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Police state? Irma and the Virgin Islands

By Nathan Barton The first screaming news stories appeared yesterday.  The governor of the US Virgin Islands was sending out the National Guard to grab all the weapons and ammo that his Islands’ residents have, as part of the preparations … Continue reading

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Why government MIGHT seize your gold and silver

By Nathan Barton Bob Livingston, a “health and wealth” expert who has been publishing a newsletter on those topics since 1969, is a respected but often denigrated writer. Recently he has been warning about the ever-increasing risk of the FedGov … Continue reading

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Inventions and government

Libertarian commentary #16-18D By Nathan Barton We live in an era in which the great age of invention, which lasted 300 years, may be slowing to a stop, largely due to government controls and regulations and a pathetic desire to … Continue reading

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