Smoking guns – and preserving the status quo

The partial release of Twitter internal correspondence burying the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the days before the 2020 presidential election is viewed by many as a smoking gun. Although Musk and Taibbi have only released some of the data, it is enough in many people’s eyes to condemn the 2020 defeat of The Donald by Uncle Joe as fraudulent. (Along with many other things, of course.) Like Obummer before him, Uncle Joe’s regime is a farce, a perversion, and a rejection of the democratic rule they so boast of when they talk about “American democracy.” When combined with much other evidence, and the refusal of corrupt courts to even allow that evidence to be examined, with the pathetic claims that 06 JAN 2021 was a coup or insurrection seeking overthrow of constitutional government? It is even more damning to many people.

If these Fifty States were instead some Asian or African or Latin American “democracy” there would already be dozens of plots within government agencies to overthrow a corrupt and illegitimate regime. It has happened with far less evidence, dozens of times. In other countries, courts might have frozen matters and demanded restoration of constitutional rule.

But the United (or dis-United) States is not some third-world, or even second-world, country. So we try to think we do things differently. We play games. Like Nixon in 1960, we refuse to try to do what is right (not that he didn’t change, later), because we fear that the American experiment might collapse and fail if we push too hard. Our system of government must not be compromised, our enemies encouraged and aided, by doubt, uncertainty, and possibly even violent quarreling if the results of elections are not accepted. Never mind evidence, or justice, or morality.

Our system is too valuable to risk, right?

Or perhaps we should put it another way: our system is too fragile to risk.

Or even more blunt: questioning and trying to correct such bad things as stolen elections and corrupt criminality is too great a threat to the powers-that-be to be allowed.

Setting aside the real levers of power and the fears of frailty of our institutions, is our system too valuable, and therefore must be preserved even at high costs of honesty, fundamental principles, and other prices?


Has our system of government been so perverted, so corrupt, so evil, so damaging to society and even the world, as to be beyond saving?

When you factor in the inherent evil of human government, the past results and consequences, and those same fundamental principles? More and more we must doubt that American government is worth saving. Not at the costs we can expect to pay. Or even a fraction of those costs.

The present status quo is so bad that there may be no price that should be paid to preserve it. Certainly not our lives, our fortunes, or our sacred honor. Maybe it was in 1968 – or 1974 – or 2000. Maybe.

But not today.

Today, regardless of what happens in January of 2023 or November of 2024, or whenever, is there any value at all that can be preserved?

But, some say, getting rid of the present system will result in millions of deaths, as we tear ourselves apart.

Yes, that is a definite possibility. But that brings us to a second point. Let us say that bringing down the evil current regime and system results in a great a bloodbath as the War Between the States? Then, we had 31.5 million Americans (north and south), and 620,000 dead (again, north and south). Today, we have 10 times that number: 330 million. A similar bloodletting would be 6.2 million dead. I’m the first to admit that is a LOT of dead bodies. (Roughly two percent!)

Or is it? Yes, supposedly the Holocaust of the Dritte Reich killed 6 million. But then we must consider another smoking gun: the death of 7 million people, worldwide, from SARS-COV-2 – the Beer Flu. And the increasing evidence that the US Federal Government caused that, courtesy of the employment and power and money given to one Anthony Fauci – the Faucet himself. Money and knowledge given to an self-proclaimed and acknowledged enemy of Western Civilization. AND that 7 million does not include those who died because of the Lockdown, promoted by the FedGov because they did not receive needed treatment, because they were abused and maltreated as a direct result of FedGov and StateGov policies. Nor the millions who appear to be dying as a result of the failed vaccines, ALSO a direct result of FedGov and other government policies. And how many dead in Russia and Ukraine, of which many can be directly attributed to DC and NATO meddling in Ukraine before and after the Russian invasion?

Regardless of which party controls which parts of the FedGov and which States or parts of State governments, what is the likelihood that the FedGov’s body count won’t add up to another 7 million. Or more – much more. War directly with Russia? Triggering even a limited nuclear exchange? The butcher’s bill could beggar the imagination.

Is the present regime of Uncle Joe, or the corrupted and corrupting FedGov system, worth that?

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