Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-10D: Enemy of the state?

WARNING:  According to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act, “Anyone who … speaks out against the governments policies could be declared an unlawful enemy combatant and imprisoned indefinitely.” That includes American citizens.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU MAY BE CONSIDERED AN ENEMY OF THE STATE because you are “conspiring” with someone (the guy writing this) who is an ‘unlawful enemy combatant.’ (I’m not wearing my uniform while I write this.)

Mama’s Note: The publisher/editor will gladly take a piece of that action as well. 🙂 I have no interest in harming anyone, or in starting any fight… but I’m going to do whatever it takes to defend myself. Count on it.

The “messiah” – Congress in action
Obama Couldn’t Eat at Hill Meeting without Taster

(Daily Caller)  According to Maine Republican Senator Collins, he couldn’t eat with the Republicans he was trying to convince to support his plan to end the sequester.

Nathan: King or emperor or fuehrer or god incarnate?  He needs a taster because GOP senators might poison him with the same food that they are eating?  Perhaps he needs to check and see if there are any briefcases under the tables where he sits.  What gives?

Mama’s Note: It wasn’t clear from the article whether or not this is something new. I’ve not taken the time to look into it any more than that.

Old religions – Congress in action
Boehner on Pope Francis: ‘Thanks be to God’

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), the nation’s most senior Catholic Republican, expressed relief to reporters Wednesday that the College of Cardinals selected a new pope so quickly — and one from the Western Hemisphere.

Nathan: Of course, now that the anti-Catholics and all the rest of the nihilists have “outed” Francis I by declaring him to be an active participant in the Dirty Wars of Argentina right back to when (Peron took power, and apparently making him the Cardinal Richelieu of Argentina -<grin>), Boehner seems to have again stuck his foot in his mouth, according to the Dems and other Tranzis.  Of course, Boehner is incompetent and often incredibly stupid, but he is probably right for once.  I dismiss much of the name-calling against Francis as exactly the kind of thing that ANYone elected will face.  The man has a potential to be a great enemy or a great friend to liberty, and to change the Catholic Church in the same way: let’s wait and see.

Home Front – Theft by government
Record 18.7 Million Students in FY 2012 Got ‘Free’ Lunch


Nathan: Can’t afford to buy steak once in a while or go out for a meal?  Never fear, the money stolen from you is feeding some school kid a “free” or “reduced-cost” lunch in some government-run, tax-funded school near you.  It is more than just the continued Crash of 2009 that is driving this trend upward, the fed gov is seeking and convincing more and more parents and more and more schools to get children on the dole, and the fact that their meals are coming from the government is carefully taught to them.

Theft by government – Congress in action
After Passing CR That Funds Obamacare, GOP Presents Budget Symbolically Repealing It


Nathan: The GOP is no different than their opponents:  appearances are more important than substance, and they treat ALL taxpayers as stupid dupes and marks to be fleeced over and over.  The GOP has rolled over on ObummerCare, on spending, on borrowing, and will roll over on guns and EVERYTHING else that matters.

Theft by government – Nanny state
$1.8M Federal Grant Helped D.C. Make Fruits and Vegetables Available at Work

Nathan: Don’t you wish the government gave YOU free fruits and vegetables, when you are having to pay $2+ a pound for apples and $8+ a pound for blueberries!

Mama’s Note: And plain old cabbage and carrots are usually about a dollar a pound as well.

Extraordinarily stupid politicians
Biden: ‘I’d Rather Have an Ex-Felon Have Access to a Weapon’ Than a ‘Fugitive’
( “For example, a fugitive from justice can still buy a gun legally unless they cross a state line,” Biden said. “The one person I don’t want to have a weapon is a fugitive from justice. “I rather have an ex-felon have access to a weapon than someone fleeing the justice system,” Biden said.

Nathan: Does this even make sense?  Only if you are crazy Uncle Joe and probably feel that most of us are fugitives from justice.  By the way, what is an “ex-felon” anyway?  A felon is someone who has been convicted of a crime – is an “ex-felon” someone who has been pardoned?  Stupid, crazy Uncle Joe.

Mama’s Note: It all depends on the definition of  “felony.” You can gain that distinction by almost anything these days. Biden, of course, wouldn’t know a real criminal from a hole in the ground, any more than he knows anything about safe gun handling. Actually, he probably needs help with buttons and zippers.

Theft by government
Woman Buried Mother in Backyard–Then Collected Her Social Security for 14 Yrs


Nathan: The woman is 65, and will probably get to spend the rest of her life in prison, and won’t pay back either the $141K she stole from the SSA or the $250K fine levied – and of course the taxpayers will foot her bill in prison.  Sounds like a win-win situation for her.

Mama’s Note: I’d not read this story, but there might be more to it than meets the eye. When my husband died, the checks continued to come, even though I’d called, written and even faxed the death certificate to the SS office. I kept returning the checks, but did so by registered mail. I’m so glad I did that!!! After six months, I got a really nasty, threatening letter accusing me of fraud. I sent them a copy of the post office receipts for the returned checks and they finally quit sending them!!!

New Religions: Environism  and Global warming
Eco-terror advocate bashes climate ‘deniers’ on film

(Conservative Action Alerts) Last month a Pew Research Center/USA Today poll confirmed what poll-watchers knew during last year’s campaign season: Climate change was the lowest-ranked priority on President Obama’s second-term agenda. Last Friday, Big Green’s entertainment division churned out yet another attempt to turn that around with a panicky new global-warming documentary. It opened on 51 screens with a weekend gross of $45,000 (that’s $882.25 per screen, according to the Internet Movie Database). It was produced at an estimated cost of $1.5 million and comes with a screaming title: “Greedy Lying Bastards.”

