Urban collapse – Cleveland style

The events are incredible.

This comes from Cleveland, Ohio, and a high school there. We won’t report the details, which you can read and watch (video available) here. In summary: four armed car thieves (in stolen cars) show up at a high school in session. The school security officer locks down the school, but two “assistant principals” override the security guy (on the phone with dispatch getting police to respond) and let the thieves inside the school building (admittedly, just an anteroom) to protect them from the police! Ultimately the thieves try to run from the cops and are captured, apparently without deadly violence.

We have yet another example of the insanity of the people running far too many American schools, and the levels of crime facing urban areas in this year 2022.

This time, there was no bloodshed, as far as we can see. But it looks like a near thing.

To briefly sum up the lessons learned:

First, crime is rampant in American cities. This was car theft in broad daylight by armed teens.

Second, woke schools not just breed criminals but aid and abet them. The school’s “leadership” appears to be in league with criminal elements.

Third, school security is a farce – as the recent attack and killings at a St. Louis area school again demonstrated just yesterday. (See the second item above.)

Fourth, disarming peaceful and innocent Americans does nothing to disarm criminal elements: these thieves were teens: under Ohio law, their mere possession of handguns was a crime.

There are many more lessons and applications to be learned, but the bottom line is that government, and government-run, tax-funded schools, are a crazy and unworkable solution to the ills of modern life and society. Yet we keep trying to rework and reform, and throw more and more money at the problems: which are apparently the schools and government.

When will we learn?

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4 Responses to Urban collapse – Cleveland style

  1. Steve says:

    Fifth, not nearly enough assistant principals are flogged in front of their buildings for dereliction of duty.


  2. Mike-SMO says:

    At some point adults are needed to determine when helping the struggling with reading and arithmetic ends and real world starts. Guns inside the school put everyone at risk.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Guns inside the school controlled by thugs (of any type) does indeed put everyone at risk. That may be a strong argument (one of few) against arming teachers and staff to protect students (and themselves and other staff). Considering the constant (if tiny) flow of predators through the government-run, theft-supported schools, and considering that the (to our knowledge) national record for killing students in a school was the result of a bombing by a school administrator, would we be opening a huge can of deadly worms? Indeed, something to think about.
      And yet more arguments for separating school and state.


  3. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .


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