Concentration camps – a brief review

In the era of the Dritte Reich (Third Reich), the German governments and their puppets and slaves spent billions of grams of gold building elaborate concentration camps (Konzentrationslager) (and extermination camps (Tötungszentren: killing centers)). Together with the urban ghettos, these housed the “subhuman” elements of European populations as well as enemies of the State, unbending religious group members, and other undesirables. Including those “un-useful” for any but the most menial work or for anything but disposal and processing for raw materials.

Today we have Shanghai.

If the medical bureaucratic establishment get their way – the Chinese lockdowns will NOT be the only one. For now, at least we seem to be avoiding a MonkeyPox panic and lockdown, but here in the States, the next flu or whatever can be used, will be an excuse.

As Tom Woods recently shared:

The above wasn’t from 2020 or 2021, but from MAY of 2022.

Back to concentration camps – whatever you call them. Those from WW2 were far from the first such camps in human history.

Ancient empires, almost certainly, had their own versions of such camps: as a common strategy of empires such as the Assyrians, Chaldeans (Babylonians) and Egyptians tried to stabilize their imperial domains by forced migration of entire populations – examples being the Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the Kingdom of Judah, and the peoples sent into to populate then-empty Canaan. Camps of longer or shorter duration, keeping large populations in captivity and disarmed and divided to prevent rebellion, riot, and escape, were surely used. Archeologists have found evidence in numerous places of such. Many archeologists and historians believe that some of the “villages” including the cliff dwellings on Mesa Verde in the Four Corners were concentration or prison camps for undesirables put there by invaders from the south. (No, NOT Spaniards, but centuries before that.)

In history, we can find at least five types:

Type 1. Forced migration camps

Type 2. Internment and segregation camps

Type 3. Retraining/reeducation camps

Type 4. Extermination and “neutralization” camps

Type 5. Quarantine and “treatment” camps

There may be others, and some of these might make more sense to break into several types. But for this essay, let us use these and talk about Type 5. This is what Australia – a once mostly free nation – has used in the last two years.

What triggered this idea is the fact that the Communist Chinese government has turned the entire city of Shanghai, home to 27 million people, into a giant quarantine/treatment camp – with apparently little emphasis on the “treatment” side of matters. Definitely a Type 5, but with indications of becoming a Type 4: an extermination camp.

And on the cheap, to say the least.

Black is no longer the color of tyranny. White: the new black!

Concentration camps, whatever we call them, are just another tool of tyranny and totalitarians to control their populations, expand and secure the power of the rulers, and as needed, reduce populations.

China, in particular, according to many fairly reliable sources, is in a state of flux and facing massive upheavals: Xi is being threatened by other government and CCP officials. Hunger and even starvation is apparently a real threat, especially if the supply chain from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus continues to be disrupted. Other supply chain problems and COVID panic have disrupted China’s role as world manufacturer. Corruption and seeking for more power and more wealth is rife and threatening stability.

But China is FAR from the only present-day regime to use concentration camps.

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2 Responses to Concentration camps – a brief review

  1. You left out “forced non-migration camps” like those the US uses at present.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I put those under Type 1 – there is no real difference between “forced migration” and “forced non-migration” as far as the conditions and abuses are concerned, is there? All are anathema to human liberty.


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