Nathan: If this were private money funding this movie, I’d say great.  But you can be sure that this flop was funded by various grants – we pay for propaganda aimed at ourselves.  This “documentary” is just the latest brainwashing to convince us of global warming.

Mama’s Note: Well, I WANT some of that darn “warming” right now… it’s snowing outside and cold today, after reaching a very pleasant 70 degrees yesterday. It’s just not FAIRRRRRR…

Home front – Islamic wars
Sanctimony city

(San Francisco Chronicle – by Debra J. Saunders) “Pamela Geller, most famous for fighting what she called the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ in New York, bought ads on the sides of 10 Muni buses that feature hateful quotes from Osama bin Laden, accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan and failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad — under the headline, ‘My Jihad: Jihad, holy fighting in Allah’s cause, with full force and weaponry is … an obligation and duty in Islam to every Muslim,’ reads the Shahzad quote. And underneath: ‘That’s my Jihad. What’s yours?’ San Francisco City Hall responded in knee-jerk fashion: holding a news conference drenched in sanctimony.” (03/14/13)

Nathan: Free speech does not apply to libertarians or conservatives, who “abuse” their privilege of speaking out.  I am sure these were all vandalized within hours, seeing how law-abiding and loving the denizens of San Francisco are.

Margaret Figert: Quote of the Week: “Sane and reasonable people, including heartland conservatives, do NOT want or need government intrusion in their personal lives.  Most of us are perfectly capable of feeding, dressing, educating and medicating ourselves – at least we were until government began responding to the whines of those folks who want government to throw other people’s tax money at them to save them from their sins.”

Congress in Action
Boehner: House Will Fund Obamacare in CR; Won’t Risk ‘Shutting Down the Government’


Nathan: Stinking coward, betrayer, scumbag, – words fail me.  Why, if they really HAD any principles other than greed and self-aggrandizement, would they do anything but rejoice at shutting down Uncle Sam for a few weeks?  Why, if they weren’t already bought and paid for and dependent on “free” government money themselves, would they not be prepared to go it on their own for a while.  Filthy dirty traitors and blackguards.

Theft by government – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
CBO: Obamacare May Boost Disability Insurance Rolls


Nathan: It seems likely:  when all is said and done, it is pretty easy to get on disability, and stay there keep upping the ante to get more and more:  I have seen people do it, and I’ve seen what it would take: not much.  If you can use this to avoid the ObummerCare “not-taxes” and “not-penalties”  the temptation grows to take an easy way out to retire with.

Congress in Action – Theft by government
Pelosi: ‘I Want Us to be on a Path to Balance the Budget in a Number of Decades’
( House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on Thursday that she would like to see a balanced budget, “in a number of decades.” During her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, asked Pelosi if she agreed with President Barack Obama’s recent remarks that America does not have an “immediate” debt crisis. The U.S. debt as of Wednesday stands at $16.7 trillion.

Nathan: Imagine if I told my bank that.  I’m only spending twice what I’m making now, but don’t worry, I’ll increase my income about five percent each year or stop spending about five percent each year.  Don’t worry, it will ALL work out…”

Culture wars: killing babies
Rubio: ‘Absolute Fact that Science Has Proven Life Begins at Conception’

Nathan: Yes, but as with all the other “inconvenient facts,” this one will be ignored; not just by Tranzi and Demcocratic  leaders and minions, but by millions of GOP types also.  Actually, as with ancient Canaan and the Levant and Carthage, it is the BABY that is “inconvenient.”  The only good thing is that eventually this twisted genetic trait (killing your own babies) will be bred out of the population.

Congress in action
Rand Paul: ‘Not One Penny More to Countries That Are Burning Our Flag’


Nathan: A lone voice, crying in the wilderness.  (Or the pitiful excuse for wilderness found in the Senate chambers. Diogenes would die of old age.

Mama’s Note: What in heck does the “flag” have to do with it? He’s happy to send taxpayer loot to anyone who sucks up and at least pretends to enjoy the rape by Uncle Sam? Not one penny of stolen money to ANYONE, for any reason is more like it.

Congress in action
Cruz: ‘Constitution is Particularly Important when the Bill of Rights is Unpopular’


Nathan: An excellent point, to think of it.  I wonder if anyone has done any polling on people’s opinion of the Bill of Rights.  Lovers of liberty take it for granted as a starting point and wish for some kind of enforcement, if we have to have a government at all.  We know that elements of society hate the first (the press, Muslim jihadists, many black liberals), and the second (all the hoploclasts and hoplophobes), but what about the rest?

Islamic wars: Arab Street revolt
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Expanding Women’s Rights Would Be A ‘Cultural Invasion of Muslim Countries’


Nathan: Just like doing something about the way they kill each other, and enslave people of other faiths, and the way Aztec harvesting hearts on pyramids and Carthage sacrificing children to Moloch and all the rest of the evils were “cultural invasions.”

The “messiah” – Liberty
Deadline Approaches for Obama Administration to Name Russian Human Rights Abusers


Nathan: Seems pretty simple to me: a Moscow phone book would work, right?  In the US, you’d have to find a phone book that included DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

American front – The “messiah’s) minions
ICE Admits It Released More Than 2,000 Illegal Aliens, Including Serious Offenders


Nathan: Typical for the minions of the “messiah” who never found a law that they couldn’t break or twist around.  Obeying laws is for suckers and slaves.

Politics 2013
Conservative Leader to Karl Rove: ‘Get Out of the Way’ and Let Us Lead

Nathan: Incredible, isn’t it?  There are people who believe – REALLY believe -that Rove is the Gray Eminence who really “rules America,” and that even the “messiah” dances to his tune.  The man is an embarrassment to Americans, and is dedicated, if anything, to speeding up the collapse.

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