E-1: This too will pass

Voting will be done at roughly 1900 hours (Hawaii and Alaskan time zones) tomorrow night. Theoretically. (There are still court cases and local “laws” about whether or not ballots returned up to 14 days later will be recognized.)

Multiple lawsuits have been filed, already, claiming vote suppression, voter intimidation, stolen completed and uncompleted ballots, and a whole lot more. Almost certainly dozens – probably hundreds – of lawsuit filings have been prepared and will be dropped in the coffers within minutes of the offices opening on Wednesday. Whether or not there are ANY results posted or claimed.

Meanwhile, explicit, personalized threats against not just those who are active supporters, but even those voting for one side or the other, are showing up. At the same time, violence, threats of violence, claims of violence, and the now-standard accusations that Trump is sending hidden messages to extremist, violence-lusting supporters, are more and more common. Cops and others are being targeted with little or no direct connection to events. Some cities and communities have instituted various forms of martial law, curfews, lock downs (other than for Beer Flu). Businesses are scurrying to prepare for everything that they can.

And still the threats (often couched as fears of the other side) roll in. According to one left-radical publication, a Denver-area Street Mob activist (Mary-Katherine Fleming) said, “We are preparing for an extended period of protest that will make the summer look like camp. People have this idea that it’s all going to be over after the election. It’s not.” Take that any way you wish: as threat or expression of fear – things may get worse. Much worse.

There is a regular cottage industry of people searching old documents, on-line records, newspapers, television broadcasts, and people’s memories for ANYthing that can be used to show that X or Y is racist, socialist, elitist, etc. All the stops are out.

I am actually surprised that social media servers are not melting down all over.

I am NOT surprised that the vast majority of Americans are NOT taking violent actions, or preparing to take violent actions. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” That is NOT to say that many people are NOT preparing to defend themselves against violence, threats and more. And not just non-violently. Too many have lost virtually all confidence in police.


These things have happened in the past. And both recently and in early American history. And happen in nations around the world. And here, it is clear that it is the mainstream media and the extreme left media that is “fanning the flames” even as they accuse Trump, Pence, and other GOP headliners of doing so.

BUT these other states, recently and in history, have survived those things. And we will too, both as sovereign States AND as individuals, families, and communitities. Eventually, the Street Mob, the Extreme Democrats, the AntiFa and Black Lives Matter socialists will be unable to sustain their war on everyone and everything. Like the abortionists, the Communists overseas, the National Socialists, the eugenicists, and others. Or for that matter, their prior incarnations as the Occupy Movement, and the AntiWar McGovernite movement of the 1970s. They will be a dark blot on national history, like the Sandinistas and the Pinochet and Peron regimes.

But their comeuppance will NOT be thanks to government, whether it is local urban government, State governments, or the feds. (Either the Trump faction or the deep state.) It will be because individual Americans will take action: and mostly peaceful action. Refusing to play stupid games, ignoring more and more laws but NOT using that as an excuse to attack others or their property. Even if their resistance to tyranny sometimes results in their own harm, even death.

I know, these are words that could be spoken by people on both sides – and have been. But by their works you shall know them: those truly on the side of liberty, of private property rights and self-government will NOT be the ones using protests as excuses for riots and looting and vandalism. Or those supposedly peaceful protestors who allow themselves to be used as shields for such things. They will not be the ones who intentionally try to run people down with their automobiles or trucks, or who swagger down the street heavily armed. They will not be the ones that laze around in encampments and autonomous zones.

Rather, they will be continuing to work and make a living, continuing to help other people directly and immediately, responding to emergencies and looking out for one another. They are the small-mouthed pacifists and anarchists who don’t carry protest signs and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Lovers of liberty and those who take to heart the command to “do good unto others,” and who know you can’t love other people if you first don’t love yourself.

They may not be flashy, they may not be quotable, they may not make the front pages (or even the back pages). But they are the ones who will ensure that, bad as things are, “this too shall pass.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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