Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-53A: Killing and guns and lies

This week the beginning-of-winter doldrums continues in the news:  it seems that 80% of the stories have to do with the Sandy Hook killings and the “fiscal cliff” – both of which seem to be perfect examples of politicians and the mainstream media lying their lips off and screaming in false panic in order to get the nation to stampede over the cliff to the waves below.  But as a result, a LOT of interesting things are cropping up.

Over at  Townhall there is a great review on Banning Guns with all kinds of fascinating links, like this one:

Maybe the US Isn’t As Violent As We Think…
Maybe the US isn’t as violent as we think?

( via Townhall) Does the US really have fewer violent crimes per capita than the UK, Austria, Belgium, Holland, and even Sweden? Data reported in the Telegraph say it does (h/t Tom Hanna): [V]iolent crime in the UK … increased from 652,974 offences in 1998 to more than 1.15 million crimes in 2007. It means there are over 2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the UK, making it the most violent place in Europe. Austria is second, with a rate of 1,677 per 100,000 people, followed by Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Holland. By comparison, America has an estimated rate of 466 violent crimes per 100,000 population.

Now, knowing the history of America, for a good thousand-years plus, it has never bothered me – nor have I ever questioned – that the United States is a more violent society.  Not only is our foundational culture strongly Celtic (always a violent race of people, going back at least 2500 years), but for the last 500+ years, we have accepted and assimilated the malcontents of the other six continents: the mixing of cultures is expected to be often violent and with a good deal of rancor and resentment – the same reason that the UK’s four (or more) nations have been so violent as well.  But it seems that I was wrong, at least according to the Daily Telegraph (admittedly a conservative paper but somewhat reliable when it comes to data).  The UK is FOUR times more violent than the US?  Okay, that I can see some reason for, especially in recent years when guns have been “banned” and so the criminal element has less reason to restrain themselves.  But Austria:  dear, monocultural, civilized, landlocked, peaceful AUSTRIA is still THREE times more violent than the US?

Well, there IS always Canada.  There is ALWAYS Canada: the kinder, gentler, weaker, younger kid sister of the US: the one who didn’t go prodigal son, and who has since had a sex change operation.  And low and behold, the folks at Townhall had ANOTHER story, from an excellent blog: Political Calculations Canada, it seems, is MORE violent than the US:  they don’t kill as many folks, but not for lack of trying:  violent crimes: 770 per  100,000 population in Canada versus 535 per 100,000 in the US.  Canadian intentional homicides are 1.6 per 100,000 against the US 4.2 per 100,000.  (Mexico is 22.7, and Nordic Greenland is 19.2 – even that wonderful peaceful land of Costa Rico is 10.)  Apparently, Canadians just aren’t very good at killing each other, but they try a lot more than we do.

Indeed, when we look at overall homicides, the US is WAY down the list.  In fact, its 4.2 is way below the world average of 6.9.  So much for that garbage spewed by the hoploclasts about the US being so murderous – at least at home.

Same thing when we look at crime in general: at a website, World’s Highest Crime Rates, it seems that the US is the worst, but it turns out they have the title wrong: the numbers are total crimes reported, not “crime rates” (usually, as above, done as X per 100,000) – in other words, they are using the statistics to LIE to show the US as bad.  Yes, we had nearly 12 million crimes reported, but we have a population of over 300 million (World’s Most Populous Nations) , but the UK and Germany each had about 6.5 million crimes, with only 63 and 81 million people respectively:  in other words, the US has a crime rate about half that of Germany and only 40% that of the UK.  (And yes, Canada’s crime rate is about 75% higher than that of the US.  I don’t know how many of those crimes are printing Bible verses that condemn homosexuality or making sexist jokes, of course.)

Gee, you don’t suppose – if our society is not as crime-ridden and violent and murderous as people want us to believe – what is the cause of that?

And why do you suppose the hoplophobes and hoploclasts and politicians (of both old political parties) are lying about it?

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