Any excuse…

… for government intervention. For giving government agencies more power, more control, and of course, more money.

(Except, of course, we are not giving government more money. It isn’t like being enticed by advertising to go spend our money at Burger King instead of MacDonald’s, or Target instead of WalMart. We are giving – allowing – government to have more power to take our money. Some of us nasty lovers of liberty even call it stealing.)

We see that there are many excuses to letting government intervene more and more in our daily lives. Among them? In the last 30+ years, and especially today: weather! Yes, the weather.

A few months ago, a team of government-worshipping (and supported) scientists warned us that all of the Western States are threatened by the immediate “collapse” of the Great Salt Lake. That water levels are declining so badly that (of course) immediate heavy-handed government action is essential. Farmers must stop “inefficient” irrigation practices to ensure that water must flow into the lake to preserve it. That industries must stop using so much water to produce products. And of course, that this must all be forced (enforced) by government edict.

(Indeed, the only drastic government action not recommended seems to have been making all the residents and businesses and government agencies in the massive urban areas of the Wasatch Front stop irrigating their lawns and other landscaping to the tune of 100 inches or more of water a year. Gee, wonder why? Follow the money trail.)

Three months later, despite none of this government action being actually taken, the reports (from sources, not reported much through the media) are that the water level in the Great Salt Lake is rising significantly. The cause is not prohibition or conservation – voluntary or coercive. It is precipitation: snow and (now and then – it really is still the cold season, if not officially “winter”) rain.

But the only reason you will hear about increased snow and rainfall? The same “atmospheric river” which brought the moisture from the Pacific to Utah (along with the usual seagulls – Deseret’s and Utah’s State Bird) is also dumping incredible amounts of water – snow and now rain – in California and Nevada. So more government intervention is necessary to save people from flooding and mudslides and erosion and sedimentation. At least in California.

Where, of course, for the last couple of years the big excuse for more government intervention was the supposedly permanent drought which was going to wipe out California. Courtesy, of course, of manmade global warming.

This was the beginning of a Mega-Drought, we were told, like back in the 1200s (when we are told it wiped out the Anasazi civilization). The American West is doomed. Look at these maps from 2016:

See those really dark areas? Disaster! Especially with the “L” for Long Term. And with 50 million people living in California! And look at this map from just a couple of years ago (2021):

We are all gonna die, right? But now consider the latest Drought Monitor map from last week:

Every one of these maps can be (and has been) used as an excuse for drastic action. Not just on the part of water users, including farmers and ranchers (and industry: just not the surburban green-lawn worshippers, in general). But especially on the part of governments to force the farmers, ranchers, and industry to reduce water use. And… more and more, to justify governments’ spending billions of dollars to construct and operate water systems that pump and pipe trillions of gallons of water hundreds or even thousands of miles to supply water to urban areas (and therefore, voters).

In other words, to fund stupid government actions and support the lifestyles of bloated bureaucrats – parasites – and politicians (more parasites). You want examples? Water from the upper reaches of the Colorado River Basin (central Wyoming, north-central Colorado Rockies) is carried by rivers, canals, and pipelines to water Los Angeles lawns. Water from the Missouri in central South Dakota is pumped and piped 200+ miles to supply water to Lakota villages on Pine Ridge and is being proposed to supply water for Rapid City lawns. It is not that there is NOT water in these locations: there is both surface water and ground water (which is reached by wells). But it is “low quality.” Just as Los Angeles sits on the Pacific with its uncounted millions of trillions of gallons of water. Salty water, but water that can be purified and supplied.

So why? Why construct thousands of miles of pipelines and canals, hundreds of reservoirs and treatment plants hundreds of miles away? Money and power: political power.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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