Uncle Joe, democrat officials seek to push secession

The insane extreme reaction in about 20 states to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade has been demonstrated constantly in the last two weeks. Even while protesters and mobs scream that abortion has been banned across the nation and call for violence against the Nine Nazgul and the pro-life movement.

Events in the last week in DC and Colorado illustrate the intense division over abortion existing in the Fifty States. And at the same time, show that so-called “progressives” (including many national and State Democrats) are using it to FURTHER divide the country. Good or bad?

While there have been demonstrations in most States against the decision, including States like South Dakota and Wyoming, who have long at least PARTIALLY opposed the murder of unborn children, the biggest gatherings and some of the worst flareups of property damage (vandalism of crisis pregnancy centers, church meetinghouses, and such) have been in States where the overturning in effect means nothing. I am writing of those States have made it clear that a so-called “woman’s right” to kill their unborn child will continue to be protected.

Among these States are California, New York, and Massachusetts – no surprise there. Another is Colorado – again, no surprise. Almost all of the “pro-choice” States have been vocal about various proposals to “assist” women in the half of States which are moving or have already passed laws to limit abortions – most do not actually ban the action, but limit it to various conditions (rape, incest, health of the mother, usually) and restrict the period (usually 12-15 weeks – or very similar to what most “progressive” countries in Europe allow).

Among the proposals has been a new “underground railroad” (but State sponsored) allowing “pregnant persons” to flee to Canada, where abortion is TOTALLY unrestricted. Of having “help desks” or actual clinics to perform abortions on the state-lines next to pro-life States, and paying for women to come from those States to these facilities from wherever in that anti-abortion State they may live.

Proposals at the Federal level seem equally crazy. There have been proposals to establish federally-funded (and presumably government-run, if under contract) abortion clinics at military bases. And to open military (and presumably, Veterans Affairs) hospitals and clinics to perform abortions on civilians. These facilities would of course ignore local State law – and outright violate those “democratically-passed” laws. Some people have wondered just how far the regime of Uncle Joe will go: will anti-abortion States (and those States which have ANY restrictions on abortion) soon have abortion trailers or tents set up at the entrances to National Parks and Monuments? At National Forest District Ranger Stations? Perhaps even at US Post Offices and USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service offices?

The publication this week of Uncle Joe’s latest Imperial Decree (Executive Order) shows that it is not all talk. (As of 1700 hrs ET on 9 JUL 2022, it has not yet been published in the Federal Register, but you can read about it here.) For one, it seems to have confirmed the existence of mobile abortion clinics and their deployment to state-lines as it orders federal officials to protect them. It was issued, we are told, by the White House “under pressure” to do something, and that more measures WILL follow. Among its provisions is for the DOJ to defend those accused of violating State laws, promoting and “expanding access to contraception,” more access to medication abortion (mailing pills), and providing information (not funding, yet) on how to get abortions if you are in an anti-choice State. Oh, and “protecting abortion clinics security – even though the greater threat nationally seems to be to anti-abortion facilities and supporters.

Funny, this. I can’t find anything in the US Constitution authorizing the FedGov to do ANY of this. But it is clearly intended to be discriminatory towards States which Uncle Joe and the Regressives/enemies of liberty don’t like. The pro-abortion groups, of course, are demanding more action – including paying for travel and the abortions themselves, lobbying State legislatures for abortion, and of course the federal lands abortion clinics everywhere. And are pushing to declare a “national health emergency.” Like the Beer Flu Pandemic Panic.

The lines between “red” (anti-abortion in this case) and “blue” (pro-abortion) States is not always clear. For example, two States who outlawed abortion years ago (Wisconsin and Michigan) have governors who have flat-out stated that they will NOT uphold their State constitution OR now-effective laws. This dictatorial, illegal, and arbitrary action is claimed to be “protecting democracy” and “protecting rights.” (As contrasted to rights to keep and bear arms, of course – and which death toll is higher?) Especially since there is not and probably will not be a true “democratic” ballot referendum or initiative – and very recent poll with a 4% margin of error shows just 51% of Wisconsin voters are pro-choice (as defined by the pollsters, of course). In Michigan, polls over the years are claimed to show “between 50% and 58%” of Michiganders are “pro-choice.”

Those two States, for this and a few other reasons, are ripe to become another Bleeding Kansas or even Missouri during the 1861-1865 fracas: true civil wars.

In Colorado, that old enemy of liberty, Governor Polis, has issued his own executive order. As the Cowboy State Daily (of Wyoming) sees it, the decree is aimed squarely at Wyoming, which had 97 abortions in 2021. But it does apply to all states who “restrict abortion” and applies to anything to do with “reproductive health” and “persons who can give birth.” No cooperation, no communication, no investigation is a brief summary. Already at odds with Cheyenne, Denver’s actions just up the tensions between the States. Dare I point out that Wyoming has nukes and Colorado does not? True, the USAF controls the missiles, but… just sayin’.

All of this points out that the actions of Democrats and “progressive” seem intended to push for division, divorce, and secession – by someone.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Uncle Joe, democrat officials seek to push secession

  1. dunrobinmacdhai says:

    Clearly, creepy Uncle Joe and the Dems intend to complete the work, begun by good ol’ “Honest” Abe Lincoln and the Radical Republicans, of reducing the States into mere admininistrative districts that follow orders issued from Washington.


  2. Mr. Slave Larry says:

    Speaking of nukes,I have been wondering lately which small city will be sacrificed and who will be blamed.

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