Libertarian News & Commentary #12-40B: This and That

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World Wars: East Asian Front
Panetta Warns of War Between China and Japan Over Disputed Islands

Apparently the media took him up on this, since reports later in the weak claimed that Japan and China were “at war” – but in reality, so far all the aggression is on the part of China and consists of mobs of proletarians whipped up by their Communist “leaders of the proletariat” to go wreck and burn Japanese-owned businesses and factories and put their own people out of work – and kill some of them to boot.  And to go further, some of the mobs are pushing to get China to “retake” Okinawa, as well.  How does that work?  Weak as Japan may be, I suspect it and its allies (namely, Korea and Taiwan) would be able to hold off any Chinese attempt, and the last thing China wants right this minute is to put the US into a bad situation where the turkeys in DC have to do something dramatic.

Islamic wars: Afghan front
Joint Chiefs Chairman on Insider Attacks in Afghanistan: ‘You Can’t Whitewash It’

Sure you can. We are doing it every day.  Six dead this weekend alone, and I haven’t heard a single Pentagon or Administration official (or even a Congressman) call for again making Afghanistan an enemy and not an “ally.”

The “messiah,” Freedom hater
Obama: ‘We Stand for Religious Freedom’
For whom?  Certainly for Muslims – especially the extreme ones.  Humanists, Evolutionists, Gaia-worshippers and other Environists and Global-warmers, and let us not forget Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright segregationist-socialist-“christians.”  But for everyone?  Let’s have a good laugh!

Stupid government tricks – Government-run, tax-funded schools:
It’s Up to Schools to Teach ‘Respect and Compassion,’ Justice Official Says
Yeah, right.  The only thing that government-ruined, theft-funded schools should teach is the evils of government.  And actually, they do that almost every day: a regimented “society” in which the power of the keepers is near absolute and yet strangely limited, in which bullies are protected and those who defend themselves condemned, in which black is white and white is black.  Respect and compassion are taught at home and in church, and on the streets.

The “messiah’s” consort
Michelle Obama: ‘No One Gets Where They Are on Their Own’

Of course not.  We are all in this mess because we allowed government to cozen us and lead us on the primrose path, and because too many of us did not want to think for ourselves.  I’d ask how stupid does she think we are, but I fear I know the answer: we are pretty stupid, or she’d never have the mailing address that she does.

Politics 2012
Ryan on Re-Electing Obama: ‘If We Renew the Contract…He’ll Never Answer to You Again’

Nice way of putting it, I must admit.  But then the man hasn’t answered to us in three and a half years, so why bother to start NOW?  It fascinates me to see people condemn the government for doing this or that, and then talk about voting to reelect the man…

Politics 2012
Santorum: Obama Talks With U.S. Enemies, Ignores U.S. Allies

Well, doesn’t the old saying go, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”  Of course, who IS our enemies?  Afghanistan?  Iraq?  Egypt?  “New” Libya? Yemen? “Palestine?”  Look, the emperor has no clothes!

Politics 2012
Election Is A Choice Between ‘What’s Right and What’s Wrong,’ Says Ariz. Gov. Brewer

Seems to me like most of the choices on the ballot are WRONG, and not much sign of right anywhere.

Politics 2012
Gov. McDonnell: Virginia Would Be Better Off Without Obama Policies
No argument here, governor.  Now, if you would just get your state to DO something about it.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Government war on religion
Evangelical Christian Family Sues HHS to Protect Their Business from Sterilization-Contraception-Abortifacient Mandate
Nice try.  It is a big company, too: Hobby Lobby.  Of course, next government will REQUIRE evil outfits like this and Chick-fil-A to be open on Sundays because otherwise they are discriminating against Jews and Muslims and those people that believe that a week should be ten days long.  More here:

The Examiner reports,
Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., a Christian-oriented hobby and craft store, filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday. The company is challenging a mandate in the nation’s healthcare law, dubbed “Obamacare”, that would require the Christian company to pay for the morning-after pill. The hobby and craft chain, based out of Oklahoma City, claims in the lawsuit that the government mandate is forcing them to “to violate their deeply held religious beliefs under threat of heavy fines, penalties and lawsuits”. If Hobby Lobby stores do not provide the drugs in their company health insurance plans, they could be fined up to $1.3 million a day. Hobby Lobby is self-insured. The company will be forced to comply with the mandate by Jan. 1, which is the start of its insurance year.
Read more:
The arrogance and abusive attitude of the Congress in even passing this, and refusing to repeal it, and of the Administration in enforcing this (while ignoring so many OTHER laws) deserves rebellion: the courts are worthless.

Culture wars: killing babies
Rand Paul: ‘I Will Always Take a Stand for Life’

Which, of course, in the eyes of many makes him LESS a “Libertarian.”

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