Enemies of liberty – a bit of history and current events

As lovers of liberty, we must know our enemies. The enemies of liberty.

A key part of the modern American imperial system which tries to rule this planet (and as much of the Solar System as possible) is the “financial sector” – the banksters as some are fond of calling them. The great financial firms’ managers and the super-powerful banking families that have dominated the world’s trade for centuries are near the top of a list of enemies of liberty.

This has been the case in Europe and the Mediterranean and the Middle East – spreading to the whole planet starting, likely in the early 1300s with the destruction of the Templars. And even they may have had ties to the fiscal powers. Certainly the banksters have long controlled not just kings but republics and democracies and dictators. Not just nations and States but provinces and districts and municipalities and more.

Many have long associated these institutions and families with Jews. And while there certainly are Jews in the financial sector – and have been since the Roman Republic – there is no exclusivity or affinity by ancestry, former or present religion, or ethnic identity to the lust and control of wealth and power. The same can be said for links to the various past and current royal families and nobility of Europe and Asia. Indeed, it is not “families” or “institutions” per se that are the stalwart enemies of liberty: it is individuals. They may be allied by family and ancestral ties, or even philosophical and religious connections, but they are humans with free will to use their resources for good or evil.

Which is why, in recently doing research on secession, I was drawn to a man named Salmon Portland Chase. He was the Chief Justice of SCOTUS in 1869 that decided White v Texas. His history is much more than that. As is the history of his namesake institution.

The name Chase may ring a bell for many of us, and it should. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. (using the common name of just Chase Bank) is indeed one of the most powerful of the international financial system entities. My first thought in the research is that perhaps Salmon P Chase founded this bank. But the story is more twisted and interesting than that. It is NAMED for him. Originally Chase National Bank was founded and named for Chase by his “good friend” John Thompson in 1877.

Why? By that time, Chase was dead, dying in 1873 while still Chief Justice. But in the 1860s, Chase was Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury and crafted the National Banking Act, in the middle of the War between the States. This was done to finance the war against the South, and let the FedGov charter banks, a power previously that of the States. It wasn’t because he was on the Supreme Court, but because he was Secretary of the Treasury, that the bank got named for him.

Chase was, while in some ways at least nominally a friend of liberty, actually very much an enemy. The son of an Episcopal bishop, he was an abolitionist and a free-soiler and one of the early members of the GOP: he was firmly part of the extremist Radical Republics of the war era: governor and senator of Ohio. Lincoln knew Chase would work tirelessly to find – steal, beg, borrow, print – the money to defeat and destroy the South. They did have a falling-out: in 1864 Chase tried to get the GOP nomination and replace Lincoln but lost. Still, the ties were close and Lincoln appointed him Chief Justice just a month after getting reelected. Obviously Chase was viciously against the South for slavery, secession, and most likely for refusal to cooperate with the growing power of the New York City financial kingdom. He should have recused himself in White v Texas for his antipathy was obvious. His work in all three branches of the FedGov facilitated the pressures on the South leading up to the war, during the war, and the occupation AFTER the war. He was key to Lincoln’s “freeing the slaves and enslaving free men.”

But there is more as well – and we finish this commentary by looking at his namesake bank. Chase (the bank) is a Frankinsteinian beast which claims 1200 banks as its foundation, dating back to 1799 and the formation of the Bank of Manhattan. More old enemies of liberty, it seems, are involved: that bank was formed by Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton! And was part of their falling out which led to their duel and Hamilton’s death – before Burr tried to build his own political empire out West. Chase was known as Chase National Bank and then Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with J P Morgan bank in 2000.

Although we may not fully agree with L Neil Smith’s dark portrayal of Alexander Hamilton, he was not a true friend of human liberty, and part of what many lovers of liberty describe as the coup against liberty that brought forward the US Constitution. Which was Lincoln’s excuse for his war on the South and the genesis of so-called Progressivism in the States.

The fight against liberty – and therefore the American people and people of the world – is NOT something that developed here in the States with the Obama or Biden regimes – or even Clinton or Bush I or Nixon, or even FDR. Its history and connections, like that of Chase bank, is a vast web of deceit, conspiracy, evil actions, and horrible consequences.

Know your enemy.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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