Greasing the slide – UK moving to fully “woke”

As we’ve discussed in recent commentaries, the United Kingdom continues to slide into the dustbin of history more and more quickly. And now, that long playground slide to the bottom has been greased yet again.

The Tory selection of Rishi Sunak, multi-millionaire ($843M per WSJ), former Chancellor (the minister of finance) under the failed Boris Johnson government, and runner-up to Liz Truss’s premiership less than 2 months ago, is yet another nail in the coffin. As more than one news story and commenter has noted in the last 24 hours, Whitehall is firmly in the globalist camp: increasing micro-management of everyday life not just for millions of Britons but for more and more of the world.

Once more the decayed, corrupt British system of government has demonstrated its failure. And no doubt speeded up its collapse. Oddly enough, this man probably would be King Charles’ choice as prime minister if the Tories (Conservative Party) had not served up Sunak to the new king. And strangely, also, this may reduce the effort to again get Scotland to secede from the United Kingdom, while Northern Ireland sees its future becoming more and more gloomy.

Most news stories talk about the failure of the Tories to pay attention to their constituency and voters in general, the push for central bank digital currency (and its great value for social control by government and the elite), and higher and higher taxes. Of course, the Conservative revolt which toppled Truss after just six weeks in office was a rejection of measures desperately needed to revive the British economy and help the ever-more-suffering people of the island (and islands). Supposedly, big business rejected the proposed tax cuts along with the government spenders: after all, the burden will continue to be on small business and consumers: the twin enemies of global big business. (And their hosts as parasites on the economy.)

Breitbart presents this as the completion of a coup and heralding the UK going fully woke, at least in the halls of power. This may not be far off the mark. Or indeed, spot-on.

More and more we see not just the weaknesses of Parliamentary government (which many believe to be the objective of Pelosi and Schumer in DC), but the dangers and weaknesses of mandatory human government. With a possible exception for incredibly-limited forms of government, according to some minarchists. With whom we here at TPOL agree with less and less.

How many bad apples do we have to find in a barrel before we throw it out?

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  1. Bigus Macus says:

    This is the way the Empire ends / Not with a bang but a whimper.” Sorry Brittiana


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