E-3: Planning to cause chaos – change 2020

Though more than 70 million Americans (mostly citizens, right? wink, wink) have already voted, officially we have three days to Election Day.

For once, Halloween isn’t the scariest day of the year…

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This weekend, the election campaigns are in a frenzy. Even Uncle Joe is leaving his basement and staying on the surface for longer periods. And although almost nothing is reported on national media platforms about State and local elections, many of these are also significant, challenging, and subject to attack, while the subject of conspiracy-mongering and worry about the future.

It is reported that more and more businesses – some even in smaller cities – are preparing for election violence, rioting, looting, and vandalism. In DC, according to the Washingtonian, the city’s pathetic excuse for a government is telling businesses NOT to. After all, there is “no credible threat” of protests and riots. Wise businesses are ignoring the city bureau-thugs. But the fear is nationwide. WalMart is temporarily removing all firearms and ammunition from sales floors for fear of election violence, especially after the Wallace shooting riots in Philadelphia, according to CNN.

In large part, this is because the Street Mob has been making threats of violent reaction to the election for months. Regardless of whether Zombie Joe wins or not. They plan to punish those who voted for Trump, and anyone else that didn’t vote for Uncle Joe. As more and more caches of explosives and other tools of death and destruction are found, you are not unreasonable to assume that maybe one in ten is being discovered. Just like intercepting drugs at the border. But the Trumpistas are also growing more agitated, and we can expect at least some who are fanatically in favor of The Donald to also have planned and prepared for doing mischief. Or will be pushed to do so as the temptation to strike back becomes greater and greater.

But it is NOT just bad actors at home – in the Fifty States – that are clearly planning to take advantage of the chaotic situation as it unfolds on 3 November. There are a good many state and non-state entities and individuals eager to deal the Great Satan (or the Colossus of the North or those X@#& Colonials) a blow while things are a mess. Whether or not they can strike hard enough. And at least some seem to expect the confusion, panic, and other negative affects to impact not just the people of the Fifty States, but much more of the West.

As for the States themselves, China is one adversary that seems to be planning to take advantage of American chaos, as hinted at in this Yahoo story. “Someone” has started rumors that the USN and USAF is planning to launch drone attacks on Chinese installations in the disputed South China Sea area IF it seems that Trump is losing. Am I just paranoid to think that this is the perfect opening gambit for a false-flag attack? The Chinese attack their own bases and ships and use that as an excuse to “retaliate” against American and Allied forces? (There was one good item in the story. Chinese and American military officials just finished a two-day video conference and are apparently in constant contact to ensure that things don’t “go nuclear” – or even something less than that.

Many will point out that Russia may be expecting to do the same. Still others will point to Iran and even the Saudis.

But we have to keep the non-state actors under scrutiny as well. Indeed, the growing number of bloody, murderous attacks in France very recently, may be an indicator of more to come. Especially with the French Capital being abandoned by hundreds of thousands of people. While the end of holidays and the fear of being locked down because of Pandemic Panic was the explanation (per the New York Post), fears of newer, larger, bloodier attacks by Islamists also is a factor.

It is not much of a leap to realize that post-election-day chaos is a perfect setting for attacks by Islamists at home and abroad. And for every other sort of nutball resistance or similar movement. To say nothing of the average run-of-the-mill Oceans Eleven thugs. After all, why should all the amateur looters get the loot?

Which raises another potential problem in a time of chaos. If legitimate, the recent plot to kidnap and possibly try and kill Queen Whitmer of Michigan should be both an alarm bell and seen as an opportunity. She, and many other State and municipal tyrants have turned to their own police forces – State and local – to be their bodyguards. In essence, Praetorian Guards. Perhaps they do not realize or know enough history. Praetorians once had morals and oaths and loyalty. But soon and all too often, the elite troops realized that they could be the instruments of retirement, revenge, and get fat promotions and bonuses at the same time. Will it be some State Trooper who had to watch his beloved grandmother die of dementia from outside her nursing home window because of the Lockdown issued by the tyrant Queen Jane who is guarding her back and arranges for the hated Queen to be offed by a killer for hire?

That may be a bit far-fetched, but 2020 has seen things like that. And when there are large groups of people planning to cause or ramp up chaos for their political objectives, you KNOW there will be opportunists ready and eager to take advantage.

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