A Baker’s Dozen: Teaching children in these times about what is wrong

With many thanks to Paul Rosenberg of FreemansPerspective.Org, who first developed most of these ideas. These are things which apply to all children, but especially to those we are attempting to raise as lovers of liberty able to be responsible adults who are self-governors.

Although there are always times of crisis and danger, what we in the States and around this planet have faced for two years is NOT normal and not right: it is wrong. We must tell them this and help them see through the propaganda (from ALL sides) that they are deluged with daily.

So here we have thirteen concepts about “wrong” that we should teach our children while they are young:

  1. It is wrong to deny people the right to speak up about what they believe: to be censored. We don’t have to listen, but we have no right to silence other people.
  2. It is wrong to believe that just because someone has some authority, what they tell us is true. We must always question what we are told and find facts that point to the truth – and freedom.
  3. It is wrong to believe something just because we are told “that is the science” or “that is the religion” or anything like that. In the same way, it is wrong to do something just because other people expect us to do so.
  4. It is wrong to teach fads and deny proven facts because we don’t like what people did in the past. We must teach timeless truths about the universe and humans, but also contemporary lessons: we must apply those truths to our present and future. We must live them.
  5. It is wrong for politicians and “leaders” to tell people:
    1. Who is allowed to work and who is not
    1. Who can visit their family and who cannot
    1. Who can go to worship, to school, to stores, or to playgrounds and who cannot
  6. It is wrong for people to judge (and condemn) those with a specific (or any) skin color or ancestors or parents. Put another way: Honor others and yourself, and others will honor you.
  7. It is wrong to judge people as a group – we each must stand as individuals. No one is guilty because someone who looks like you or shares traits or ancestry with you has done bad things.
  8. It is wrong to decide and consider someone guilty without a trial. Even bad actions need to be proven, facts determined. It is barbaric to punish someone unless their guilt has been proven.
  9. It is wrong to burn and rob stores and destroy private or public property because someone is angry, even at the owners and employees and especially not because they are angry at someone or something else.
  10. It is wrong to hate other people for taking or not taking a certain kind of medicine, or for taking or not taking particular actions that might (or might not) protect themselves and others.
  11. It is wrong to blame other people for not doing something just because we think they should (or the other way around), or blame them for getting us sick without clear evidence that they did. In the same way, it is wrong to judge people as worthy because they are wealthy or popular or have some kind of talent.
  12. It is wrong – and not normal – for people to owe so much money that they are afraid, and therefore find it hard to make good decisions and stand up for what is right.
  13. It is wrong to lord it over other people, and force them to work for us, or pay us because we are more powerful. A fair and voluntary exchange is essential to peace, prosperity, and liberty.

Obviously, these are all “negative” statements, just as the freedoms in the American Bill of Rights are “negatives” – as were most of the Ten Commandments.

But especially with young children, (as Paul pointed out) it is important NOT to close our lessons with negatives. Rather, we need to accentuate the positives of life. Although we live in a time with an abusive, tyrannical and evil system, we have hope for now and the future, because we are created by God, we are a wonderful species made in His image, and live in a beautiful and wondrous universe.

We have allowed the worst among us to live as parasites on the rest of us. We have not recognized the potential that we have, now and in eternity. We have been slow in recognizing the goodness of our existence, but we can stop doing these things, and grasp the blessings all around us, stopping our subservience to evil men and ideas.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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