Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-03D: This and that

The “messiah” – Our right to self defense
WH: Obama Is Committed to the Second Amendment


Nathan: Yes, committed.  To gutting it, outlawing it, sentencing it to Devil’s Island AND Siberia, to sending it for massive  plastic surgery followed by a lobotomy, and killing it.

State-level tyranny – Our right to self defense
NY Gun Law May Discourage Mental Health Therapy for Those Who Need It


Nathan: And PREVENT those who need to defend themselves from doing so, based on one-size-fits-all laws which probably do not have anything to do with the medication that makes possible so much of these evil events.

Stupid Government Tricks
HHS’ Sebelius: Despite Opponents, ‘We Will Set Up An Insurance Marketplace in Every State’


Nathan: Including those where the citizens and their legislatures have already decided that they don’t want it.  And their “marketplace” is going to resemble an East German store for those who are NOT high-ranking Communist officials or wealthy tourists.  A LOT of freedom and federalism is shown here, you can tell.

Mama’s Note: Good analogy. The shelves will be mostly empty, and what is available will be both poor quality and very high priced.

Stupid People tricks
Wedgie-spree at Florida theater lands prankster in jail

(Miami Herald) Deputies say Ross was at Royal Palm Theater Sunday night with a friend and began grabbing people by their pants and pulling them up hard, causing discomfort.

Mama’s Note: Just like the shoe camera, this would not likely ever happen in an armed society.

Nathan: In a society where common courtesy and respect were taught by parents, this would not happen, either.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… and I think they very much go together. 🙂

Africa’s Fall – Europe’s stupidity
War in Mali: The Europeans aren’t fit for purpose

(Süddeutsche Zeitung) France’s war in Mali is a fight for all of Europe that France is fighting alone, writes the Brussels correspondent of the SZ. Brushing Paris off with a few aircraft isn’t just shirking on the part of its European Union partners, it’s a fatal blow to a common European defence.

Nathan:  The French intervention in Mali is yet another instance in which France continues to terrorize the empire it supposedly liberated in the 1960s and 1970s.  With a very few exceptions (Algeria and Indochina) France’s overseas empire remains just that, and the SDZ wants Germany to help France?

Europe’s Collapse – Stupid government tricks
Slovenia: Democracy or kleptocracy: What’s it to be?

(Delo) The divorce between the political class and the Slovenian population is expanding at the same rate as the revelations about corruption. Now that the head of government himself has been caught up in the scandals, Slovenian society stands at a crossroads.

Nathan: If by “political class” they mean the Tranzi elites, when was there ever a marriage?  The elite (whether they are kings and nobility, commissars, or military thugs or police thugs) just come in and take over from the real people, and are corrupted before they DO take power.  There is virtually NO CHANCE that the little ant-path called “liberty” off to the side will be noticed by anyone.

Australian Gun Ban Results UNsatisfactory
(Godfather Politics)Nathan: The same lies we hear about the UK and Canada, and which can’t be hidden for Mexico.  YES!  Let’s disarm Colorado and make it another NYC or Philadelphia or Chicago. JUST what the Tranzis need as an excuse for MORE control: a vicious, downward spiral of dictatorship.  Not that we aren’t already WELL down that!

Islamic war: Afghan front
72% of U.S. Casualities in Afghan War Under Obama’s Watch


Nathan:  If anything, he cares less than Bush, and most people know it – and obviously, most voters didn’t care.

Self Defense – Politics 2013
NRA: Membership Has Grown by 250,000 in One Month

(US News) A quarter of a million people have signed up for new NRA memberships ahead of the White House Task Force’s findings

Nathan:  This is up from only – ONLY – 100,000 in the first fourteen days after the killings at Sandy Hook – an incident that seems to be raising questions very, very quickly.  With the New York coup, with all the hype and the first round of Congressional bills, with the Colorado legislative agenda now coming to light, and once (tomorrow as I write this) the “messiah” opens the stone tablets in front of all the children, then we’ll see just what happens to NRA membership.  While belonging to the NRA might be better than belonging to the Brady Handgun Campaign or Handgun Control Inc., they are still statists and compromisers: far better to look at Second Amendment Foundation, Second Amendment Sisters, Pink Pistols, Gun Owners of America, or Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  But NRA is better than standing there doing nothing, I supposed, and it SO infuriates the Tranzis.

Gun-haters/fearers – Stupid government
DHS to ‘Expand and Formalize Coordination’ on Gun Control Efforts

(Weekly Standard)  “Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, released a statement Wednesday saying she is “proud to support” the Obama administration’s efforts to ‘combat gun violence in our country.’ ”

Thanks to Bear for this one.  His thoughts: (Yes, I have retreated into full snark, since I’m too burned out to otherwise care anymore.) Leaving aside the [-giggle-  -snort-] fact that DHS was supposedly established to fight “terrorism” [-snicker-] (Is Al Qaeda du jour really going to comply with US gun control edicts? Will the ATF run guns to them, too?), I’d much prefer that Big Sis stick to her core competency: Struggling to figure out which end of the pencil (no, Janet, not the Bic) to stick in the sharpener. Without mangling her fingers. Umm… “combat violence”…Ok, Sis, go ahead and stick your finger in the electric pencil sharpener. You’ll just have to wait until your boss pulls his d*** out.

Nathan:  Bear, I think we are all pretty burned out.  But Big Sister gives a face (not a human face, maybe) to the enemies of our freedom, our liberty.  It is time to remember.

Mama’s Note: I always enjoy the mental images I get from Bear’s contributions. 🙂 That last one is a classic.

The “messiah” – Congress in action – Theft by government
Obama on Congress: ‘They Order Me to Spend’


Nathan: Yeah, right. Every night he does a conference call with the 535 men and women and begs them “Please don’t make me spend any more, brothers and sisters, please don’t stuff more money in my pockets.”  He ignores a lot of OTHER orders from Congress, but this one he goes above and beyond the call of “duty” to spend and lie and spend.  And how does this compare with the next several stories?  Who is whose servant?

Tyranny – Imperator! – The “messiah” – Hoploclasts and Hoplophobes
Obama: ‘Executive Action’ on Gun Control ‘Within My Authority as President’

Nathan: When you read “president” as being equal to “king” and “dictator” and “emperor” and “warlord” and “Leader” (as in Der Fuehrer), and all of the rest of the sick, murderous excuses for tyranny in this worlds history.

Mama’s Note: But you do notice that he, once again, promised far more than he delivered.

Tyranny – Imperator!
Bloomberg: Obama Should ‘Go Around Congress’ to Appoint ATF Director


Nathan: Bloomberg once more shows us that his preferred and recommended modus operandi is that of the Third-World Dictator who treats the legislature (and the people) with contempt and as little more than a loincloth to hide his naked aggression and tyranny.  And he wants and supports the “messiah’s” attempt to do it the same way, as discussed in the next story.

Tyranny – Imperator!
Obama Can’t Just Rule by Decree, Const. Law Experts Say


Nathan: “Can’t legally” or “Can’t actually do it.”?? Presidents have done it before, and a lot of what the “messiah” is doing or having his minions do right now sure smells like this. It may not be legal, but with courts and cops and an executive branch like his, what does “legality” matter? These “experts” seem to believe in some sort of mystic and mythical power, as though laws are spells, and magically enforce themselves.  He HAS and WILL ignore whatever laws he wishes to, until the people rise up against him and those things.  And I don’t see that happening.

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