Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-04A: Guns and more guns – even pink guns

NEWS BRIEFS: The following stories not just illustrate the paranoia evidenced by the Tranzis, but the reason to GET THE CHILDREN OUT of government-ruined, theft-funded schools:

Hoplophobes-Hoploclasts-Stupid people:
Pennsylvania: Five-year-old with pink bubble gun suspended

(The Daily Item)

Nathan: A five-year-old interrogated for three hours without parents, suspended from school for making a “terroristic threat” in a line waiting for a school bus one morning.  The story is sickening; the twisted evil in the minds of the administrators and the informers is insane: she will have to go through psychological testing before being allowed to return to school.

Hoplophobes-Hoploclasts-Stupid people: 
Nerf gun prompts three-hour school lockdown in NJ

(Fox News)-A lime-green Nerf gun (a toy that shoots foam “darts”) and a black backpack and jacket seen by a Mrs. Grundy in Nassau County, who called the Police, caused a lockdown and a SWAT team invasion of a school.

Nathan: As the LRC blogger said, this isn’t an “abundance of precaution” but “an abundance of stupidity.”  The WOMAN who called in the “threat” to police is the one that needs psychological testing and probably treatment, together with the school administration, the police leadership, and the SWAT team, who didn’t have the guts to stand up to their leaders and say this is “nuts.”

Hoplophobes-Hoploclasts-Stupid people:
Maryland: Two children suspended for playing cops and robbers – at recess

(Fox News) – There’s controversy at a Talbot County school after two 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.

Nathan:  Insanity – these people belong in a straitjacket and NOT teaching six-year-olds or anyone else.

Hoplophobes-Hoploclasts-Stupid people: 
Danny Glover: “right to bear arms” was to put down slave revolts


Nathan: The “genesis” of the 2nd Amendment was to defend against slave revolts and “Native American” uprisings, according to that well-known historian and amateur actor, Danny Glover.  Like all his Tranzi ilk, the truth does not matter: he seeks to make self-defense and guns a racial issue.  How stupid can you get?  You are further denigrating and angering the very people you need to get on your side, unless you WANT to trigger an open rebellion.

Stupid cop tricks
Chicago police chief predicts officers will shoot lawful gun owners

(Personal Liberty)

Nathan: Considering that the Chicago Police regularly gun down innocent people, this is an absolute certainty, with or without the concealed carry being allowed.  This is yet another fear tactic, for the most part, however:  just as virtually EVERY one of the last half-dozen or so states that finally accepted the personal right to carry a weapon for self-defense have cried and moaned over and over that the new carry would turn every town into Dodge City 1870.  Hasn’t happened.

Mama’s Note: Too bad that didn’t happen. Dodge City and Tombstone, at their worst, were far safer and saner places than Chicago has ever been.

Our right to defense
Gun show attendance way up “in fear of Obama”


Nathan: Fear?  Well, maybe not fear, just frustrated and expecting Congress to roll over and play dead.  Clearly, a LOT of people have reached their line in the sand.  For many of us, this is NOT the time to buy, if only because we already did (maybe and maybe not) and because with demand spiking, so are prices.  A visit today to a local gun shop where a friend and neighbor works showed that while there were good supplies (and prices) on Springfield 1903 and Mauser 1898 and LOTS of shotguns and .22-cal (even in pink, but not lime-green), and lots of revolvers, the selection of good (or even not so good) semi-automatic long arms and handguns was pretty pathetic, and the prices clearly in favor of the seller!  Even the .22-cal AK-47 models were almost gone.  Worried, yes, preparing, yes, but anything BUT fearful.  People are smart enough that they are not going to take offensive, aggressive action against ANYone from the White House on down to the local ranger station or sheriff’s outpost, but they ARE prepared to stand their ground if someone comes calling, knocking, or breaking down the doors.

Hoploclasts – The “messiah”:
Obama track record on 2nd Amendment and guns: no way

(Freedom Outpost)

Nathan: This article is an excellent summary, including information from John Lott, on the “messiah’s” statements, votes, and actions on guns and the 2nd Amendment, including his changing rhetoric without any real change in his position:  He is very much against PRIVATE ownership of guns for any reason except hunting and target shooting (sport) – if that.

San Antonio homeowner stops thief with shotgun


Nathan: This is great, because there is video of the bad guy getting stopped.  No, it is not self-defense: the man and his girl-friend were not being threatened.  But they WERE being good neighbors and surprisingly, both cops and media took it as acceptable.  But notice the shotgun: it is one of those EEEEVVVILLLL “assault weapons” – looks nasty to the perp.

Mama’s Note: My 20 gauge pump shotgun isn’t one of the “evil” looking ones, but would probably  impress any home invader. Unfortunately, the time I had to shoot a man to save my life, I only had a single shot .410 and the attacker was not at all impressed with it. He continued to come toward me even after it was pointed right at him. At the last minute, I had to pull the trigger.

Home front – Stupid people:
Second newspaper-outed home ransacked of weapons in NYS

(Newsday) Police in Clarkstown, New York have reported that a home was broken into and ransacked by burglars.  The thieves managed to open two safes and stole a third safe from the third floor in the home.  The stolen safe contained a .45 Colt revolver and a .22 Iver Johnson handgun along with the two pistol permits to own them. The home, like that of a seventy year old man in White Plains, had the home owner’s name and address identified as a pistol permit holder on the interactive map posted online by The Journal News.  In this case, burglars used a ladder to break through a window on the upper floor.  Their target was his gun safe.

Nathan:  This is really sad – I am sure these homeowners really are trying to be law-abiding and play the game, even when it is rigged against them.  But at the same time, that is what they get for playing the game: taken for a ride.  They were SUCKERS.  The REAL point for the rest of us is that what these two gangs did is EXACTLY what the BLUE GANGS are expected to do, starting in NYS.  Now that “assault weapons” and magazines with more than 7 rounds capacity are OUTLAWED, the cops – NYPD right down to the smallest village’s constable, know EXACTLY where to go, and THEY could do it in broad daylight (though I’ll bet on night: evil HATES the light).  How many people will DIE because of this?  Will this be the spark that ignites rebellion?

Mama’s Note: No, not in NYC. Not in Chicago or Pennsylvania or even Vermont. Unfortunately, the controllers already know that they will not face much, if any real resistance in those places. But if they try to bring it West of the Mississippi… to Alabama, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, or even most of Colorado… I think they may find that they won’t have it quite so easy. Will even THAT spark a rebellion? I don’t know. All I can do is prepare for that the best I know how. And pray.

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