Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-03C: Ripe news: guns, theft, stupidity

The news is uniformly ripe this week!

Gun-haters/fearers – Tyrannical States
NY State Senator: Gun Bill Passed In Middle Of Night Turns Law-abiding Citizens Into Criminals.”

(Prison Planet)  “Members were forced to vote on a bill they had not read”

Nathan: The smell of Berlin 1933 – stench, rather, is in the air.  Again. Meanwhile, real life goes on – life in which people need to defend themselves against meaner, stronger, faster, larger people who don’t understand “my freedom stops where your nose begins” and “what is mine is mine, what is yours is yours.”  As the next story relates.

Self Defense
Shawnee Woman Thwarts Home Invasion

(News 9)Pam says police are going to try to use imaging technology to see if they can enhance the pictures of the suspect. For now though, police are still looking for the three men.

Mama’s Note: I’m going to assume she had a .32 revolver… and I do hope she will get some training and a better gun. With three intruders, the little wheelgun would not have helped her much if they had attacked. But I’m so glad she had A gun, and went to get it.  And this gives the horse laugh to those who insist we only need a few rounds at most. Oh yeah.

Nathan: Well, clearly, it is people like this woman we need to disarm.  She was clearly in the minority when they voted on what was hers and what was going to be theirs: 3 to 1, but she cheated, with a gun.  But as Mama Liberty points out, she HAD A GUN.  A choice the next, older retired man in Maryland cannot have.

Nazgul – Gun haters/fearers – Stupid government
Appeals Court: Veteran can’t have gun because of 44-year-old misdemeanor fine

( A federal appeals court says a Maryland veteran can’t own a gun because of a misdemeanor assault conviction more than four decades ago. … Maryland did not have a maximum prison penalty for misdemeanor assault. The appeals court agreed Schrader could have been given more than two years in prison, and so he is ineligible to own a gun.

Nathan: Thanks to Darryl for this one.  THIS is how we lose our liberty: nickel and dime stuff – the water torture or boiling frog routine.  How many tens of thousands of people will not be able to arm and defend themselves because of something like this?  And how many LEOs and DAs and Nazguli will use this opportunity to deny people this liberty?  There are tens of thousands of “crimes” that can be made misdemeanors with POSSIBLE terms of two or more years, even though they may get off with NO jail time or probation, and a fine. Are YOU or your old uncle or parent or someone else next?  In many states, he could try for a pardon or remission, but Maryland?  It’s not DC or New York, but I don’t think he has a chance. How many people in Maryland will stand up for him?

Mama’s Note: The important reality is that everyone has the basic right to self defense, regardless of any such things in their past. Anyone who truly can’t be trusted not to intentionally harm others with a car, a match, a screwdriver OR a gun has no business being loose at all. They need a cage or a keeper, or to be dead at the hands of their intended victim.

Self Defense
East Ridge home intruder stopped by armed residents


Mama’s Note: The “warning shots” could have gotten them killed. Always a BAD idea.

Nathan:  Absolutely. Especially if you can’t have more than seven rounds in the weapon.  And who knows how many of these armed neighbors/residents might be NEXT on the list to have their weapons stolen by government goons if these various laws being “demanded” pass?  Of course, not just guns kill, as the next story reminds us.

Killing for profit, legally – Europe’s Collapse
Belgium:  Doctors euthanize twin brothers who were going blind

(Digital Journal) Brussel – A case involving two identical twin brothers who requested to be euthanized by doctors in Brussels prompted officials with the Belgium government to postpone a proposed amendment to the country’s euthanasia laws.

Mama’s Note: This bothers me. If these two wanted to end their own lives, I’d have nothing but pity for them, but to ask others to do this… I think it is evil – and a perfect stepping stone to elimination of anyone who becomes inconvenient.

Nathan: This is incredibly evil and sickening: I had not realized that Belgium had become even more evil than the Netherlands in matters like this.  You are correct in where this is leading – and the only good thing about this is that it may have (for now) kept the Belgians from expanding the killing (the proposed amendment would have extended this “right” to minors).  These “doctors” and the “hospital” have so much to answer for, and certainly no one can trust them in any significant way.  At the same time, maybe it is the drugs that these doctors used to kill these two men that are more dangerous than the guns that Belgium has already banned.  In less than 3/4 of a century, Belgium is now where Germany was in the 1930s.

Europe’s Collapse
No common front in the fight against joblessness

(Alternatives économiques) The latest figures are grim: unemployment has soared to record levels in the eurozone, with 11.8 per cent of the workforce unemployed. So far, however, European countries have been unable to harmonise their social policies in an effort to get out of the crisis.

Nathan: Europe is nearly done: stick the fork in.  Far FAR better to have 25 or 30 small, independent states, even if most of them were not free, but based on the Swiss (and NOT the American) model.

Stupid government – Crash of 2009
Krugman: More Government Spending Would Revive Economy in Two Years


Nathan:  “There will be pie in the sky by and by.”  “I’ll fix the roof tomorrow.”  “Manana.”  “The State will wither away and we’ll all live happily in a true communist society.”  “On the Big Rock Candy Mountain!”  Rather: “Beating a dead horse.”  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results THIS time.”  FIVE YEARS NOW, IDIOTS.

Mama’s Note: As I’ve said so many times, “you can’t spend yourself rich any more than you can vote yourself free.”

The “messiah” and gang – Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
Obama Surrounding Himself With Children to Announce Gun Control Measures


Nathan:  After all, it is “furr tha chilluns” is it not?  Of course, he will make sure that these children do not have to be threatened by the presence of people with guns when they make this announcement, right?  So the Secret Service and White House Police and everyone will NOT be carrying, right?

Tyranny – Stupid government
Marine Honorably Discharged 31 Years After Deserting and Becoming a Woman


Nathan:  We are a nation of men (or whatever this creature is), and NOT of laws.  Since 1982, there have been DOZENS if not hundreds of men AND women who have been convicted of deserting (or some similar offense) and put into prison, fined, and otherwise punished.  And this thing gets not just a get out of jail card BUT the same benefits as millions who really DID serve honorably.

Tyranny – Stupid government
Sen. Vitter: EPA Email Dump Is ‘Incredibly Fishy’


Nathan:  Wow!  Like the whole agency isn’t?

Stupid government – Crash of 2009
Krugman: Food Stamps Are the New Soup Kitchens


Nathan:  Duh!  That has been the case for decades, but SNAP doesn’t DO AWAY with soup kitchens; just reduces their visibility.  Meanwhile the SNAP rolls go up, the soup kitchens are growing, AND the food banks are hard-up to meet demand.  There are not enough Boy Scouts to collect enough “care-and-share” food for the people that GOVERNMENT POLICIES have condemned to economic failure – and helped them get there.

Killing people
Sr. Carol Keehan: Sandy Hook ‘Separate Issue’ But ‘Abortion Takes the Life of an Innocent Child’


Nathan: Yes, it does.  But never mind: the FedGov and MOST of the state governments do not care about killing children unless it gives them an opening to take freedom away.  Gun laws kill school children just like abortion laws kill infants and euthanasia laws can kill the poor, the discouraged, the sick, and the frail.  And the way Medicare and ObummerCare kill the elderly and Medicaid kills the welfare drones.  AND Congress’ foreign policy kills American soldiers AND ten times their number of “enemy” civilians and combatants.  Government: killing R us.

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