Libertarian Commentary on the News, #12-52A

As a preface, somehow, I got my numbering mixed up.  This is the week of the 9th of December, the second full week of the last month of the year, and two more weeks to go, but I’m up to #52.  Oh well, guess everyone gets something extra.

News this week seems to be incredibly slow, which doesn’t bother me.  The NOAA, USGS, and assorted other government goons are still screaming about how we are all gonna die because of global warming and how the records make this year the warmest on record (ignoring all the research that shows WHY these numbers are completely bogus and biased in the wrong direction), but one of the worst early December blizzards (named “Caesar” by the Weather Channel,  though NOAA doesn’t like that) on record dumped a whole lot of snow on South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  We didn’t get any here in the Black Hills’ urban core, but fifty miles to the south and forty to the north got walloped.  A good hard winter would be just what we need, and think of all the new grant proposals and thesis papers and fellowships to be developed on manmade global cooling!

The “common wisdom” is usually about as trustworthy as the guy behind the meat counter telling you that the bologna doesn’t really have any pork in it. Anything about the weather that we don’t remember happening last year or last decade is “proof” of global warming or global cooling or the return of the prophet Zarquon.  Same in politics:

Islamic wars – Government stupidity
US Intel Community: Islamic Terrorism could end by 2030

( – The wave of Islamist terrorism is receding and “could end by 2030,” according to a new long-term assessment by the U.S. intelligence community. … “Several circumstances are ending the current Islamist phase of terrorism, which suggest that as with other terrorist waves – the Anarchists in the 1880s and 90s, the postwar anti-colonial terrorist movements, the New Left in 1970s – the recent religious wave is receding and could end by 2030,” said the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 report.

Nathan: Hey, folks, this is the US Intelligence Community we are talking about.  If we had had such a thing in 1775, we’d still be singing “God Save The Queen” before the fireworks on her birthday (although I admit that London pubs would be serving chili-cheese dogs and burritos instead of giros and couscous).  These are the idiots that let Woodrow Wilson and FDR suborn them in 1917 and 1941, the ones that gave us Korea in 1950 and Kuwait in 1990, the ones that couldn’t foresee the fall of the Soviets or the insurgency in Mesopotamia or the overthrow of the Shah.   Face it, there has been “Islamic terrorism” since Mohammed (peanut butter und honig) led the first raid against a Jewish settlement in Arabia in 721 or thereabouts.  And until Islam joins the worship of Moloch and Quetzalcoatl on the dusty back shelves of Subbasement 16 in the Library of Ancient History, we are going to still have “Islamic terrorists.”  Look up “Fall of Constantinople,” and “Siege of Vienna” and “Moro Uprising” and “Grand Mufti and Nazis” and “genocide in Armenia” and “honor killings” and bombings of church buildings in Nigeria.  Sometimes, government goons are more stupid than normal – which is a pretty high degree of stupidity.

Mama’s Note: It would be great if “Islamic terrorists” were all we had to be concerned with. I’m a whole lot more worried about the increasing terrorist tactics of the police, the BATFE, and assorted other domestic nasties. Terrorists are those who can reach out and touch people with death and destruction in order to gain control. We must learn to defend ourselves from all of them, regardless of their motives, religion or national origin.

Theft by government
Raising Revenue: The Least Worst Options

(Tax Foundation, via National Center for Policy Analysis) As the fiscal cliff dominates discussions in Washington, lawmakers are looking for new sources of revenues in an effort to reach a bipartisan agreement to reduce the deficit, says Scott A. Hodge of the Tax Foundation. However, some avenues of raising revenue are better than others. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development economists have created a hierarchy that includes revenue raisers ranked from least harmful to most harmful in terms of long-term economic growth.

Nathan: “Least worst,” eh?  The list reads like a “decide how you want to be executed list,” starting with standing on ground zero of a 100-MT bomb and on down the list past the guillotine and chemical injection and electrocution and firing squad and hanging, and listing everything but “blood eagle” and “drawing and quartering.”  The Tax Foundation misses the point, although I think the NCPA does understand:  taxes and revenue are not the solution because they are not the problem: it is SPENDING that is the problem.  Setting aside the immorality of government stealing what people own or earn or are given, the current situation is like a pool with a six-inch line going in and a 12-inch drain in the bottom.  You are NEVER going to be able to put more water in than flows out.  This year it is education, next year it is health care, the year after that it is seniors, and the year after that it is children, and the year after that it is defense.  Once you make government responsible for everything, the only choices are to get rid of government or slide into total slavery, now or later.  The Bible teaches that anything more than 10% IS slavery; we are up to 40% by most accounts, and higher by others.  This planet is a sphere of slavery; it is just that not everyone is a slave all at the same time or constantly.  It is “democratic” slavery.

Mama’s Note: How is 10% theft any better than 40%? The bible seems to indicate that a 10% GIFT to the temple (not to the Romans) would be right, but it says nothing at all about stealing that or anything else from the unwilling.

Her Majesty’s subjects and liberty
UK Independence Party making Tories tremble

(The Guardian) Once described by UK Prime Minister David Cameron as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, the fiercely eurosceptic movement is becoming a mainstream political force. They are attracting the most europhobic elements of the Conservatives and helping shape government policy.

Oh, I feel SOOO bad for the Tories and Labor and the SDP/Liberals.  Heaven forbid that a party that wants its nation to be free of outside, foreign domination should be allowed to become a “mainstream” force.  The UKIP is nowhere close to Libertarian (even the UK’s Libertarian Alliance is scarcely more than a moderate minarchist organization), but they are a needed contrast to the three old parties.  None of which disagree about the root of the mess: absorption by the EU.  They just want it at different speeds and in a different order of getting swallowed.

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