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Repeal of the Second Amendment would not Abolish any Right

By Robert Greenslade © Nitwit Press Following the recent school shooting in Connecticut, American citizens have once again displayed their total ignorance concerning the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment. Facebook postings, comments to so-called news articles … Continue reading

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Safety For Whom?

How does making me helpless keep anyone else safe? Unless you plan to attack me, of course. You weren’t planning to attack me, were you?

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House Republicans should Shove the Constitution up Obama’s Butt

By Robert Greenslade © Nitwit Press With a so-called financial cliff only weeks away, which pundits and politicians claim will be triggered when tax cuts expire at the end of the year, Obama and his sycophants are asserting that since … Continue reading

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Islamic wars: the “Movie Protests”

I have quite a bit from this weekend on this rather curious phenomenon which has now killed at least five people, and probably many more directly and indirectly. Middle East Protestor Dies From Smoke of Burning US Flag Ultimatum To … Continue reading

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