OMG! That woman is stupid! (- from a reader)

A good reader/correspondent just sent me this little tidbit of a news story (on a late Friday afternoon).

Justice Sotomayor claims to not understand, on Yahoo News,

“S” told me: How did she even graduate high school let alone make it through law school? Check out the story in the link.  If this does not leave you shaking your head at the utter STUPIDITY I will be shocked….
Where is a brick wall to hang my head?

From the Yahoo story:

I’m not sure I understand the distinction why the states would have the power [to institute a mandate such as OSHA’s], but the federal government wouldn’t,” stated the associate justice [Sotomayer].

When Ohio solicitor general Ben Flowers began to explain that the federal government lacks police powers, Sotomayor cut him off, exclaiming that that it has “power with respect to protecting the health and safety of workers. ”

The story went on to report:

Yahoo: “Flowers answered in the affirmative, even going so far as to argue that Ohio could mandate vaccination for all of its residents.

“[Justice Clarence] Thomas finished the exchange by noting that “there seems to be a suggestion that this is all-or-nothing, that the other governmental bodies do not have police powers to regulate certain activities.”

“Justice Neil Gorsuch later waded into the debate as well, asserting that “we have all kind of come to the point where we all agree that states have a wide police power under our constitutional system. Congress has to regulate consistent with the commerce clause,” before going on to note that Congress is required to legislate on major questions, rather than delegating that decision-making authority to federal agencies.”

Well… More than our reader “S” have called the wise Latina stupid as we see in the Enigma Chronicle:

Sotomayor in an oral argument stated there are “100,000 children in serious condition with Covid.” A statement easily fact checked. According to CDC, there are only 116k people of all ages hospitalized with Covid (in the US). Currently there are an estimated 3,342 children with Covid, according to HHS. This is so flagrantly untrue and so easily fact checked that you need to question her senility. Sotomayor also stated that Omicron was as dangerous as Delta, also provably untrue.”

The EC goes on to suggest maybe she has a condition similar to Uncle Joe: senility. But I would expect her to be more confused about medical issues than about fundamental constiutional issues.

I suspect it is more that she DOESN’T WANT to understand – and probably never has. Our “wise Latina [Latinx??] child of the 60s, I think. And hippie-SJW ancestor/”progressive” that wants our constitution to be like Europeans and socialists: ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT HAVE TOTAL POWER OVER EVERYTHING except when the HIGHER LEVEL overrules the LOWER LEVEL. 

(And where are businesses and families and individuals in this scheme? Step into a filthy muddy gutter and then look at the sole of your shoes. That’s us!)

Thomas frightens me with his implication that it is wrong “for other governmental bodies” to not have police powers, reinforcing the idea that all governments have all powers over all things. Constitutions, to be even marginally effective, would seem to need to be black and white. And once upon a time, Americans mostly seemed to think the US one WAS black or white. No shade of gray.

Gorsuch’s statement is as crazy and dangerous – he implies that federal agencies can “legislate on minor questions” – a scary, scary idea.

And of course the Ohio Solicitor General also shows appalling stupidity. Or we missed it when Ohio cancelled their Bill of Rights.

Anyone depending on the current version of the Nine Nazgul to stand up for liberty and against all-powerful government is about as stupid as someone who doesn’t check his weapon to make sure it is loaded before confronting the home invader.

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