What can be done to unify the Fifty States?

In a recent commentary, we discussed the irreparable nature of the division of the once proud and strong federation called the United States of America.

I suggested that any actions that could reunite – unify – these States are anathema and intolerable. Especially to a lover of liberty.

Here are some thoughts about just what those courses of action could be. I don’t think any of us will like them very much. But that is what happens when a republic – and a federal republic, a federation at that – decays into a democracy and that democracy slides into mob rule. (In both senses: the street mob AND the Mob as in organized crime.) Especially when that republic had fatal flaws to begin with.

But the new Massa, as of 20 January, has made it clear that he intends to “unify” the people of the Fifty States and the two new ones to be added post-haste. And who knows, maybe he can unify “We, the People.” Not just citizens, but the 11 (or more) million border jumpers we know about. And whomever else Biden, his cronies, his backers, and above all his controllers want.

I am talking about unifying the people that now live in the Fifty States. And unity in the sense that a single government claims sovereignty over the lands over which the Stars and Stripes now flies – and claims sovereignty. I don’t see any of these action as restoring unity by restoring the Union of States – a federal republic or republican federation, under the Constitution of 1787.

Good ole Uncle Joe has several models he can follow.

First, let us consider Uncle Adolph’s solution to disunity. FORCE unity of an entire people by establishing a totalitarian, centralized socialist dictatorship. Uncle Adolph had one for a whole dozen years, which ultimately ended with the deaths of a very large percentage of the population, theft of massive amounts of land, and a national stigma that has lasted (so far) three-quarters of a century. All you have is a “little breakage” of people who don’t break mentally. (And of course, the odd religious group or “race.”)

Second, let us consider the South African solution: apartheid and Bantustans. Other countries have tried some version of this to split out disputing and rival groups. It isn’t always based on race, although one of the other modern example is the division between Turks and Greeks (as much religious as anything) on Cyprus, and the divisions between “Palestinian Arabs” and Israelis (and other Arabs) in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. Usually, one group actually runs the country and those squirreled away in special districts are “protected” or “under guardianship” or a “dependent ‘sovereign’ nation.”

Third, let us think about the Soviet/Chinese/Khymer Rouge solution. (Of course, Uncle Adolf as well as Uncle Joe (Stalin, not Biden) did this one.) Simply put, “killing fields.” Of course Joe Stalin didn’t mow down a lot with gunfire (or gas, as did Adolf). Joe and Vladimir Lenin starved a lot of the kulaks to death, and banished them to Siberia to be frozen, starved, worked to death, or eaten by bears and wolves. What is left is a unified populace, more or less – unified in terror if nothing else.

Fourth, do we remember how wars are often started with the intent of unifying a country? One of the reasons for the Crusades (which were actually initially a defensive war) was to bring peace (and therefore hopefully united) to Roman Catholic Europe. But you have to be careful to choose the RIGHT enemy, or you end up with the Home Theatre during the US phase (Vietnam War) of the Great Southeastern Asian War. Or the result of Mohammad’s great Jihad to unite the Arab tribes and end their fighting. (Not only did they then proceed to fight pretty much the whole world, but they kept fighting internally.

Fifth, massive brainwashing – oops, excuse me – reeducation and reorientation. With some method of dealing with those for whom the reeducation does not work. Whatever that might be (see above). Of course, to do that, the fully totalitarian, fascist/communist state must be completely in charge. Mental health will be the excuse, of course. All us peons and hicks who refuse to do our civic duty and submit to our betters are mentally incompetent and must be protected. Especially from ourselves. This has become more and more common, and it has a great track record in the Soviet Union – and perhaps in Venezuela and Cuba.

Of course, good ole creepy Uncle Joe has an ego that can match (even exceed) that of The Donald. After all, didn’t he just get the most votes any candidate for Massa ever got in all history? (Or should I put “votes” in quotation marks?) With the worst campaign since Harding did most of his campaigning from his front porch? With the shortest coattails that any candidate ever had? And after admitting that voter fraud was a key component of his election effort?

Of course he can unify 345 million people: One nation, one people!!!

Except that he won’t – there will be some of us who just won’t bend the knee and bow our heads. Of whatever political flavor we are. It is not enough to say, “it won’t be easy.” It will be as hard as anything Pharaoh faced with a loud “I quit” from 2 million Hebrew slaves.

And a lot less fun.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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7 Responses to What can be done to unify the Fifty States?

  1. seekfirsttounderstand says:

    Wow talk about negative. If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem. Easy to sit in front of your computer and rant about what is wrong with this country. And by the way the US is BOTH a republic and a democracy.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Thank you for your comments – I always appreciate when people do not agree! Yes, it is negative. Because the present payment necessary for regaining “unity” is far too expensive: our liberty, our freedom, our prosperity, and in many ways, our peace. NONE of that is worth paying for “unity” – any more than it was in 1861.
      You may scoff as you wish – you have not the foggiest what I do besides sit with my computer on my lap. Or what I do for the other 16-17 hours a day. But I definitely have done and continue to do many things to solve the problems my State and this nation has – but especially my community. Not certain what I did to tick you off, but sorry that you feel that way.
      And today, I would argue that the FedGov is NOT a Republic at all: it has decayed into a democracy and is now transforming into a mobocracy. But, the Founding Fathers made it perfectly clear that even under the Constitution, these United States were NOT a “democracy” – they despised democracy. They tried (even if they failed) to establish a government for a confederation that was of very limited powers, and did not act on a system of “majority rules.” There are elements of democratic process in the system as they set it up, and as it decayed (through various Congresses and presidencies) it became more and more democratic. (And I do not view that as a good thing.) There is very little of the old Republic left, although the powers-that-be pay lip-service to the formalities. As have demagogues and mobsters in the past in various nations. Bad as the Constitution may have been – even as compared to the Articles of Confederation – it still attempted to (and claimed to) preserve our liberties and much freedom. But it has been gutted, its weaknesses exploited. (Tom Knapp points this out in another comment on this posting.)
      In this article, I was talking about the usual ways unity is achieved, and why those are bad. What do suggest for a pathway to unity that will not result in less freedom and less liberty?


  2. FrankInFL says:

    Unity: Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer!

    No, thank you.



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  4. Between 1775 and 1783, the mob overthrew the rule of the British aristocracy in America.

    Freedom didn’t last even a decade before counter-revolutionists put the same aristocracy back in charge, minus George III, with the coup known as the Constitution, shortly after which George Washington led an army through Pennsylvania to remind the serfs who was boss (some of his victims were charged with “erecting seditious poles” — the same “liberty poles” that had previously rallied them to Washington’s supposed cause).

    If not for the Constitution coup, would the American revolution have gone more the way of the French? Maybe, maybe not. But it was certainly the idea of “mob rule” that freed America in the first place. The deification of the Federalist gang as selfless philosopher kings was never justified. Donald Trump and Joe Biden would have fit right in.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I think I need to disagree that it was a mob that overthrew the Brits. And while the Framers of the Constitution in many ways put an aristocracy in charge, it was not the same one. Washington’s actions in the Whiskey Rebellion were disgusting and should have resulted in his impeachment and removal – what he did was inexcusable. I think it was less the idea of “mob rule” and more the idea of self-government that freed us. Yes, mobs were involved, but not central.
      I’ve no doubt about Trump or Biden fitting in – no question that they would. But it is the people behind the scenes, more than Biden, that need to be dealt with. Especially now.


  5. Darkwing says:

    Sorry TPOL, it will never happen. It all started with the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the country went down from there. The Obama admin divided us and the Trump admin added to it. I do not mean Obama/ Trump divided us, it was the people and the MSM


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