Beer flu, pandemic panic, and the police power

We are now fifteen months into the Pandemic Panic, and the greatest expansion of the police power of state and local governments in American history. Why? Not because of any disease, but because of this:


This is what the governors, the State legislatures, the mayors, the city and town councils, the county commissions, and especially the staffs – the officials – of all these governments and their health and police and every other agency believe.

Even though it is wrong. Very wrong. And immoral.

The above quote is in error, in many ways. The “state” (government) has NO RIGHTS – only PEOPLE have rights. Governments MAY have powers granted to them by the people within their jurisdiction – their territory. MAY. But NO one has any “right” or any legitimate power to coerce anyone. To “take coercive action against individuals” is to DENY them their God-given rights. Society HAS no rights – only PEOPLE have rights. Nor does “society” have any powers: there is no corporate entity, no brain, no will that directs something called society.

A society (definition by Oxford DIctionary) is “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.” There is not, there cannot be, ANY entity or person, any organization or anything else that can speak for “the aggregate of people.”

The ONE possibility is found in L. Neil Smith’s “Declaration of Unanimous Consent” in which each individual, each person, in a community, a society, agrees individually and without coercion to something. That might be possible for a few dozen people. Otherwise, it is impossible.

Of course, there are many who claim the opposite. They claim that government CAN and DOES speak for EVERYONE in a community. And that therefore government has these imaginary rights to use force to MAKE those people who claim it does NOT speak for them accept their edicts. Or kill them.

So in order to “benefit” society, this thing called government can use its “police power” to do everything up to killing anyone in that society which does not believe that government action is to their benefit.

With that off my chest, let’s talk about the Pandemic Panic and the Police Power.

The results of this evil episode are not yet all in, and may not for years. There is strong reason to believe that those results will finally be known only when they are so damaging that society will destroy itself to free itself from the intolerable burden of the state, of government.

I wish we knew how long that will take. Far too long, I fear.

Public health has always been an excuse to exercise this police power: to take action against someone or something because they present an identifiable danger to others. But in 2020, this was taken to an extreme. It was no longer necessary (and still is not) for someone to actually present a danger. It is now only necessary for someone – a government agent, a fearful person, whomever – to THINK that someone poses a danger to those around them, or even to themselves.

Proof of a threat? Don’t be absurd. We don’t need to prove anything – we just need to bray loudly enough about the danger to get people to listen. How many people? Oh, see this latest “scientific survey” from Brownnose Surveys, Inc.? It says that 501 out 1000 people surveyed are “sure” or “mostly sure” that you walking around or driving in your car without a mask is a threat to them, their 90-year-old grandmother, or newborn babies in India.

And of course, the understanding by the politicians, the bureaucrats, the jack-booted thugs, and the Mrs. Grundys (or Karens) that such a situation will let them have more power, more wealth, more prestige. After all, they are just supporting “the will of the people” as demonstrated by their election and by that survey.

And that, of course, includes having the power to decide what is, and is not, “real science.”

The solution is NOT to hope for (or even work for) sanity in society and government at any level. Nor is it to require more accountability to the people in elections, recalls, focus groups, oversight commissions, or other nonsense.

The only solution is to take away that power. Not some of it, but all of it.

We, as individuals, need to decide FOR OURSELVES what will benefit us and what will not. And what will harm others – that is, violate THEIR God-given rights.

If government tries to force us to do something that we believe does NOT benefit us, we must refuse to do that. FREEDOM=I WON’T. We refuse to obey their edicts, their “democratically-passed laws” and their claim to have “the will of the people.” Because it is not by OUR will.

We refuse, and when they up the ante, we refuse to do that, also. Again, counting the cost to ourselves: does our resistance still benefit us (short-term AND long-term) more that what THEY want us to do? Then we resist and as they escalate, our resistance escalates as well.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We all know it is not, but we all know the warnings, also: the price of liberty, the cost of freedom.

But the choice is clear, post-Pandemic. Live free or die as slaves.

Your choice.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Beer flu, pandemic panic, and the police power

  1. pigpen51 says:

    I have not followed this blog as much as I did at one time, obviously. But I have dropped in from time to time. And I noticed that I didn’t see any posts from Mama Liberty over the last times that I came here. Imagine my shock when I looked and found that she had passed away.
    She and I had some conversations on a different forum a number of years back, and she opened my eyes to some things, that I never really considered before. That led me to coming here and reading some of the posts on this blog, which I always find thought provoking.
    I have to tell you that I am a very solid constitutionalist, if that is a word. And as most people like me would agree, America as we now know it could not be much further from what it was intended to be.
    It is my hope and prayer that we are able to find a way to return to the greatest nation ever conceived once again, and also that you are able to continue to honor Mama Liberty’s memory in the blog that you carry on with. From what I know, it is in very capable hands.
    All the best.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Dear PP51! It is good to hear from you after all this time, and you cannot imagine how encouraging your words are. Although I do not feel that any of us are really able to be as capable as Mama Liberty was. The last two weeks – nearly three now – have been very bad for me and mine, and your words are very much a help. We all seek to proclaim the “real quill,” and not slide into tacitly supporting the enemies of liberty, or even tolerating them. Again, thank you!


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