Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-14B: More murder and terrorism

Culture wars: killing babies
Murdering Babies: All child killers are NOT equal

(Jewish World Review)[According to the media] The beheading of babies is a “local crime,” but coverage of a whiny Georgetown student who wanted government-subsidized birth control, a stupid Congressman’s rape theories, and a funding controversy is “policy.” You know what else are “local crimes?” Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech. …Make no mistake: the atrocity allegedly perpetrated by Kermit Gosnell is every bit as horrifying as the one committed by Adam Lanza. Innocents had their bodies mutilated, even as their lives were taken from them. Yet for our utterly corrupt media and their progressive allies, the Gosnell story is one atrocity too many, because it could be the same kind of game-changer regarding abortion progressives are desperately hoping Newtown will be regarding gun control.

Nathan: I continue my unintended theme of murder this week, again returning to the unimaginable horror of that place in Philadelphia which seems to be achieving the same body counts as a typical National Socialist death camp:  estimates as high as 56,000 dead children, many killed in the most horrifying and sickening of ways.  Gosnell, monster that he is, did NOT do this alone.  He had tens or dozens of employees, many if not most of which seem to have participated: to have killed the children themselves and to have taken action to dispose and disrespect the corpses, and to have hidden the horror.  But there were also apparently dozens or hundreds of government employees who were conspirators before and after the heinous acts of killing – and the might-have-been and actually-were mothers who participated in this killing of their children for their (the mothers’) own benefit.  How can any Philadelphian, any Pennsylvanian, any American hold up their heads when the sins of the Ba’al and Moloch worshippers of ancient Canaan and Carthage are condemned – how can we hold up our heads when the human sacrifices of the Azteca are condemned?  How ashamed we should be of what has happened in a “clinic” in an urban area, and of the way it is being treated.  I am so disgusted that these people are “Americans” and that I have to recognize them as humans.

Home front – Terrorists
Al-Qaeda Propagandist Called for Attacks on Sports Events

Nathan: Duh.  EVERY terrorist that has more than two brain cells to knock together (admittedly, there aren’t THAT many) knows that sporting events – starting with the Coliseum in Rome – is the best place to kill and wound a lot of people, make a big splash, and get the authorities all panicked and hyper. Any one remember Munchen in the 1972 Olympics? This was (fortunately) NOT well-planned or executed – this time.

Home front – Terrorists
Homeland Security Website: ‘Learn How DHS Helps Keep Our Nation Safe’

Nathan: Government propaganda at its best, of course.  The terrorists, fortunately, are usually more stupid than DHS and DoD, as I’ve said often enough.  Of course, we must also remember that the terrorists ALWAYS say it is for the nation’s (or world’s) own good that they are doing everything they are doing.

Mama’s Note: The DHS, et al. also always say that what they’re doing is for the “national good.” Depends on what one considers “good,” of course.

Home front – Terrorists – the “messiah”
Obama: Boston culprits to feel ‘weight of justice’

Nathan: Just like Gosnell?  Just like James Holmes?  Just like people in his own cabinet? Just like the DHS thugs that supposedly keeps our nation safe?

Home front – the “messiah” – murderers
WH Won’t Comment on Gosnell, Maintains Obama’s Support for Abortion

Nathan: We MUST understand that 99% of Gosnell’s victims are NOT humans to the “messiah” and his ilk.  According to recent testimony by Planned Parenthood, even the ones that ARE human to them were still only “provisionally so” and Gosnell had the power to decide that their provisional status could be revoked with the snip of a pair of scissors.  Only the woman that they let die MIGHT be a homicide victim by their definition, so of COURSE the White House won’t comment.  We don’t have to worry about the “messiah” waving a bloody flag or parading out dead children for THIS little situation.

Home front – murderers
Former Pa. Gov. on Not Investigating Gosnell’s Clinic: ‘I Guarantee You It Wasn’t Because of Political Pressure’

Nathan: Which makes it even worse.  I don’t care WHY they didn’t: incompetence, sympathy, agreement with Gosnell’s aims, racism, or whatever.  The fact is, government FAILED to protect TENS of thousands of the most innocent and helpless of humans.  This should be a trial similar to that conducted against National Socialist leaders AND followers in post-war Germany:  everyone who might have participated and might have covered it up should face a jury.  I don’t think that Gosnell will be executed (although Pennsylvania DOES have the death penalty), but even if he is, his death at his advanced age and after living decades in wealth and exercise of his perversions is hardly either preventing him from doing it again or a deterrent to others doing this.

For justice to be served, I suspect that several dozen if not several hundred people should be tried, convicted and executed – probably including both this former governor and several mayors, city councilmen, probably legislators, and whole bunch of cops and “welfare workers” and “child protection workers.”  Not in revenge, but to make it clear that “NEVER AGAIN” will this be permitted to happen.  (If I wanted revenge, I’d probably press for execution by crucifixion, because even drawing and quartering does not provide enough time.)

Home front – Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
Texas: Soldier arrested on hike for “rudely displaying” weapons

(Fox News via Freedom Outpost) While the police department claims they requested the weapons to inspect them and that Grisham refused, Grisham’s lawyer said, “We believe that SGT Grisham complied with police officers’ request and was still arrested.” But that’s not all. At some point the officer drew his weapon on Grisham and called for backup. Once backup arrived they cuffed Grisham, took his rifle, concealed weapon, which had a valid permit, and hauled him off to jail.

Nathan: And people wonder why so many people have their hackles rise on seeing a cop.  This is TEXAS – right outside Fort Hood.  And yet the scum on local police forces think that THEY are our masters.

MI: Judge holds self in contempt for smartphone

(San Francisco Chronicle) “A Michigan judge whose smartphone disrupted a hearing in his own courtroom has held himself in contempt and paid $25 for the infraction.
Judge Raymond Voet has a posted policy at Ionia County 64A District Court stating that electronic devices causing a disturbance during court sessions will result in the owner being cited with contempt, the Sentinel-Standard of Ionia and reported. On Friday afternoon, during a prosecutor’s closing argument as part of a jury trial, Voet’s new smartphone began to emit sounds requesting phone voice commands. Voet said he thinks he bumped the phone, and the embarrassment likely left his face red.” [editor’s note: Nice to see someone who believes his rules are for everyone? – SAT] (04/15/13)

Mama’s Note: Now, that’s a pretty nice surprise.

Nathan: Saw this late last night, Debby and I both thought it was pretty cool.  Only ten thousand more judges to go.

Gen. Hayden: Boston-Style Attacks Could Be ‘New Normal’

Nathan: General, with all due respect, sir, IEDs have been “normal” in most of the world for a couple of decades now, and it was just a matter of time before they actually worked.  Fortunately, junior officers and NCOs (and a few cops on the beat and a detective here and there) are SMARTER than the average tango and the average tango is NOT much smarter than the politicians which infest this land of ours.  Not that IEDs are the ONLY weapons that “official” tangos use:  but then, that five-sided building has its head so far up its rear end that it won’t even recognize that a traitorous military officer committed terrorism in killing soldiers’ families in Fort Hood.

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