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By Nathan Barton I found this great graphic on-line and get to share it.  No idea who did it, but many thanks. (If someone knows, please let me know so I can give proper credit.) The guy’s answer of “Nope” … Continue reading

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Billions for conquest and tribute – not one penny for defense?

By Nathan Barton The tremendous expense of deploying a missile fleet capable in the long term of countering nuclear threats has spawned a debate in the American military establishment, as talked about in a recent Stars and Stripes article. How … Continue reading

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Is there an acceptable size and role of government?

By Nathan Barton Several years ago, on a South Dakota forum, a self-described “liberal” posed the question, what should be the role and size of government?  His perspective was intended to be provocative, as the forum is mostly populated by a … Continue reading

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