Fool me once…

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me XX times?

Cartoon Hand Drawn Bacteria Virus Little Monster, Hand ...

I was reminded of that old saying when I again saw this headline: “Top epidemiologist on Covid surge: “Get ready… We are walking into the mouth of this virus monster.”


Do a quick duck-duck-go search of Faucet (Fauci) and Osterholm and “Covid surge” and you will find news stories dating back a year, at least. Especially in the last three months, with these two gobble-gobbling on screen constantly about the Coronavirus variants are infecting millions and killing more thousands every day.

These two goons and their lying, panic-stricken, fear-mongering, parasitical, bureaucrats (but I repeat myself) are rushing onto show after show and press conference after press conference. To panic us all. Into what?

  • Wearing masks – several, if possible. 24-7 if possible. Indoors, outdoors, in our vehicles (by ourselves even).
  • Maintaining “social” distancing – which is antisocial behavior at its best, to my way of thinking
  • Cowering at home, washing our hands (and faces) 30 times a day (for at least as it takes to sing a verse of “Mary has a little lamb, and sneezing into the same elbow in a sleeve that we then are supposed to rub with someone else’s elbow instead of shaking hands
  • GET THE VACCINE – no matter WHAT

Oh, and TRUST the bureaucrats – especially the HEALTH bureaucrats. Peer into the unhealthy pasty face of Dr. Osterholm and repeat after me, “I wanna be like him, I wanna be like him.” Or into Fauci’s face or Creepy Uncle Joe. Oh, yeah, take your pick: dementia, stroke and heart failure, or a permanent case of the “wishy-washies.”

The excuse for more and more shots i-s, of course, this surge. Michigan is going under, especially since their Queen is desperately trying to calm the anger of her subjects over her high-handed royal decrees. (See also, King Charles I, King Louis XVI.) Minnesota is right behind, but probably due to all the heavy-breathing anger of everyone over the trial of the killer cop. No doubt they will trigger yet another crisis. Or so the health nazis want us to think.

At the same time, Uncle Joe (or his handlers/puppet masters) is putting strong pressure on governors to get the J&J vaccine as that company (and no-doubt Biden-Harris campaign contributor) races to provide 100 million doses in the next six months. Despite a failure in process and quality control that destroyed 15 million doses. And supposedly the White House is pushing religious and “cultural” leaders, not just government flaks and autocrats, to push the safety and effectiveness.

(Hey! Isn’t the “White House” evidence of inherent government racism? Shouldn’t Kammie repaint and rename it something “inclusive” like “The Rainbow House?” She could get the new host of Jeopardy (Kunte Kinti? LaVar Burton? Geordi La Forge? Host of Reading Rainbow) to have an inclusive blessing ceremony. Just a thought.)

But all their claims about “the end is near” and “we’re all gonna die” and “masks work” have been demonstrated (at best) to be swamp gas. Why do I suspect this latest push of the vaccine by terrorizing people with a coronavirus surge will come out the same way.

But NOT, of course, before dozens or hundreds of States, counties, cities, and businesses mandate or pressure everyone to get the shot. As Princess Leia said to the Emperor, “You’re our only hope!” Government CAN save us – even from ourselves! So this push, this fearmongering, builds support for more and more government.

And of course, to support Johnson & Johnson, which spent more than $7 million dollars in lobbying in 2020 – and untold millions to candidates.

What can we do? Don’t listen to the fearmongers. Keep yourself fit and healthy – sure to be better for you than vaccines. Especially vaccines developed in haste with inadequate testing and dubious sources and methods.

And call the health bureaucrats, the other bureaucrats, the politicians and businesses out on their lies and panic-inspiring mouth-spewings.

Enough is enough.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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