Weather, climate, and lies

As I sit here, warm and snug, on 4 April 2023, I look outside my window to see a good 15 inches of snow (although it is melting down as it falls) here on the eastern edge of the Black Hills; and more coming down. We are expecting potentially an accumulation of 24 inches or more here in the foothills. The higher Hills may get 36 to 48 inches of snow, to add to the 200+ so far. Officially, we are still “exceptionally dry” but I expect that to change. As it has in much of the States, as far as drought, snowpack, and temperatures.

At the same time, the regime of Uncle Joe and most of the other governments and multinational NGOs and businesses are continuing to actively push the catastrophic specter of “manmade global warming.”

It is, of course, utter hogwash.

When doing some research for engineering, I ran across this website about “glacier loss at world heritage sites” including some nearby sites.

Published about six months ago (November of 2022), its headlines say: “Glaciers in Yellowstone and Yosemite on track to vanish within decades, UN report warns” annd “A United Nations report warns of imperiled glaciers at iconic World Heritage sites — but climate action could save most of them.” The date of disappearance is 2050. The article pushes for governmental action on a massive scale.

But “Live Science” or not – the UN report (and possibly the Live Science article) is bogus. Big time. The headline is both intended to scare people – voters and taxpayers – and laughable.


One big storm (like the one now blowing past my windows), or even one year’s weather, does not make for catastrophe or doom – or salvation from so-called climate change. Especially not so-called manmade climate change.

First off, even six months ago, there were no glaciers in Yellowstone National Park. Which even the National Park Service (NPS) admits. A story published at the time of the UNESCO report responded to the UN’s fake news: “There are no glaciers in Yellowstone National Park.” That’s according to Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly. Speaking with the Jackson Hole Daily, Sholly said, “Yellowstone glaciers, meanwhile, have not existed in our lifetime.”

Put simply, the UN lied, as it ramped up propaganda and pressure before the infamous COP27 global climate change conference in November.

There are glaciers in Yosemite, but even the NPS claims, in its Yosemite NP website: “For several periods around 10,500–5,400 and 4,800–3,200 years ago, the Sierra Nevada [where Yosemite is located] may have been entirely free of glaciers. By around 3,200 years ago, as Earth entered a natural cooling period known as neoglaciation, small glaciers began to return to the Sierra Nevada.” For the math challenged, 3200 years ago is about 1200 BC. That is about the time the Hittite Empire collapses, Ramses III was on the Egyptian throne, and the Greeks beseiged Troy. As far as we know, no one on the planet was burning oil, natural gas, or even coal, and no one was releasing freon and other greenhouse gases. (Well, humans and animals were breathing out CO2, and presumably cattle and bison were producing methane, just as they do today.)

Now, given what we know of weather and climate in history, yes, back in the later 1810s, Yellowstone may have had glaciers. The year of 1816 was “the year without a summer” generally due to massive greenhouse gas emissions from the last year of the Napoleonic Wars damaging the world’s climate. Right? No, because way down in the Dutch East Indies, Mount Tambora, a volcano, blew its top. Although John Colter explored what is now the national park, he reported very little: there may or may not have been any glaciers then in 1808.

Because climate changes naturally: solar output varies a lot. Volcanoes and even very large forest fires put a lot of junk into the air, and so they can change the climate for a short time. But man? If every atomic, every fission and fusion bomb and warhead ever built were detonated all at once, they would not release as much energy as volcanic eruptions do every year. The eruption of an underwater volcano in Tonga in early 2022 was estimated to release more energy than the Soviet 50MT Tsar Bomba half a century ago.

Why can these government agencies get away with claims like this? Because they are governments: we are brainwashed from infancy to trust governments. Because they can push these kinds of things to justify theft and tyranny: they are “saving” us and our society and civilization. Even if they have to destroy them to save them!

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