Lobbyists, lords, and … no liberty, eh?

Byron King, over at Agora (or one of their sister firms), recently wrote this analysis of lobbyists. Let us read and ponder it.


…as the post-election drama plays out, the Biden transition team is staffing up with registered corporate lobbyists.

Lobbyists work in Washington and earn a living by prowling the corridors of Congress and federal agencies. They meet with politicians, staff and other officials to pitch ideas that benefit their paying clients.

You’ve heard of those massive “bills” that Congress passes, in the range of many thousands of pages. Well, who do you think writes those bills?

Hint: It’s not Congressman Smith or Senator Jones, sitting at his/her desk, late at night, composing legislative language. [Or their staffs, too busy doing constituent service…]

No, it’s lobbyists who generate much of the basic language that goes into acts of Congress.

In pre-Internet days, lobbyists used to swing by Congressional and other government offices with file folders filled with “sample language” for the staffers to insert into proposed legislation.

I [Byron] saw this myself long ago, when I was on the staff of Chief of Naval Operations. Lobbyists would show up with proposed language for the Navy to pass along to Department of Defense, and then via the Office of Legislative Affairs to the staff of the House and Senate committees that drafted the defense-related bills and made appropriations.

Indeed, those lobbyists were good. They had the wording and documentation perfect, down to the commonly used type fonts.

Today, it’s the same thing; except it’s all electronic, with word processing copy/paste functions.

But the bottom line is that lobbyists write nearly every paragraph, sentence, term and phrase that comes from Congress, and more than a few “regulations” that come out of the agencies.

Seriously, if a government staffer (let alone a Congressman!) ever claims to have written something that’s embedded in a bill, it’s probably because they cribbed the primary wording from a lobbyist.

In this regard, Biden hiring lobbyists is typical of politics as usual in Washington. It’s emblematic of the big money and corporatism that infest the U.S. government.

Now, I’ll grant that many lobbyists are smart, professional people who understand how federal governance works. And often as not, they have mastered the details and nuances of positions they advocate on behalf of their clients.

But bringing in large numbers of lobbyists also symbolizes the victory of the Deep State and Washington Swamp over anything that Trump [at least claimed that he] tried to do in his term as president. 

Now that gives a good idea of what our federal government has morphed into – thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of statists, starting (sadly) with Andrew Jackson, and including Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and more. It is NOT a pretty picture from the point of view of a lover of liberty.

The possibly-incoming regime of Creepy Uncle Joe (Biden) offers more, and is apparently selecting the people to do it. The lobbyists are one of the essentials of the deep state.

What is Biden pushing? What are the lobbyists going to provide? The expertise to put his – the Extreme Democrat – agenda into effect, by executive order, by regulation, and (out of desperation) by law.

So lobbyists, it seems, are part of his coalition of totalitarian colleagues who favor

  • gun control and disarmament of Americans;
  • open borders with no fences, walls, or even doors – and massive attracters (like an expanded welfare system) ;
  • years-long lockdowns (this year it is COVID-19 – what next year?);
  • shutting down America’s energy industry (coal, oil, gas);
  • shipping our manufacturing jobs to Red China (again!);
  • shipping our mineral extraction and processing jobs, plants, and mines to Red China (or dozens of other places);
  • packing the Supreme Court and lesser courts with radical socialists and people who legislate from their bench (thrones?);
  • shooting up “transsexual” 8-year-olds with hormones to sterilize them and try to get their bodies to match the way the public schools and their dysfunctional parents have warped their minds;
  • regulating or even prohibiting home schooling and many types of private schooling;
  • “improving” the First Amendment to remove protections for “hate speech” – particularly “religious hate speech” and any challenge to “truth” as proclaimed by government and media;
  • and many, many more things that are intended to “reset” these Fifty States – and the rest of the world.

But it is clear that it is NOT just the Democrats (and certainly NOT just the Extreme Democrats and the Street Mob) that are working to accomplish these things – for their own power and wealth and that of their children and grandchildren. We have the world’s “elite” – the old and new money, the old financial class, the new “high-tech” community as part of this: preserving and expanding their fortunes and their positions. And that of THEIR future generations, in the flesh and in the spirit.

Biden’s treatment of his son Hunter is no different in kind or degree than the treatment that has been given the children of Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson, Richard and Pat Nixon, any of the Bushes, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and more. These people, like the nobles and wealthy bankers of Europe, the Robber Barons of 19th Century America, and the Sicilian and Russian and Latin (Roman) mafias, look to ensure that their children, to the seventh generation and beyond, have wealth and power and servants – lots and lots of servants. And serfs, and retainers, and henchmen – especially the thuggish kind. But that is pretty much what lobbyists and the “political” scientists (like Fauci and thousands of others) are: a corrupt feudal order of rulers. A nobility that plays and plays – and of course pays lip service to “democracy” and “compassion” and the like.

Biden’s corps of lobbyists serves this cabal of past, present, and future oligarchs: the lords of this planet (at least in their eyes). And what does that leave for the 99.95% of humans on this planet?

Not much. Especially not liberty.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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