E-Day: evolution or revolution?

Today is E-Day: the official election day for thousands of political offices, hundreds of election issues, and millions of voters. Supposedly, as many as 90 million people have already cast their ballots, before the polls opened this morning. In some states, more people have voted already than voted in total in 2016.

But what if the vote is meaningless, and the decisions have already been made?

That which does not kills us, makes us stronger.

You know, that sounds good. Until you take a step back and look. Consider the War between the States, the “first Civil War” back in 1861-65. Did the Union survive? It “won” but what was left of the Union in 1865, and a decade later? It was no long a Union of Sovereign nations, working together for a common good. It was a military-supported forced union in which free men had been made slaves in order to “free the slaves,” and in which “union” was deemed more important than such non-essentials as liberty. So we can argue that the War of Northern Aggression actually killed the antebellum Union and Republic.

We can point out the same about war after war, election after election, Congress after Congress. The shambling, insane, ravening zombie of a “republic” and “union” we have today is the result of this.

Is this 2020 election a way of reestablishing the revolutionary spirit and results that saw Thirteen States cast off monarchy and submission, back in 1783? Or is it just another evolutionary step towards fully sliding back into a system of tyranny and rule by the elite as George III could not have dreamed of? Or even that Louis XIV or Richelieu or Saint-Just could barely glimpse? That Franco, Hitler, Mussolini and others would envy?

I have noticed more and more lovers of liberty – including many former and present Libertarians – who have come right out and stated that they intend to vote against Biden. Not by voting for Jo Jorgensen, but by voting for The Donald. While not as ebullient as Limbaugh or Hannity – or even Johnny-come-lately Trumpista Glen Beck, they still are urging reelection of Trump.

These people – many sound and perceptive men and women, do not believe that Donal Trump is now, after four years, a strong advocate of the free market – or a firm defender of individual liberties of speech, self-defense, religion, life or society. Except by contrast to the Extreme Democratic coalition now using Joe Biden as a figurehead. Knowing that campaign promises have a shelf life less than milk left out of the refrigerator, they know that if only one in 50 of the promises made by Biden, Harris, and their puppetmasters and backers is put in place, decades of effort to gain and regain liberty will be for naught.

A populist, blustering, boasting, egotistical, and mercurial Trump is seen as barely toerable. As opposed to the cataclysm of crazy old Uncle Joe and his female running-mate version of Nicholas Maduro. These “vote for Trump” people, I think, recognize that the heat under the American pot is no longer being turned up: it is at a full boil. A future of an ever more senile Joe Biden, with real power in the hands and teeth of Kamala Harris, is indeed fearful.

And not necessarily because Harris, Pelosi, Schummer, the Black Lives Matter leadership, AntiFa fanatics, the Squad, and the Deep State will win. Indeed, it is almost a certainty that they will NOT win. The extreme left, the Street Mob, the deep state are incapable of stealing away liberty from the American people – except perhaps for a very short time. The attempt will be resisted and rebuffed by more and more people. Peacefully, perhaps, but by force if necessary. It will speed what is now a downward spiral for society. That chaos, unrest, violence, and disruption of much of our economy and society seems inevitable if Biden wins (or it is believed that he won).

Yes, there will certainly been unrest, violence, disruption and chaos in many places even if Trump wins. In fact, given the known (lack of) truthfulness of the extreme Left, violence is certain. The matter in doubt is how much violence will be inflicted on Americans.

In past commentaries, I’ve asked you to consider what will happen in the rest of the world with the Fed Gov and the Fifty States in turmoil, even chaos. Will Islamists – led by Iran and the Saudis – see this as an opportunity to attack Europe, the Brits, and the Israelis more and more? Will China take advantage to push still more in the South and East China Seas against Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam? Will Turkey decide to clean up their backyard once and for all?

If the Fifty States are torn apart and trying to figure out if we are evolving or just rolling back our revolution, all kinds of mischief is possible.

But just to stir the pot, here’s another scenario. What is this entire election campaign, and the Twenty-Dollar Rebellion (the mobs and all that, supposedly triggered by George Floyd’s death in Minnesota), and even the Lockdown in response to the Pandemic Panic, are just various forms of Kabuki theatre? What if, once re-elected, Trump embraces the platform and tactics of the Extreme Left now supposedly fighting him?

What if it has already been decided in the corridors and back rooms of the halls of power that the Fifty States – and all of us – have already been sold down the river? What then?

Just something to think about as we try to pay attention to something other than talking heads and meaningless repetitions of numbers and fearmongering warnings.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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