The Ascendency of Silly Science

(Thanks to David Wojick for the title and subject of this commentary.)

One of the recent trends in world affairs is the rise of “silly science” and its adoption by more and more of the world’s educrats AND government goons.

David Wojick first used the label to address “manmade global warming and what he calls “climate alarmism” – one of the great fear producers of the last three decades, in a great and very readable article here. He concisely points out the absurdity of the claims that the hundreds of government agencies united in this vast con job which has already stolen billions and billions of dollars from tax- and rate-payers and the future.

But there are more fields of silly science for the woke and social justice warriors and the con artists to use to suck still more money – and instill more fear – among the masses.

Government science, in general, turns out to be more and more silly as time goes on.

First, of course, we have the bogus science at the National Weather Service and NASA. Meteorology has been perverted and produced this “science” of climate change. This has been going on now for more than 30 years, and is the topic of Wojick’s article.

But that honestly seems to pale in comparison to some other examples.

We have the entire Pandemic Panic. This starts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and involves virtually the entire federal/state/local “public health” establishment. And a huge part of the entire medical industry – especially Big Pharma. First it was the sheer panic over what quickly proved to be a very low-lethality disease (though exceptionally contagious) and the nonsense about lockdowns, social distancing, and masking. Since then, of course, we’ve had the massive imaginary science and bias of treatments for the disease and its side effects, and then the entire vaccine fiasco.

As with the climate change brohaha, much of the mess regarding the entire Beer Flu (COVID-19) seems to be based on false data and failed procedures, all pushed in part by greed for money and power.

But there is more. Silly science – fake science – abounds in recent history and current events.

One of the latest is the disclosure than the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Water Quality Laboratory at the Denver Federal Center had an (unnamed, protected) employee FAKE thousands of tests for 16-18 months in 2019, and 2020. Investigation revealed it was far more than one lab tech involved: in essence NONE of the analysis done for at least two years can be trusted. And this was in some ways a repeat of a problem in a nearby USGS lab back in 2014.

Which reminds us of a long-running scandal regarding forensic laboratories. There is not just the scandal involving Massachusetts’ drug laboratory at the beginning of 2021 – involving more than 70,000 criminal cases! For decades there have been problems with improper scientific method in labs across the Fifty States. And the FBI’s system of laboratories has been discredited time and time again for a quarter of a century (I found on editorial in the New York Times from 1997!)

It isn’t just government law enforcement and regulatory agencies and politicians that have promoted silly science – bad and fake science, of course. The corruption of private laboratories and testing organizations for medical and safety and environmental protection work is also well-known and goes back for decades. Environists have long been guilty of ridiculous science beyond the global warming, when it comes to many, many errors. But even much of that is tied to government regulations and requirements – and money.

(A recent example of that is the strange case of the giant sea bass along the Pacific coast of California, Baja California, and other Mexican coastal areas. It is an “endangered species” in the United States even though populations are exploded in Mexico! Why is it listed? Because of bad, silly science: studies ended at the border!)

But the worry is that silly science impacts more and more on the liberties, freedom, and prosperity of Americans and people around the world. In addition to being funded by “government money” stolen from taxpayers.

Beware of silly science, no matter who practices and promotes it. As always, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” A lack of knowledge of the truth is certain to lead to a lack of liberty!

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