South Dakota

As I have frequently written and commented, people living in South Dakota are indeed blessed: we have no dictator-in-charge to “save us” from the Pandemic. I was reminded of this again the first weekend in October, traveling through Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming. Compared especially to Colorado’s Front Range district, South Dakota is indeed STILL a Free State. Our State and many (even MOST) local authorities have not joined the Panic about the Pandemic. Even our medical personnel and institutions have been relatively lowkey and realistic.

South Dakota and the State leadership has been lauded for it. Despite claims that we are all going to die – or at least our older citizens are all gonna die – that has not been the case. South Dakota was never short of hospital beds and still is not, though proclaimed by media and nannies to be a “hot spot.” Like Wyoming and Nebraska and other Northern Plains States, we are relatively unscathed.

At the same time, South Dakota and its leaders and businesses and people have been condemned, often in vile ways. For not joining the Panic and NOT enforcing the Lockdown and all the claptrap associated with it. Threats of murder and mayhem have been made against various and sundry, as well as “fond wishes” for death and burning in Hell for some or all of us.

I like to tell people that clearly they are talking to (or writing to) a “ghost” twice over since I (and everyone in South Dakota, to listen to some) was supposed to have died because Trump came (along with 7500 people) to Mount Rushmore the beginning of July, and because Sturgis “dared” to have the 80th Motorcycle Rally with 350,000 people the beginning of August.

But it does NOT mean that South Dakota is not affected by national and worldwide trends and problems. And that sometimes things can (by South Dakota standards) get out of hand. And it does NOT mean that there are no idiots in positions of power that buy into the Pandemic propaganda and use the Panic as an excuse to gain more power – or distract their constituents from reality. (Consider the hapless state of both the Oglala Lakota Nation of Pine Ridge and the Four Lakota Bands of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.)

There are, for example, much of the educational bureaucracy (the educrats) that are still in panic mode about the Pandemic. This is driven by the fears of most teachers, This is caused by Panic propaganda from governments, Democratic politicians, union bosses (yes, even in SD teachers are unionized), local “progressive” activists, and frankly, the poor education provided teachers in most universities.

So despite ever-growing scientific evidence that school children are not at high risk (or even moderately low risk) for the dreaded Wuhan Flu, schools and their activities are still locked down. Mask-wearing (diapering your face) is still demanded, even in SD.

As was the case of a Mitchell school board meeting last month, where a “powerful” sanitation technician (private business, not government) was arrested for refusing to wear a mask at the meeting.

According to the Daily Mail, “cops were forced to remove Reed Bender from a Mitchell school board meeting in South Dakota because he refused to wear a mask” or leave the building.

There was no “force” against the police: the force was all on their part. The Mail was dead wrong. Moreover, the cops could have refused to “risk” themselves by coming into contact with the guy. There was plenty of social distance around him: no one was in danger from this man. No one – JUST the school district’s insane policy and lust for power over their students and families. There was no threat of violence or disturbing the police EXCEPT on the part of the cops.

Apparently, he was finally released from jail, and he and his wife are speaking out against the demands and dictats of nanny-state “maskers.” They are saying to leave “us non-maskers” alone, and stop trying to force us to play your stupid games and submit to your imaginary fears. We won’t stop you maskers from wearing your face-diapers, just stop taking away our rights.

That is a theme far more likely to be welcome in South Dakota anywhere but the southeast corner. (Mitchell is 50 miles from Sioux Falls, the most liberal “progressive” part of the State.) Clearly this couple planned on causing a fuss and making a point, and they are not letting the use of armed force (threat of tazers, gun-carrying cops) deter them from accepting the consequences of their actions. And they are not setting fire to the schools, nor spraypainting obscenities or political slogans, not marching and screeching in large mobs. Just stating their case and living their lives.

But in today’s Fifty States – even in South Dakota – this is no longer acceptable. And this is under Trump in DC, Noem in Pierre, and a Republican Senate and BOTH Houses of the South Dakota legislature in Republican hands. Imagine what it would be like with all of the FedGov in Democratic hands, ruled by the modern Democratic “progressive” “anti-fascist” and Woke powers. Which are none of these things. Not that the GOP is much better,,, But it appears that while lovers of liberty may hope and pray for a Dr. Jo, The Donald is clearly superior to Creepy Uncle Joe and his hangers on.

This was originally posted on 21 September 2020, and is republished with minor corrections and additions. Please keep your comments polite and respectful, even to those who are our social and political enemies.

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