More internal conflicts and rebellion

With the Biden regime now “firmly” in control – in just 60+ days of “unrivaled success” the Fifty States are rapidly moving into a utopian situation. No? The future is bright! Uncle Joe is in command, backed up by his very own Rasputin. Yeah!


It seems to me that the situation is rapidly spinning out of control. The mess at the border… (Of course, I just heard Uncle Joe and all the talking heads tell us that is all Trump’s fault.) The supposed rapid increase in COVID cases and an uptick in deaths. (Oh, yes, isn’t Trump supposed to be indicted for murder for how he handled COVID?) Russia and China are now allied militarily to defend themselves against the United States. (Now that their puppet Trump is gone, the media tells me.)

We are having mass shootings and murders about every other day: grocery stores (CO), massage parlors (GA), “waterfront” nightlife hotspot (VA), convenience stores (MD), and all sorts of other places.

A couple of years ago, I wrote of the growing crisis in Virginia, where Regressivists (the “blue staters”) are ramming gun control down the throats of hundreds of thosands of Virginians. That didn’t stop what seemed to be a series of gunfights in Virginia Beach, did it?

In Atlanta, cesspool city of the South (well, one of many), the killing is blamed on racism – specifically against Asians. Trump’s fault, it seems for calling it Chinese or Wuhan flu. Never mind that the killer wasn’t talking race but sex, and that the dead all had one significant thing in common – and it wasn’t their ethnicity.

Chicago, of course, continues to coat some of its streets in blood. This is despite the massive body of gun control laws in that stinking armpit of a city that makes Batman’s Gotham look peaceful. Another half-dozen cities seem to have similar problems.

But the real, long-term problem? The growing violence, not always fatal violence, erupting in dozens of small American cities. Cities so small that the mainstream media more often than not refers to them as towns, and even small towns. So “small” that the US Census wants to stop calling them “Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) and start calling them “Micropolitan Statistical Areas” (μSAs). How small is that? According to the Census, less than 100,000 people living there year-round. Places like Rapid City, SD with only about 80,000 people (even though their MSA has 142,000 people). Places like Cheyenne, WY (100,000), Casper, WY (80,000) and Northeast Wyoming (officially “Gillette” with 61,000. And even places in Blue States: Places like Farmington, NM with 124,000, or Gallup, NM with 77,000.

In all of these small cities, violence is increasing: for a variety of reasons, to be sure. One reason is burgeoning populations of immigrants. No, NOT just border jumpers from south of the border (Mexico, and points south). Immigrants fleeing deteriorating conditions in States like California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Deteriorating courtesy of the Pandemic Panic, the Lockdown, and the failure of the Lockdown Rebellion to succeed. Deteriorating due to rapidly growing unemployment and the destruction of mining, timber, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Collapsing due to political pressures to conform to whatever fad the so-called liberals are pushing this week and next. Growing debt, exploding housing and utilities and travel/commuting costs. And the political attacks and perversion of more and more cities.

But it isn’t just the “nice” people that are escaping from those places. A lot of the refugees, the migrants, are predators. And parasites. AND the nannies and bureaucratic thugs (just another form of parasites). So predation – and not all predation is criminal, remember – fills these small cities more and more. Car theft, burglary, assault, and even homicide.

So what happens? The big urban states, the sources of contagion for this social disease we can call predation, continues to breed, train, and all too often export the predators, the scum that have been ripened and encouraged for generations. AND the government types, the big businesses, the various institutions, that exist in a sick symbiotic relationship with them.

And get worse and worse.

Consider California. In California, for more pushing two years, new tyrannical enactments restricting the purchase of ammunition have been preventing thousands of people from buying the ammo they need. Not just for self-defense and hunting, but just for sports and training. Law-abiding people (well, mostly). The criminals, the outlaws, the predators get their stuff from States that still have freedom, or they smuggle it in from war-torn and parasite-ridden countries. Or countries eager to further destabilize the Fifty States.

But it isn’t just guns, of course. Drugs, counterfeit goods, sex-slaves (or just plain slaves), and more. But the biggest, and most dangerous imports?

Attitudes and ideas. Attitudes of fear and hatred of people unlike them. Attitudes of irresponsibility and “let government do it.” And ideas that didn’t work in the Soviet Bloc, in China, in Cuba, in Venezuela. More and more government control (or of control by business working hand-in-hand with government). More and more hypocrisy about environism and peace and prosperity. More and more glorification and support of elites: self-appointed, of course.

The internal rebellions and struggles work both ways, of course. The chaos of the Russian Civil War, of Germany in the 1920s, of Latin American banana republics and even major nations (Argentina, Chile, Columbia), was NOT the result of actions of just ONE side. It takes two (or more) to tango. And currently, there is no sign of things getting better.

We must be prepared, we lovers of liberty, for ALL sides trying to steal liberty. Different liberties, perhaps, but still stealing it away, and fitting us for chains. Twenty-first century chains, admittedly, but still chains.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to More internal conflicts and rebellion

  1. “Of course, I just heard Uncle Joe and all the talking heads tell us that is all Trump’s fault”

    No you didn’t. You heard Uncle Joe point out that these “surges” of migration happen every year, year after year, at the same time of year.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I know that Biden recently claimed that – a claim disputed by many, even “liberal” sources. But it sure sounded like him saying this was due to Trump’s policies. Of course, it was on the radio… Maybe a voice actor? Or an old recording?
      Maybe I’m misunderstanding this chart from the
      Arizona Daily Independent
      Or maybe I’m just getting it mixed up with the other fifty things that Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, et al. blame on Trump and the GOP. While the GOP thugs blame Biden and the Democrats for everything. Bah! A pox on both their houses. (Or is that being racist?)


  2. mikejavick says:

    AND CIVIL WAR is so much much closer ! Michael in Communist occupied PA under WUHAN CHINA GOV WOLF…ret us army militia


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