Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-03B: More guns, more tyranny, more stupid government

By Nathan Barton

Self Defense – War on Some Drugs
Texas: Far North Dallas shooting self-defense?

(Dallas Observer)  Police didn’t arrest the shooter but say they plan to forward the case to a grand jury to determine whether to file charges. The weed and cash were seized and taken to DPD’s property room.

Nathan:  I am sure this happens now and then: two men, at least one armed, break into an apartment to steal a half-pound of marijuana and $2,000 in cash.  The resident is armed and shoots and kills one of the invaders, the other runs away.  But while he has no doubt protected his life, it is the COPS that steal what the invaders came to steal.  What “public safety” is done here?  The cops didn’t keep the two thugs from breaking in, and they complete the task the invaders started! By the way, where is “Far North Dallas?  I’d have thought that was either Oklahoma City or Wichita, but apparently not.

Self defense – Gun haters/fearers
Gallup: More still satisfied than not with current gun laws

(CNSNews)  The bottom line, according to Gallup: After a decade of little change in Americans’ overall level of satisfaction with the nation’s gun laws, significantly more now express dissatisfaction and want laws to be stricter. It’s yet another sign that the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December have given Americans pause on the issue, at least in the short term.

Nathan: Evan Gallup is trying to spin this into a national mandate to steal weapons – but has to admit this is probably (as such things have been in the past) a short-term reaction.  The difference this time is that we have a lame-duck in 1600 PA who is an ideologue, and a lot more media pressure.  They figure they are on a roll: they got him reelected, consider that the trashed the GOP in November, and have everything going their way.  And too many defenders of freedom and lovers of liberty seem to be buying into it.

Oddly enough, just three days later, a NEW poll claims that a majority of Americans now “demand” more gun control laws, including a new “assault weapons” ban.

Mama’s Note: And all of these “polls” are too biased to be worth the electrons they are reported with. In the first place, they only ask the people who are most apt to give them the answer they WANT and then let their imaginations do the math. The REAL “poll” has been going on in gun shops, gun shows and the internet sources for guns and ammunition. The extreme shortage and back orders for all those guns, magazines and ammunition they don’t want us to have tells the real story.

Oath-breakers – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Colin Powell on Clinton and Benghazi: ‘We’ll Have to Wait and See How the Testimony Goes’


Nathan: Can’t trust a word this man says: he betrayed his officer’s oath a LONG time ago.  And he didn’t have the excuse of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson: his reason is his own power and his loyalty to race instead of liberty and the Constitution.  As for Benghazi, obviously, even the Tranzi’s allies will be betrayed and allowed to die whenever it is expedient.  Even liberals are starting to understand that, as with Caligula and Nero and Stalin and Mao – EVERYONE is a potential target, as we see in the next story.

The “messiah” – World wars
MIT’s Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Running a ‘Global Assassination Campaign’

Nathan:  If Chomsky can see it, NO one is safe.  How long will this madness go on?  Will it have to expand to every county in the Fifty States?

Home front
DOJ: Children of Unmarried 3.8x More Likely to Be Victims of Violent Crime


Nathan:  This is more than just the fact that a single mother is less able to defend herself and her children. This extends to attitudes and moral values (usually a LACK of moral values) and to the fact that MOST black children (and those in the poorer and more violent communities) are born out-of-wedlock.  Remember, this used to be frowned upon, and NOT just because of some Puritan standard, but because the mother and child are in far greater danger.  If even the “messiah’s” and Holder’s department admit this, how bad is it, really?

Islamic wars:  Afghan front
Obama, Karzai Call for ‘Taliban Office’ in Afghanistan


Nathan:  This is of course based on the example of past liberal presidents.  Everyone remembers how Wilson personally invited Count von Totenkampf, a cousin of the Kaiser, to set up a special “German Imperial Office” in DC in 1917, and how Roosevelt had his cousin Theodore Roosevelt Jr. give a personal invitation to Hitler and several other high-ranking German officials to set up the “National Socialist German Workers Party” Offices in every country in Europe and Canada, the US, and Mexico in 1941.

Gun Rights Advocate: If Blacks Had Gun Rights from Day One, Slavery Might Not Have Happened


Nathan:  And you know how many people will believe this.  Of course, this is an oversimplification.  Indentured servants in 16th and 17th Century America didn’t have guns taken away from them: that came later.  The early slaveholders in Virginia Colony INCLUDED black people, and they were armed: everyone was.  But later…  Just as colonies, the Brits, and then DC worked hard to disarm AmerInds.  And on and on.

Home front – American front – Stupid government
144 Border Agents Charged with Alien, Drug Smuggling and Corruption Since 2005


Nathan:  Scum is scum.  I am sure that there are some honorable people working for DHS and ICE and the Border Patrol, and I’m sure one of these days I might meet some.  But these are just the ones that got caught. (Supposedly, only 50% of speeders actually photographed in Maryland got tickets, and it was estimated that only 10% of speeders were photographed: that is 5% of these “criminals.”) If this applies to border agents, that means that there are 1440+ lawbreakers in these agencies.)  No wonder more and more internal Federal agency policing employees are armed (next story).

Home front – Occupation forces
DOJ: Inspectors General Employ 3,501 Workers Who Can Carry Guns/Make Arrests


Nathan:  Do we really know just how many federal employees DO carry guns and have police powers?  Talk about an occupying army!  Keep in mind, “inspectors general” are in essence INTERNAL policing and investigating agencies and personnel:  so these people are threatened not by criminals off the street but corrupt FEDERAL employees.  If even their own agency’s people are endangered, what about the poor peons?

Theft by government – The “messiah’s” minions
Treasury Says It Balanced Budget in December—But Borrowed $96B on Dec. 31 to Hit Debt Limit During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations


Nathan: Like their masters (the “messiah” and Geitner), they lie a lot.

Defending others
Ohio School Board 5-0: Custodial Staff to pack heat
(Toledo Blade)  “The Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education has approved the carrying of handguns by its custodial staff. The 5-0 vote of the board Wednesday night to allow handgun training for four custodians to be able to tote weapons at the K-12 campus at the Williams County school came after last month’s deadly shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. School officials say that having armed personnel – believed to be the first for any school system in Ohio – is designed to thwart incidents of violence and prevent what happened in Newtown, Conn., from occurring here. ‘Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures,” Supertendent Jamie Grime told The Blade today. ‘Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect.’”

Nathan: Good stand for what is right – but I have to wonder if they will stick to their guns (pun intended) when the hoploclasts find a couple of hoplophobic families to sue about the “danger” to their children in the school. (Thanks to Godfather Politics for this story.)

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