Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-53B: This and that

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Theft by government
Social Security Ran $47.8B Deficit in FY 2012; Disabled Workers Hit New Record in December: 8,827,795


Nathan: Ah, do you smell the definite smell of a burned-out credit card? And perhaps overheated printing presses? It is a psychic smell, of course – but the stench is evident.

Home Front
ICE Scraps 287(g) Program That Allowed Local Police to Enforce Immigration Law


Nathan: “Allowed?” What a quaint term. Can you find ANYTHING in the Constitution that says that “immigration law” is to be decided OR administered (enforced) by the Federal government? Seems like the only thing that states need to enforce immigration law is the Tenth Amendment.

Culture wars – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Free Condoms for Students at 22 Philly High Schools


Nathan: What? No free birth-control pills? No free Kleenex? No free nasal spray? No free IUDs? What kind of selfish people are these school administrators? What do you expect out of a public school?

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
State Dep’t Avoids Direct Criticism of Egypt’s New Islamist Constitution


Nathan: Of course – they are too busy criticizing various private American citizens. No time for this, is there?

Home front
ICE Audits Record Number of Companies for Illegal Immigrants on Payrolls


Nathan: Ah, yes, didn’t the “messiah” make some promise about immigration reform? I guess the border jumpers didn’t contribute as much to the campaign coffers and voting totals as he thought they should.

World wars
More Christians Killed As Pope Decries ‘Savage Acts of Terrorism’ in Nigeria


Nathan: Of course more christians are being killed. After all, how many battalions does the Pope have? And those people in Nigeria are just expressing their frustration and concern about the failure of the West to stop allowing missionaries and GM foods and other such evils from being exported to Nigeria.

Our right to defend ourselves
Nadler: ‘The State Ought to Have a Monopoly on Legitimate Violence’
( Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said only the federal government should have “high-capacity” gun magazines and that the “state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence.”

Nathan: So that the REAL massacres can begin, like they did in Turkey and Russia and Germany, of course. He would make self-defense illegal – a crime to defend yourself, like they have in the UK. Somehow, I suspect that TSA or DEA or BATFE already has Nadler on their list for the “protective” relocation camps.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home front stupid people
Arne Duncan: ‘We Have Common Values That Go Far Beyond the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms’

Nathan: Of course we do, but (first) this isn’t a “constitutional right” but a GOD-given right that EVERY human on earth has, and (second) it is that right of defense against aggression and those who would steal our other rights and pervert our common values that Duncan and others want to pervert and steal.

Mama’s Note: The major reason these controllers wish to take our guns is so they can do things to us we wouldn’t allow if we had guns…

Home front stupid people

Michael Moore: ‘Calm Down, White People, and Put Away Your Guns’
Nathan: Oh, of course, as a “person of color” Moore can make comments like these. Not that he has ever exhibited a whole lot of calm as an example. I am sure he is pleased at the timing of all this coming to a head near the end of the year.

Mama’s Note: A “person of color?” The only color I see on Moor is YELLOW – as in gut wrenching coward.

Theft by government
‘Jobless Workers’ Getting More Taxpayer Money to Pay Their Health Insurance Premiums

Nathan: Taxpayers’ money? Really? Taxpayers of the future, maybe, but all this spending isn’t being supported by taxes, now or next year, even if ALL the Bush tax-cuts are repealed. Borrowing, yes. But what we should really note is WHO this money is going to: allies of Congress or even directly to Senators and Representatives: one more pipeline of immoral funding.

Nazgul – Freedom of Religion
Supreme Court Refuses Emergency Request to Block Obama Contraception Mandate

Nathan: Sotomeyer and her fellow Nazguli are making it clear: There are no more enforceable rights such as freedom of religion.

Congress in action – Culture wars: killing babies

Congress Expands Abortion Coverage for Women in U.S. Military

Nathan: Yes, taxpayer and borrowed dollars at work – killing babies without using drones. Used to be that medical personnel were or could be noncombatant, non-killers No more.

Theft by government

Geithner: Debt Limit of $16.39 Trillion Will Be Met New Year’s Eve

Nathan: Congress is of course very unlikely to agree on ANYthing, much less a debt ceiling increase. Never mind the bogus fiscal cliff of tax increases: OPM is again screaming in panic about “unscheduled vacations” and supposedly federal employees are worried about their “missions.” Frankly, we could all stand for not having a federal government around – we might figure out that we can take care of ourselves.

Theft by government
U.S. Treasury, Trying to Duck Borrowing Limit, Will Stop Investing in Gov’t Retirement Funds

Nathan: I don’t pretend to understand what this means: it appears that the debt limit (itself a dubious fiction) may be dodged by pulling IOUs out of one pocket and shoving it into another pocket – or perhaps putting it into their shoes. So, suddenly federal retirees may have to face the same thing that many private sector retirees have: the money they were promised isn’t there. Oh, dear. Didn’t see that coming, eh?

Home front
Gallup: Americans 77% Christian, 0.6% Muslim

Nathan: For what we can believe from the polls, and from round population numbers, that means we have about 2 million Muslims in the US. I suspect we have more Wiccans and Odinists; certainly more believers in the old Celtic religions. So why not more postage stamps and accommodations for these religionists? They don’t pass fatwas and run around with suicide-murder bomb vests.

Stupid government
Long Lines, As Los Angeles Holds Groceries-for-Guns Exchange

Nathan: After government stupidity allows 20 children to be killed in a hunting preserve like Sandy Hook, of course it is very important to create and maintain a state of collective guilt, which combined with the hyped fears of a “fiscal cliff” for us to be led lemming-like, so that these sort of PR stunts can get maximum hype.

Mama’s Note: From what I hear, most of those guns were junk. You don’t think the gangs are turning in their good stuff, do you? I’m sure they have a very good stash of crap to give the cops in exchange for whatever they’re offering. And if they run out of that junk, they can always steal more. Such a DEAL.

Russo-American issues
Even Some Russians Oppose New Law Banning Americans From Adopting Russian Children

Nathan: Duh. Supposedly Russia is a republic, so why should it come as a surprise to find that not all Russians agree? On this or anything else? It does always disturb me when we see large numbers of children being in essence sold – not as slaves but as adoptees – outside their native land. It happens right here in the US, with AmerInd children. As a libertarian, I suppose I should be concerned that government is dictating this: but in reality, government was already dictating that many of these children be put up for adoption, so the status quo has not changed very much. It wasn’t the parents who could decide in the past and it won’t be now.

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