“Public” (government-run, tax-funded) schools continue to fail

In our eyes, that is, the eyes of lovers of knowledge, of liberty, and of personal responsibility, peace, and prosperity.


In the minds of the enemies of liberty – the educrats, the academic elite, the self-proclaimed “progressives,” the regressivists, the powers-that-be? The schools are doing just what they want them to. Making good little “citizens” (helots is a better word, or just plain salves) out of children. Divorcing them mentally, socially, and morally from their parents and families. Teaching them the minimum to (a) help determine whom to anoint to join the “elite” and (b) function as an economic unit in the command economy also capable of being manipulated to pull the right lever in the voting booth.

And of course, they sow the propaganda seeds of the various warped, perverted, and self-serving worldviews that the enemies of liberty feel acceptable to brainwash the remaining 99% of the people of these States (and the world). It isn’t just here in the States that we see this: look at the early training and alma mater of the world’s worst tyrants, terrorists, and “revolutionary leaders.” No, I don’t mean the products of the Ivy League that infest DC, New York, and LA. I mean the Ho Chi Minhs and Duvaliers and Mugabes and Awlakis of the world. Funny how going to college in the West turns people (or hardens them more) to hatred of the very ideals and ideas OF Western Civilization, isn’t it? Just as funny as how many bright, eager, inquisitive pre-schoolers are turned into mind-numbed robots or rebellion in elementary schools. And how many MORE eager, enthusiastic, highly-intelligent, inventive, and generally upright high school graduates are converted to social justice warriors, whinging snowflakes, and and black-flag anarchists in American (and European) universities.

Today, in 2021, the battlelines are stretched farther than ever in the government-run, tax-funded institutions from the new pre-pre-school Headstart and Cradle Roll classrooms and nurseries up through the graduate-level educational mills. It is no longer the “traditional” memes being poured like fast-curing concrete into the brain pans and souls of the students:

  • Capitalism is bad
  • Communism (done right, of course) is good
  • Socialism is good
  • Democracy is king (yes, I pun)
  • A republic is, ultimately, evil
  • Humans are just another kind of animal, nothing special that other creatures won’t evolve into
  • The only gods are those invented by men, mostly to feed off the suckers
  • Yet humans are powerful enough, greedy enough, and stupid enough to destroy the planet

No, today we can add many more perversions of thought:

  • 99% of us are so incompetent, stupid, and naive that only government can save us
  • Government is all-wise, all-knowing, all-caring, and all-powerful (or it should and can be)
  • We must further degrade and destroy the education of everyone to fight against an illness
  • We must always believe the scientists when they tell us we must give up more and more liberty, prosperity, and society to fight against an illness
  • We must hide behind masks to fight against an illness
  • We must betray friends and allies for the sake of being prepared to fight against more enemies that we have created by our mistrust and lies and stupid actions of our governments
  • Teachers are all-wise and all-loving BUT we can’t trust them with weapons to defend their students
  • More money solves everything – except money that people get to keep for themselves; that creates problems
  • You are what you believe you are – whatever sex, whatever race, whatever whatever unless what you think you are is politically incorrect
  • Your skin color IS your personality, your past, your life, and assigns your place in society

I could go on, but you get the point: the war against culture, society, religion, and just plain liberty and freedom is being prosecuted with renewed vigor in American and world schools.

And meanwhile, we stupid people – however we want to characterize ourselves – continue to beggar ourselves and our communities by throwing more and more money – AND sacrificing our children – to these perverted pied pipers of education.

The educrats, from the most junior principals and school secretaries to the big cheeses in US DOE and every state capital and mega-university? They know what their job is – and it is NOT to educate children and young adults to be productive, independent, self-sufficient people. That would be wrong – that is “the American way” that is racist, sexist, able-ist, and every other sort of bad thing. It is to produce docile helots, cogs in the wheel of government that knows and controls every aspect of life – your life and mine included.

UNLESS we, lovers of liberty, promoters and practitioners of personal responsibility and self-government, shove a stick into the spokes of their little cogs and wheels.

The easiest way is to play up both the fear of COVID-19 and the fear of the downsides of masks and vaccines, and encourage parents to home-school their children. Or their grandchildren. And the neighbors’ children.

Another way is to teach those children yourselves – tutoring and helping parents who have to work away from home. Because you can teach them real things. This is important, because too many younger mothers and fathers are themselves victims of GRTF-schools and do not know enough to teach their children what they need to know. The more we teach the younger generations (a moral responsibility, certainly), the shorter this period of horror will be.

For now, consider one more way: teach the teachers, and the wannabe teachers: the college students and the young teachers, about the facts of what they are doing to their students. And don’t ignore the older teachers and even the lower educrats. Some of them are more than a little ill at ease at what they are doing – and what others are doing. Feed their guilt and encourage their rebellion.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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