Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-47A: Politics down to the wire

Politics 2012
Post-election flood of ‘Obamacare’ rules expected

(Politico) Has slowed to a trickle in recent months in an attempt to avoid controversies before the election

Nathan:  Regardless of who wins, this is expected and could be as bad as any election results.  Are you ready to watch your medical needs be put on indefinite hold?

Politics 2012 – Chief Minion of the “messiah”
Biden: House members tell him they’d be more open to compromise after election

(The Hill)

Nathan:  Either they don’t care because they ain’t gonna be there after January – OR – they know that people will be so bummed out and turned off that they can do whatever they want, and no one will remember in two years.

Politics 2012
The looming GOP civil war – whether Mitt wins or not

(Politico) Regardless of whether Romney wins or loses, Republicans must move to confront its demographic crisis. The GOP coalition is undergirded by a shrinking population of older white conservative men from the countryside, while the Democrats rely on an ascendant bloc of minorities, moderate women and culturally tolerant young voters in cities and suburbs. This is why, in every election, since 1992, Democrats have either won the White House or fallen a single state short of the presidency.

Nathan:  Personally, it is no skin off my nose.  But the GOP (AND the Dems) need to collapse and it will be their own people who tear them apart, because the Politico looks OUT from DC and does not understand what the GOP core states (which are NOT the Deep South) are looking like:  they (GOP types – Anglo, Hispanic, even Black) are angry at being kept down by the establishment and will rip themselves OUT of the GOP if they have any chance of making a difference elsewhere.  And no, they won’t go to the Dems, not this time.

Politics 2012 – The “messiah”
Barack Obama, the unhappy warrior: He just wasn’t that into it

(Politico) Barack Obama’s enthusiasm gap began at home.There is a surprisingly simple explanation for Obama’s up-and-down performance as a candidate during his reelection grind in 2012, for those lackluster TV appearances, for that epic flop Oct. 3 on the Denver debate stage that might yet cost him his presidency on Tuesday. Until the final sprint, he just wasn’t that into it.

Nathan: Once more, this outfit just doesn’t get it:  yes, the “messiah’s” ego got in the way (He knows best, everyone else, including his supporters, are idiots; even his puppetmasters have to step back because “I AM THE PREZ!!!!”), but the real problem is that with the kind of record he has, the best he can hope for is mass hysteria and scaring people into thinking, “well, this emperor doesn’t have any clothes, but THAT guy is a chainsaw-swinging freakazoid who should be wearing a goalie mask.”

Politics 2012
In close race, third-party candidates could tilt election

(USA Today) Voters in Ohio will find five candidates on the ballot other than President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. If Obama and Romney are tied, as some recent polls have shown, even 1% of votes cast in this battleground state for a third candidate could mean the difference in winning Ohio. No Republican candidate has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. And no candidate has won the presidency without Ohio since John F. Kennedy won in 1960.

Nathan:  Yeah, and the earth could spin off its axis, but the truth is, short-term AND long-term, I don’t think it really matters WHICH of them wins.  They cannot (and will not be allowed to) make any decisions that will make ANY difference to the fate of this nation.  They may speed up or slow down the progress, but ultimately we are headed for gradual outright, bald tyranny; a revolution followed by tyranny, or (1 in 10 chance as a single nation) a revolution followed by at least SOME restoration of liberty.

Mama’s Note: I suspect they will continue to spend themselves – and us, of course – right into the ground. What they plan to do when the “dollar” is trashed is anyone’s guess – but it won’t be anything good.

Home front – Stupid government
New York City faces relocating thousands of Sandy’s victims

(Washington Times)

Nathan:  Where?  To Scranton?  Albany?  Springfield (MA)?  Oh, I know, to Houston!!!  It worked for Katrina and New Orleans, right?  Frankly, I hope people in NJ, CT, and Upstate NY and PA are renting and watching “Escape from New York” and reading the Batman “No-Man’s Land” saga for ideas.

Politics 2012
Confusion arises in Florida’s early voting

(Los Angeles Times)

Nathan:  Sometimes I wonder if there are just SOME states where the population is simply too stupid to be allowed to vote on anything that is really important (not saying that the presidential beauty contest is).  Of course, according to various stories, there is confusion in early voting in New Jersey and several other states.  NJ almost came up with a good solution, as the next story reports:

Home Front – Politics 2012
NJ won’t use military trucks as polling places

(Vineland Daily Journal) TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey election officials have decided they will not need to use military trucks as makeshift polling places Tuesday.

Nathan:  It had been reported four days ago that the state would have to use “DoD” or “US Military” trucks for the election, by the likes of Huff-Post and Freedom’s Phoenix , slanting the story to make out like the military dictatorship started tomorrow.  In reality, it wasn’t the Pentagon or DoD providing the trucks and troops; the state was planning on using its own National Guard troops (on state duty, NOT federalized), but have now decided otherwise, which probably means a lot of people won’t get to vote – at least not on their own:  since paper ballots won’t be used, then the electronic ones can be hacked and “everyone” is happy.  Frankly, I think they might have gotten a more honest election if the National Guards were doing it.

Europe’s fall – Politics 2012
Romney or Obama, it’s all the same for Europe

(Il Sole-24 Ore) Whether it’s the incumbent or his Republican challenger who wins tomorrow’s presidential election in America, economic and political relations with the Old Continent are unlikely to be substantially affected, writes Sole 24 Ore’s correspondent in the United States.

Nathan: Perhaps Europe has given up on us?  I hope so.

Politics 2012 – Tranzis
CREW asks IRS to investigate Catholic Church

( Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), late Friday, filed a formal complaint asking the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to investigate the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for allegedly engaging in prohibited political activity in violation of its nonprofit tax status. The CREW complaint alleges that the nation’s Catholic bishops are “abusing their positions to advocate against the election of President Barack Obama,” and anticipated further actions during this weekend’s sermons.

Nathan:  This is all about the infamous Johnson Amendment, and unfortunately, the Catholics don’t really seem to be violating it: I wish they WOULD so that the entire thing could be fought out and shown for the tyrannical enactment that it is.

Politics 2012 – Really stupid people
Maher calls for riots if Obama loses

(Godfather Politics)  Obama buddy Bill Maher had some words of caution for those who planned to vote for Romney. He said, “If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea:  black people know who you are and they will come after you.” He quickly clarified that it was only a joke. After all, it was part [of] his “comedy” routine on Friday. It’s one of those jokes that isn’t funny mainly because it’s so true.

Nathan:  Why not?  Remember what happened when Californians passed the anti-homo-“marriage” ballot initiative?  The “messiah” and his supporters can echo George W. Bush’s famous “If you aren’t for us, you are again us.”  And he is still “president” for more than two months:  all those people who voted against him are racist and traitors and DESERVE to die.  In fact, everyone who didn’t make every effort to vote for him at least TWICE deserves to die.  And those who are already dead who didn’t vote for him – well, they didn’t die in Chicago, maybe – so they deserve to have their bodies dug up and hung and burned at the stake.  Will there be a fuehrer-bunker for 20 January 2013?

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