Suicide by government – state style

In California, I understand that a new constitutional amendment (expected to pass) is intended to double State tax revenue. According to National Review (hardly an enemy of big government), income taxes would increase for the highest bracket to a tax rate of 18.05%. There would also be a payroll tax – like Medicare and Unemployment, paid by the employer. Of about 2%. AND a “gross receipts” tax of 2.35% on all revenue received by a company – whether they make a profit on not. And that would be basically a sales tax on ALL transactions: wholesale and retail. Again, paid by the seller, supposedly.

Of course, all these taxes ultimately are paid by the consumer and the wage/salary earner. All told, California wants $163 billion dollars a year INCREASE – double current State theft – beginning in 2023. If this insanity passes. And as I hear, it is expected to pass.


Because lower income voters will not pay any more in income taxes than they already do – Anyone making less that $14,133/year will pay 1% of their taxable income – an astonishing $93.25 per year. (A California food stamp recipient gets $250/month. Sounds cool, eh? You pay Newsom $93.25 and he gives in $250 in food stamps, and other benefits!)

National Review’s writer thanks that the biggest beneficiaries of this insane tax increase will not be the Golden State. (This, by the way, raises Californians’ combined average federal-state income tax to an astonishing 55.05% of their total income (not counting local or sales taxes.) (And the gold plating on everything about California is getting worn away faster and faster. What’s under it? Maybe pot metal – not even honest aluminum!)

Who will win? NR says Nevada and Arizona, followed by all the other States to which impoverished former middle-classes will flee. California lost population in 2021, and they say more will emigrate to other places.

Frankly, I disagree. Californians – well, EX-Californians – mostly make VERY bad neighbors, expecially in large numbers. Why? The may have left California because of insane taxes, insane masking and lockdown and vaccination laws (or even wildfires and mudslides), but California politics doesn’t seem to leave them: they bring the mindset of Big Government, nanny-state ideas, and tax-and-spend with them. To Nevada, to Arizona, to Utah and Colorado and even Wyoming and Idaho.

And they infect people with their ideas: “government should do more and more,” “our taxes provide for free services that government pays for,” and “government is the final solution to everything.” These refugees from the formerly Golden State have been brainwashed and spoiled. With a worse plague than COVID-19 or Spanish flu.

Beware of people escaping from California – show them kindness (they didn’t get much in California as a rule) but assume that they are fanatic statists and sadly contaminated by living in a world of political correctness and parasites. At least until you and others teach them about liberty and freedom. (Assuming they are willing to listen and learn.)

If we do not do this, the many people fleeing California will bring the ideas and wants to OUR states that are destroying California. At the same time, we need to pray and support those who want to break up that state and/or have it exit the Union. Even in another state, the people running the asylum are dangerous to us. Arizona and California are likely to get sucked in as California sinks.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Suicide by government – state style

  1. Darkwing says:

    For more years than I can think and when I ran for public office, I have always said: Do not raise taxes, cut government. A person I knew well always said: You can cut government 80% and 90% would not miss it.”


  2. Mike-SMO says:

    Remember, the “homeless” [CATO – Crazy, Addicts, Tramps, Other], that poop in the streets and yards will follow the benefits to your town. They are part of the California Family that will come with the California tax “ Refugees”, California will thank you for your hospitality to the invasion force.


  3. Irving says:

    I wonder how many current – but “temporary” – Californians plan on voting for the proposal knowing it will detonate after they’ve left for a red state.


  4. labstormy says:

    California will never leave the union. There are too many organizations that are apart of the mob called “DC”. I would charish the state that gave the finger to DC and left the union. DC was only ever a business that was given one, I repeat ONE sovergn power and that was a leader for organizing the states if some other country started something .
    *Sigh* when are people gonna wake up and understand the mess, lies and straight out Fraud the DC mob has committed.?

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